Swaragini – dreams, aspirations and love episode 2


Character Sketch
Episode 1

Epi 2:

Ragini got ready she wore light blue top and blue jeans and called laksh for asking when will be coming to pick her up from her home.
Ragini: laksh when are you coming here?
Laksh: Ragini just wait for five minutes I have listened girls will take time to get ready but my finance is just opposite and me I will take time to get ready
Ragini: laksh all girls are not same I am different you know ha ha ha
Laksh: now stop praising yourself I am coming bye
Ragini: how mean laksh bye
Ragini ended the call and laksh smiled listening Ragini self praising and thought what a girl is she? And got ready and went to their house to pick up Ragini

Swara was in her class preparing for the last exam and her friends were busy in chit chatting and swara is getting disturbed and shouted on them
Swara: guys stop talking I am preparing for exams and you all will study well that’s why you are chit chatting
(Swara gang contain Rahul Rohan and Deepti, Sanskriti)
Rahul: yaar swara we are discussing about studies only ask Rohan, Deepti and Sanskriti
Swara: I know what you are discussing about and I am going library bye
Rahul: then go who stopped you
Swara: ok bye
She went from there and now she wanted to go home so she left from college.

Laksh reached there and went inside he rang the bell and somebody opened the door
Sumi: Arey laksh come inside
Laksh: it’s ok where is Ragini?
Sumi: I will call her Ragini come down laksh came
Ragini: yes mom I am coming
She went down and met laksh then they both went from there and went for a long drive

@swara side:
As swara was on way she saw a gift shop then she remembered that she has to buy gifts for her jiju as her sister engagement is near and she did not bought anything for him so she thought to buy so she went to the shop at that time sanskar also came there they both didn’t see each other.
Swara: uncle show me some perfumes for gents
Shopkeeper: how much range it should be?
Swara: 1500 to 2000
Shopkeeper: ok see this perfumes he showed some
Swara: o pack this one
Sanskar: excuse me I want this perfume do you have another one
Shopkeeper: sorry sir I don’t have this perfume it is last and this madam has taken it
Sanskar: I want this perfume
Swara: uncle give it to him I will take another one
Shopkeeper: but you have already taken
Swara: its ok I will take another one
Shopkeeper had given to the perfume to sanskar and swara took another one and sanskar wanted to talk to swara
Sanskar: hello miss I want to ask you something
Swara (turned): what do you want to ask?
Sanskar: I want to ask why you didn’t fight for the perfume you chose
Swara: because I don’t want to fight with others I try my best to avoid it and for your question the answer is that if we both fight for this perfume then the third person will take it away and we both won’t get anything that’s the reason
Sanskar: very intelligent answer I am impressed
Swara: thanks and I have to go now as I am having my last exam of MBA final year
Sanskar: Are you MBA student?
Swara: yeah
Sanskar: I also did my MBA
Swara: ok bye
Sanskar: may I know your name
Swara: my name is swara and friends call me swaru or shona and your name
Sanskar: sanskar and I don’t have any nick name
Swara: then I will call you Karan
Sanskar: what
Swara: yeah you have this letters in your name
Sanskar: yeah by the way friends
Swara: ok bye see you soon

Precap: Raglak engagement swara exam and swara come to know sanskar is jiju brother same with sanskar he will be knowing swara is Ragini sister.

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