Swaragini: Do Ajnabee (Ss) Part 19

Marriage a relation of love and trust

A sacred thread in which two peoples are joined it’s amazing to be some one’s to be called each other’s

A beautiful relation of friendship

The sounds of drums reached her ears

She looked towards her reflection in mirror

She was satisfied with herself but her heart had some fear

Fear ‘will she able to mend everyone will she be able to take all responsibilities will she be able to make a special place in everyone’s heart’ so many questions there answers lied within her but she was scared, scared what if her assumption are wrong

“Swara” Ragini entered the room she walked in with her mother

For a mother it’s most amazing day when she sees her daughter her shadow in form of bride she sees her reflection in her daughter

Janki’s eyes turned moist looking at swara

Swara was always her most beloved doll she was her mother’s carbon copy her talks her nature almost everything resembled her

“Kisi Ki nazar na lage” she said placing a black dot behind her ear

Swara smiled seeing her mother getting emotional

“Uff ho mother India don’t waste your tears now still there is time for bidai” Ragini said trying to cheer these two emotional ladies of her family

“You’ll understand this when you get married” Janki said

For a moment Ragini lost in her thoughts

But she didn’t let others have a slight idea about her thoughts

“ha ha every funny and by the way if you waste your tears now your make up would be spoiled already you look janshi Ki rani but then you would look Dracula” she said

Janki and swara both were left mouth hung

Shail and shika who heard her burst in laughter

Janki held her ears tight

“Ohh ma please leave ahhhh sorry” she pleaded and Janki finally left

For Janki swara Ragini Shail and shika were all her kids she never differentiated between them but Ragini would always be her reason for tension her pranks and carefree behavior scared her most

But Shail would handle most of her mess

Shika and swara were her innocent dolls and they were also not like devil Ragini

Shekar encouragement spoiled her more and Janki would never leave a chance to lecture these both

Flash back

“Enough is enough I won’t tolerate any more nonsense by you two” Janki warned Shekar and little Ragini

Swara and shika giggled seeing the way Ragini was mimicking Janki

Shail was warning her not to

“You both messed up whole kitchen if you wanted to eat something you could have asked kamala”

“But you only said not to trouble her” Ragini said and she received a glare from Janki

“Ha I said but didn’t say to try something yourself you people spoiled my whole kitchen and see what you did you even messed the hall these cushions and see how dirty the sofa looks”

Janki continued it but Ragini was not in mood to listen

When Janki would turn other side Ragini would stand in her place and start jumping and dancing and when she looked at them she would get back to her place making scared innocent face

All silently chuckled looking her

When Janki was saying something looking other way Ragini started dancing and all of sudden she turned she got caught red handed

“Ragini” she yelled

Flashback ends

They all had group hug

Shika took swara with her

Ragini was about to go Janki held her hand

“What are you hiding” she asked

Ragini looked confused

“Nothing ma”

“My swear” she said placing her hand on her head

Ragini’s eyes turned moist


The sound and music and drums was everywhere

Sanskar Adarsh Pari Ansh and Uttra all were dancing in front of barat with others

Kavitha was trying every way to get close to Sanskar and sujatha’s blood boiled seeing that

Bua dadi didn’t allow her to dance and she was cursing her and DP both

Sujatha’s legs were aching to dance on the tune but seeing Dp’s strict face all her enthusiasm seems to fade

Rp looked at her and chuckled seeing her helplessness

And even felt her pain

But just felt to laugh

“Ji please na how odd it will look if an aunt doesn’t dance in her nephew’s marriage” said Sujatha

Rp giggled

And she made faces

DP sighed rp

“Go dance” rp said

“Thank you ji” Sujatha jumped in excitement and ran towards other kids who were dancing

She and Adarsh did nagin dance

DP gave them unbelievable look

The barat finally reached its destination

To take the bride with them


Ragini leaned towards the wall letting her tears which she was holding from so long

Janki was shocked scared and worried for her daughter

“Do you love him” she asked

And Ragini was numb for her question

She narrated everything whatever happened and what was in her mind

“He loves you give him a chance he’ll understand” Janki said placing her hand on her head

Ragini looked at her


“Janki” nani entered the room calling her

She felt worried seeing Ragini like that

“Ragu” she neared him

“What Happened?”

“Nothing ma she’s just turned emotional thinking about swara’s marriage” and she just nodded her head to her mother’s statement


God please make everything all right please give me a chance to correct what wrong I did please protect everyone” he prayed in his heart

He felt that something wrong he didn’t know why

He smiled seeing everyone happy

They reached the entrance and Janki arrived with nani and shika

His eyes were searching her but she was no where

‘Where is this girl’ he thought

“Ahem ahem” Adarsh cleared his throat drawing his attention

He raised his eye brow asking what

“Searching someone” he asked with teasing smile

“No one” he replied making stern face

And Adarsh chuckled

“Payaar deewana hotha hai mastana hotha hai” Adarsh sang

A smile appeared on his lips but he hides that quickly and acted like nothing affected him

“Ma” Ansh tried to free his hand from his mother

“Stay here” Pari said

He pulled her hand

“What” she asked bending a bit

“My GF is not here let me search her” he said

“GF” Pari asked confusingly

“Uff ho ma Ragini chachi” he said and pari’s eyes went wide hearing him addressing Ragini as chachi

“She’ll be busy somewhere and she’s not your chachi” Pari said


“What happened” Adarsh asked nearing them

“Nothing Adarsh” she replied

And warned Ansh to not say this to anyone

Ansh was confused

In temple the pandit said only for couples mata rani’s duppatta is given and that duppatta fell on both of them so logically they were couple but now why everyone is saying like they are not first dadi and now ma oh god please give some brain to these elder people

Ansh thought


Janki did laksh’s arati

Her face was worried a bit

Sanskar observed that

‘May be marriage tension’ he thought in mind

The barat moved in

Shekar and Shail welcomed everyone with flower garlands

Shika was there all Ragini’s friends were there but only she was missing


Some puja was going on and Sanskar silently escaped from there

He was searching for her but she was not there

Moving here and there finally he found her in garden area

Where the mandap was built

She was arranging all the needed items for puja

She walked towards pandit ji holding a thali of flowers

He just observed her

How flawless she looked

Her lips the way they moved

She was looking like an angle in her outfit

She was speaking to the caterer when he came in front of her

She looked up and then at the caterer

“Ok finish everything fast” she said and the caterer left

He thought she would say him something but she didn’t she just walked

He jumped a bit ahead and stopped her way

 “I was searching you everywhere where were you” he asked

She tried to leave

“you didn’t answer me” she didn’t utter a word

“I missed you a lot and have so much to speak with you”

“I have many works to do if your talks are over leave my way” she said trying to go

“Not so soon” he said getting close to her

She felt weak in knees seeing his face so close to her

She was about to stumble and fell but he protected her by pulling her by waist

By the sudden pull she was shocked and few hair strands covered her face

O re piya haye………

O re piya haye………

O re piya haye………

O re piya haye………

He gently moved his fingers on her face tucking those strands behind her ear

“Beautiful” he said

“You are looking breath taking”

She looked straight in his eyes only love was there for her

She pushed him aside and walked ahead

“Oyee HB” he called

She turned

“HB” she gave a confused look

He neared her

“Hone wail biwi (would be wife)” he whispered in her ears

“Utter nonsense” she said


Precap: marriage

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