Swaragini – dreams, aspirations and love episode 1

Hi guys I am back with my ff I am Teja here and I am late for updating so I will start
Epi 1:
One lady is doing prayer to god and one man comes there and joins with her after doing prayer the man asked about their daughters
Man: where are our princesses?
Lady: you know shekhar they are sleeping (the man is shekhar)
Shekhar: yes sumi they both are sleeping beauties (the lady is Sharmistha)
Sumi: yes and I have to go up to wake them
Shekhar: ok I will have my coffee
Sumi went upstairs and went to a room it is not so big but the walls are painted with blue and white it feels like you are in beach because it is designed like that and the one side of room is messy and the other side is neat
On bed two girls are sleeping one girl is dreaming about her finance and the other one is dreaming that she got best business woman award and sumi waked one girl she got up and said
Girl 1: mom you disturbed my sleep am getting an award and I am going to receive you woke me
Sumi: stop your drama and come down
She went to the other girl to wake up but she did not and other girl said
Girl1: mom you go down I will wake her up
Sumi: ok ask her to clean the mess or else she won’t get breakfast
Girl1: ok mom
Sumi went away and the girl went to washroom and came with a bucket full of water which contains shampoo and poured on the other girl who is sleeping
Girl 2: Shona I will kill you (yes girl is swara and called as Shona)
Swara: wake up rags di (the other girl is ragini)
Ragini: you again mixed my favourite shampoo I will not leave you
Swara: or else you will not wake up and mom had come here and asked me to say that clean the mess or else your breakfast is cut.
Ragini: what Shona and you are saying now?
Swara: mom already tried to wake you up and I said I will do
Ragini: please clean this mess
Swara: no di you have to clean and I think you are dreaming about my would be jiju
Ragini: hmm and you will be dreaming same
Swara: no I am not dreaming about my husband I am dreaming about my business award
Ragini: I am a fool to say I forgot that my sister is interested in business than any man by the way swara all girls will dream about their lovers or finance but you dream about business whenever I will ask you won’t answer at least today you can answer please
Swara: di all think that I want to become rich so I want to become business woman and I want to enjoy luxurious life but they are wrong I want to become business woman for making my mom and dad proud they fulfilled all my wishes so in return I want to provide a luxurious life to them and see I will become one day
Ragini: Shona though I am elder than you, I always behave like an immature and irresponsible girl you are exact opposite to me
Swara: rags di now stop all this first clean the mess I am going to fresh up and then you can go
Saying this swara went to bathroom and Ragini started to clean the mess swara came and Ragini went to fresh up they both came in kurta and leggings and went to breakfast
At table swara ragini and shekhar sat down sumi came with breakfast
Sumi: Ragini you cleaned the mess
Ragini: yes mom today I am going out with laksh
Sumi: ok swara what about you?
Swara: I am going to my college and after that I will go to MBA classes I will come at 8 o clock
Sumi: swara you are studying MBA in college and after that what is the need of going to extra classes
Swara: mom I want to study peacefully at home I cannot study and I want to achieve my dreams
Sumi: swara please stop dreaming about business woman you know we are middle class people we cannot afford for it
Swara (thought): mom I know you are worried if my dreams not come true I will be shattered but mom I won’t let it happen
Swara: mom I am attending in college only I am sorry I forgot
Sumi: its ok
Swara thinking in mind sorry mom for lying they all had their breakfast and went away to respective works
One lady is doing prayer and a man comes and joins the prayer after that the man asked the lady about their both prince
Man: where are our sons?
Lady: you know one is sleeping and other had got ready
Man: yes how can I forgot that one son is sleepy head and other is responsible Annapurna wake him up (the lady is Annapurna)
Annapurna: durgaprasad ji is asking me to wake him up what a miracle you always scold him and went to office now what happened?
(The man is durgaprasad)
Durgaprasad: yeah today I am in good mood that’s it
Annapurna: ok I am going
She went to upstairs by the time she reached their one boy is laughing and the other boy is making childish way and acting as crying and asked what happened here
The boy who is making childish face narrated the happenings
One boy is sleeping peacefully the other boy entered in the room and went to bathroom and mixed gel after shower in water and poured on the sleeping boy after that he took eggs and it hits the boys head. He got up with sudden jerk
Flashback ends
Now the other boy and Annapurna started laughing like hell
Boy1: mom you know he will not wake up other wise
Annapurna: yes its good punishment
Boy2: mom you joined laksh bhaiya team (boy who poured water and thrower is laksh)
Annapurna: array sanskar don’t be angry now you fresh up and laksh come down and I will send servant to clean this mess
Laksh went down to breakfast and sanskar went to fresh up

Precap: Raglak outing and swara and sanskar first meet

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