Swaragini – dreams, aspirations and love (Character Sketch)

Hi guys I am Teja and I want to write a new ff and now a day’s love story between swasan and raglak or swalak and Ragsan is common but now I am thinking to write and ff on achieving goals and ambitions by making parents proud and afterwards love story and in this the pairs will be swasan and raglak and I will write another ff on Ragsan and swalak so those who are fans of swalak and Ragsan don’t be sad

So I am giving brief character sketch:
Ragini gadodia: she is 24 years and belongs to middle class family and elder sister of swara. She marries laksh maheshwari they belong to a rich family he is a business tycoon.
Swara gadodia: she is 20 years she wanted to become a business woman her desires and ambition are more she thinks that their parents did so much for them and wanted to give them luxury life though she is middle class but her dreams will come true she will become business woman afterwards she studied MBA
Sharmistha gadodia: she is mother of Swaragini she thinks that swara is over ambitious sometimes she feels that swara will break down if she does not achieve it she scolds swara for her ambitions
Shekhar gadodia: father of Swaragini he thinks that swara is just saying for fun and he did not have trust that she will become business woman little did he know she will become business woman in real he feels sad that he did not have son but he loves both daughters.
Dadi and dada loves Swaragini and they always support them
Laksh maheshwari: he is 26years he is a business tycoon he will marry Ragini gadodia a middle class girl. He is elder brother to Sanskar and always helps him whenever he is trouble
Sanskar maheshwari: he is 22 years and he is completed MBA and soon he will join business with his brother
Durgaprasad maheshwari: he is father of laksh and sanskar he will upset when laksh marries a middle class girl but he does not show it
Annapurna maheshwari: mother of sanskar and laksh she has no problem with laksh choice as she is good at heart

Guys I want to say that this story revolves around swara and her achievements to some episodes as she is the main protagonist in this ff it will show the hard work of swara to become an business woman and I will give importance to others also don’t worry.

Lets see how swara achieves her goal and make her parents proud of her

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  1. Wow!! Love d theme!

  2. Purvi

    Different concept….. Continue soon……

  3. V nicce

  4. Anaita

    plzz continue its a nice concept…

  5. Interesting dear and plz continue

  6. yashasvi ( yashu )

    nice concept but plzz try to giv some imp to rags.
    sry if it hurts u……………
    just a suggestion

  7. Superb

  8. Abirsha


  9. I don’t feel bad but I will try to give importance to ragini and all others

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  12. Niku

    New n different theme….i lky it

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