Swaragini – dreams, aspirations and love episode 3


Episode 2

Guys I want to add some events before engagement which are my imagination
Epi 3:
After that swara went to her college and given the last exam of MBA and then she went to her home

As soon as she entered she got surprise by their parents they were waiting for her and wanted to celebrate as it is her last exam but swara’s happiness as no boundaries she said that her exam went well and they celebrated it but not too much as today is raglak engagement so they went to their respective works and swara went to her room

@swaragini room:
Swara was tired so she took some rest and thought now she can achieve what she wants to become but she was unaware of the upcoming event which will turn her life and Ragini came to the room and saw swara sleeping she got some idea and went from there and bought an alarm near to swara ear and swara got with jerk
Swara: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah save me!!!
Ragini: swara calm down it is just alarm
Swara 🙁 angry) di what the hell is this I am tired and so I am sleeping
Ragini was laughing and said: get up today is my engagement we have to get ready
Swara: oh sorry I am going to fresh up you get ready then I will get ready after yours is finished
Ragini: ok go fast
Swara went to fresh up and Ragini was getting ready for her engagement she wore lehenga which is combination of white and pink the duppatta is also white and pink combination the blouse is white with silver border she put necessary accessories and mean while swara came out and she is wearing same as ragini but it is combination of blue and white she also put necessary accessories they both are looking gorgeous in their attire

Laksh and sanskar are getting ready laksh was wearing white and pink combination sherwani suit and sanskar was wearing white and blue sherwani suit and Annapurna call them to come fast as they are getting late
Annapurna: sanskar laksh come fast we are getting late
Sanskar & laksh: coming mom
They both came down and maheshwari family left for gadodia house

Sharmistha: swara ragini are you both ready maheshwari family will come any time come down fast
Swaragini: coming mom we got ready
Maheshwari family arrived that time sumi and shekhar welcomed them and they took seat and swaragini came that time laksh froze seeing ragini and ragini was smiling seeing his position and sanskar and swara were surprised and mesmerised to see each other
Swara and sanskar: tum
Swara: I am sister of Ragini and u?
Sanskar: I am brother of laksh
Sumi: swara you both know each other
Swara: today only I met him in the gift shop when I went to buy gift for laksh jiju
Sanskar: And I went to buy gift for Ragini bhabhi
Sumi: oh
Laksh: my salli ji where is my gift?
Ragini: and devarji where is my gift?
Swasan: you both get after your engagement
Swara: I want to say that there is still time for engagement so I have planned some games and at end we have to dance is it ok for you all
All members shout: ok we are ready for it
Swara: ok first game is that in this box there are some chits and all girls and boys should take it and one girl and boy should do acting what is written in chits are you all ready
All members: ok

Swara: ok let’s start the game
All had took their chits and the first pair is raglak
Ragini and laksh came and the act is that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and the girl is angry on her boyfriend and he has to convince her. They both did it well and the next turn is swasan they should act as husband and wife and wife is angry on husband and she is ready to beat it with broom and husband has to escape from it and should cool her anger so they did the act but all are surprise to see the act as they thought it is for real after them the act is of ap and dp the act is that ap is angry on dp and he has to cook food but in the process all the flour has fallen on dp and the kitchen is messed with vegetables and all played and the winner of this game was two members one is swasan and another is ap and dp
Screen freezes here

Precap: swara kidnapped and five years leap and a new life

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