Swaragini – Distance – One shot by priyu

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am ♥priyu♥ some of u know me , this os is specially for my friends on telly updates and for a special friend too , u will get to know about it at the end , so lets get started ……….

Swara P.O.V :

I was in my middle of my first standard , when my father got transfferd to kolkata , now we have to move to kolkata , i had to leave behind my friends , my teachers everyone ….

In kolkata :

My first day of my new school , surely i was damm scared , as i enterd i started crying terribly , such that whole school could listen my voice , this happend for so many days , but my classmates were very helpfull , and soon all of them became my friends ….

Days passed …. i was in my second standard , i met deepa as she was transfferd to our section , it took no time for two of us to become friends and soon bestest friends , she was my pillar of strength , our teachers admired our friendship ….

Again some days passed , we were in third standard , it was 3rd day of school after vacations , teacher didnt arrived early , so we started chit chating , i was talking to my benchmate gyanika , we were sitting in right side row last bench , suddenly i saw a new girl walking entering our class , she just went to left side row first bench and sat quitely , i asked gyanika who is the new girl to which she replied , ” she is RAGINI our old classmate who was transfferd to B section in 1st standard before u joined this school ” and then suddenly our teacher arrived and class started ….

Next day , as usual we were chit chatting suddenly i saw ragini coming , i was completly surprised by her hair cut , because she had beautifull hairs which were now cutted into a baby cut hairstyle , i just went to her and said :

Me : hi my name is swara , and ur’s

Ragini : hi my name is ragini , glad to meet u swara

Me : i just noticed u yesterday , ur hairs were long , suddenly today they are too short , why did u cut them ??

Ragini : actually my father said to cut because i was getting irritated by this

Me : ohhhh , bye meet u soon

Ragini : bye

So this was our first conversation , days passed deepa and me were enjoying so much , we were at the completion of our 4 th standard , and in this 2 years me and ragini hardly spoke 5 times that too because of our group works ….

Suddenly my friend deepa said me that she is gonna leave this school , because her dad wants her to join a very big school as they were rich , even our school was an international school but which her dad choosed was bigger than ours , i was literally worried but didnt showed it to deepa as she will fall weak if i show my worry …. alas she went leaving me behind ……

In my summer vacations i was restless but deepa gave me support through her regular calls , then i decided to move on …. i dicided to plan a friendship so my planning was ….


Because i didnt wanted any fights i listed out 2 names from my group for the place of my next bestie 1 . Divya 2 . Ragini , i choosed ragini ….

My school reopened and i just went to ragini and started speaking directly ….

Convo :

Me : hi ragini

Ragini : hi swara

Me : RAGINI WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND ( and of course she was stunned but then i was stunned to her reply because i expected a big NO )

Ragini : its my pleasure to be ur friend

And from then our friendship started within 10 days we were like best friends forever all of my class mates were completly shocked to see our bond , because we were rivals in exams , best friends in real , it has been 2 months since we enterd our 5 th standard and friendship ….

A new girl was transfferd to our class her name was manasa , ragini was said to take care of her and help her in studies ….

It was manasa ‘s first day in our class , ragini sat in her usual place which was five benches far to my bench manasa sat next to her , ragini just turned back to talk to me , manasa just called her and asked her to explain a lesson , in lunch break as always we were descending the steps to take our lunch by keeping hand in hand , suddenly manasa jerked off my hand and took ragini and went away i was really angry , i dicided not to talk to ragini , 2 days passed we didnt talk , ragini couldnt take any more and called me at evening around 7 : 00 pm ….

Ragini : hello , swara why r u not talking to me , first of all i am fed up of this manasa , and ur silence is killing me ….

Me : ya ya jusr enjoy with ur manasa

Ragini : sorry shona , forgive me na

Me : ok ok apology accepted

Ragini : yayyyy , thanks shona ( remember a thing i dont like this no sorry and no thank u rule , so i didnt add this rule in my os )

Next day a complete block buster , ragini just went to principle mam with manasa and shouted on manasa , i was completly stunned to see her new avatar , then my principle mam took the responsiblities given to ragini of training manasa , days passed manasa always used to throw tantrums but it never affected our friendship ….

One day manasa was made class monitor because i didnt want to become a class monitor although i was 1 st in class , next was ragini who had fever , so manasa was made class monitor for one day , i went to ragini and asked her if she ok by asking permission of manasa but she wrote my name saying we were chit chatting , although my teacher knew that i cant do anything like she gave me punishment of doing homework 10 times of maths OMG it really took 4 hours to complete my home work ,

Next day i showed it to my teacher and next i was shocked to see ragini ‘ s
note book , she did the same homework , though she was ill ….

Me : ragini what happend why u did the home work u r ill right

Ragini : if u talked to me then i should also get the punisment , because we r connected right ??

I was completly out of my sense untill i listend my classmates clapping on ragini ‘ s words ” yes we are connected ” ….

Days passed it was at the end of our 5th class a big news arrived that my father wes being transfferd to another village , i was stunned , shocked , when i revealed it to ragini , she was broken but didnt showed it to me …. i had to leave her , my friends again ….

We got shifted , where my so called classmates were not less than villans , they always taunted me i was in sixth standard 2 years passed again a biggest shock of my life came to my bestie , my deepa cheated me !! , then she again asked me for forgivness , being her best friend i forgived her , on 31st december she promised me she would never cheat me again , we were in 8 th standard , but again she cheated me , i called her to confront her it was a conference call including ragini , to my shock she replied me saying ” u ugly face , cant u see our status u r a middle class and i am a daughter of a rich man , dont dare to call me again ” i was completly broken , now i hate her but not rich people because even ragini is rich but she never did show off ….

Few days later i was attacked by typhoid so we went to kolkata for my check up , we regularly go kolkata but cant meet ragini but this time i met her after 2 years 6 months 15 days , yes i was counting the days , i met her only for 6 minutes , when she hugged me it was like we were never apart , i said her i was suffering from typhoid , she got worried , she didnt showed it but i could sense it , my typhoid got cured after 3 months , when i informed this to her , her mother took the phone and said that she kept fast for me …. i wad completly shocked …. what a friend right ??

One day i called her and took out the topic of our favorites things , we didnt knew what were our each other favorite things , not even favorite songs and our friendship is almost 4 years old …. wierd na ?? ??

To my complete shock what was my favorite that was hers can any one believe this , she hardly listens bollywood songs , what is my favorite song that was her favorite too , she was too shocked to know that our tastes were same ….

Few days passed one day dont know why i was feeling restless , suddenly ragini called me ….

Me : hi , i was thinking about u

Ragini : i missing u , dont know why god done this to us , we were only one year together and three years apart and we have only met once in these three years why god has done this to us ??

Me : ragini we shouldnt blame anyone , be strong and remember a thing ” FRIENDSHIP DOES NOT FADES AWAY BY DISTANCE , BECAUSE TRUE FRIENDS ARE CONNECTED FROM HEART , TRUE FRIENDSHIP GROWS STRONGER NOT WEAKER ” so distance doesnt matter….



So guys this was my first os , so what do u think swaragini should meet or not ?? Guys this is true story , its my story , yess i was swara and ragini was megha my best ever best friend , each and every part of this os was true ….

SREE HARINI DI , ANJALI DI , DHARSHA DI , BISHA DI , and of course my ANU DI , am i right that distance doesnt matter we r far from eachother but connected through TELLY UPDATES , i didicate this os to my megha .

And of course my HELLY SHAH AND TEJASWI PRAKASH WAYAGANKAR( i am a biggest heltej fan )

Sorry if u dont like this os ….

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  1. Hey cutie pie u and os I read ur comment on anu’s ff but u came up too wow I’ll surely read it dear….
    Well yeah I haven’t read still but don’t worry after reading will comment one more…
    Not bad I’m amazed ur little brainy also wrote an os wow bachchu…. Well let me read now… ??

    1. Awww i am ur bachchu , aahh no my brain is liittle but by comparing it with you its very little ??

  2. Hats off to you. Your os is really good. I loved it.

    1. Thank u , i am very glad that u liked it ??

  3. So sweet and so realistic. And the last line. It stole my heart! ❤

    1. Di thank u , the last line actually it was our real phone conversation before 3 days , which provoked me to write this os

  4. Its gud yaar… Well.. U shud know.. Me n my bestie never studied in same class.. We bcame frnds in school bus…and canteen was our meeting spot..we even have code language..but d most imp thing is initially we both found each other stupid..and tried to distance. But now we can’t imagine our lyf widout our bond..

    1. Unexpected friendship r really best ones , what happend if u and ur bestie r not in same class , at least ur connected by heart right ?? , thanks u so much for reading it

  5. Priyu that was so sweet of u.. Friendship never fades away never.. U had distance between ur friendship but i never had these sort of hurdles in my and my bestie cum sister’s friendship .. Sharing with u something.. Me and my bestie are bffs from childhood.. She is very frequent on Tu but not me at all.. U know my bestie’s mother expired when she was too small.. She grew up alone and handled Her sisyrrs.. I was always besides her.. All those girly stuffs.. We discussed.. Same like u she is from a very wealthy family while I didnot belong to such rich family,. But she respected me.. She shared all her goods with me and sometimes even completely have it to me and didn’t ask anything in return.. Being motherless also she was imbibed with very good values.. I love her so much and I am proud to say that she expresses all her grief woth me .. All her secrets.. And I securely lock it in my heart where she always stays or it belongs to her only.. Many people know her here.. But I don’t want to reveal.. Hope u don’t mind

    1. Wait …. why will i mind , dont reveal her name thats completly her wish , i really thank god that he didnt gave u any hurdles , but gor these r not hurdles , but just way of life , ur bestie might be very strong , u should always support her , THANKS for commenting it made my day ….

  6. Awesome os

    1. Thank u so much ??

  7. Aww u wrote ur story got to know how ur missing ur megha… Now let me tell you I’ve also my bf whom I’ve not seen from 5years but we are connected through phone fb whatsapp and what not before exams we call eo and wish …..and so ur absolutely correct distance doesn’t matter heart to heart connection matters….

    Good job don’t miss her in fact irritate her with ur phone calls I do the same ?….

    1. I do not irritate , she irritates me a lot with her stupid questions , aahh but she is myyy megha na , u too just keep faith in god , he will never do injustice to any one , yupp distance doesnt matter , thanks di for commenting , actually i wanted to add ur name but we have talked only once so my small brain forgot it sorry *holding ears*

      1. Haha don’t be sorry dear it’s OK no need to hold ears as I won’t be able to pull your cheeks…. And I’m not sad not having her beside why will I be actually we wait for the day when we will meet eo and that excitement sets everything back ?

      2. Neha di what happened if u cant pull my cheeks , i will pull it my self on behalf of u , see i pulled my cheeks , if its ur true friendship , even god will make all the attempts he can do , for making u meet ur bestie …. ????

  8. Aww! ❤❤ soo cutee nd yeah its 100% true that distance never matters bt if u have a pure heart then friendship with others is not difficult nd friendship connects two people by heart♥♥
    Its ur first attempt nd it’s marvelous ????
    Love u dear????

    1. Yessss u r too 100 % right , aahh my first attempt to write , i am glad that u liked it , thanks for commenting ??

  9. Liked????I just loved it….its sooo nic bonding must say ur lucky to have such a best friend…..i totally loved it dear….tysm for telling us a beautiful real story ……i just pray that even in any part of my life I too get such a friend……

    1. Awww u r friend made me to smile a huge smile …. ?? , yess i am the luckiest to have her , why wont u have a bestie , just whom u think is correct for u , just go and ask her like i did , u will too get a bestie like me …. i am glad that u liked it ??

  10. awwww…. dear…..
    it such a beautiful story sweety…

    1. Thanks janvi di , i glad that u liked it ????

  11. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Its very true………amazing???❤❤❤

    1. Natasha di , you are the reason that i kept these black hearts in my name , i followed you , THANK YOU so much for liking it ????

  12. Priyu its is soo sweet and so cute dear
    ….awesome os….keep writing….true friendship never fades…

    1. Yess you r right true friendship never fades , Thank you for reading and commenting ????

  13. Such a cute and realistic story priyu….???

    I loved it a lot…. a very different one… and yeah.. I too missed my best friend when I moved from blore to chennai… but we always stayed in touch….

    Seriously beautiful story…. and at ur age… it is simply superb…???

    1. Yaaaaaaaay u finally commented di , i was waiting gor ur comment ….

      U too miss ur best friend , i can understand it ….

      Now no emotional talks , emotion doesnt suite me ???? ….

      As u said i am very courageous na ….

      Thanks for reading and commenting , glad that u liked it …. ????

  14. Right nw I’m feeling jealous of ur friendship nw….

    1. Awww dont feel jealous , i am sure u too have a best friend like i have but u r not aware of it , or in future u will get one best friend , sorry if this os hurt u

  15. Hey Nish told me about your wish. And Im glad to rad this story. It was beyond awesome. You’re very strong.

    Bravo dude!

    Keep smiling and ignore those shitty people of your life. Khush rehna humesha ❤❤

    1. Naina , thank you sissy , for accepting my wish , i am glad that you are glad ,thanks to nisha di ….

      Ha tum saare logo ne mujhe khush rahena sikhadiya …. ????

      Thanks for reading and commenting …. ????

  16. so cute my dear priyu. this was really a cute vone. i am so happy to know that you have a friend who understands you alot and is still connected to you by heart.

    but irony is i never had such afriend so i dont know how it feels exactly but megha might be jumping reading this

    and priyu dear, you terrified me as if you really suck at writing but this was wow..for your standards extrordinary and seriously? you were afraid to post this?? you are so cute

    1. Sree i have replied u down ….

  17. Megha dont even know about this site sree , and u r saying that u dont have a friend like this ….

    Now this is wrong how can u say that by keeping friends like anjali di , anu di , and specially me ??

    I sure god will give u one , have patience ….

    Sorry for being so rude to u in acceptance , because i truely got hurt , but i am okay now ….

    Extraordinary seriously ?? Then i am honoured …. ????

    Ya i am cute but i am sure i m not more cute when compared to you …

    1. Hey…flirting with me?? Need any chocolates?? Lol

      Let’s wait for the person and the day dear. And I was not at all angry with you for acceptance..in fact loved it a lot. Life needs some spice.

      1. Hehehehe u didnt see my fllirt side till now , u will see it soon dont worry , i dont need any chocolates , i like only dairymilk and perk , except that i hate all the chocolates ????

  18. Wonderful 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting … ☺☺☺☺

  19. Awesome priyu. Actually i had seen ur request for friendship in someone’s ff (soorrryyy i dont remember which and sorry for reading it) Actually i felt little different by seeing. I liked ur innocence veryyy much. Now i understand why u requested .i am using the word request cuz i felt that u were requesting when there was no need of it cuz anyone u talk here just becomes ur friend . 🙂 so what about me ha 😉 U know my best friend now is the girl whom i hated the most when i was small. U would think how. Actually distance strengthened our friendship 🙂 Thats y i felt ur story very touching. Love u dear 🙂

    1. Sree i requested it to sree harini di ( i call her sree , now u too ) , requesting is not a bad thing in my pov , because in fb too we have ” friend REQUEST ” ….

      YEAH , here whenever i talk to some one they become my friends …. ???? ….

      About you ummmm …. do u think i wont accept u as my friend …. of course ur my friend , woow another friendship story ….

      And u know what i have dicided that my next os story will be based on ur friendship story …. so it gonna be special to you ….

      Woow now i have too friends name sree ( u and sree harini di )

      1. Love u dear. Actually i thought u will feel bad if i say it as a request(i dont know why i thought like that) can i ask u something? Can i write it as an os actually its ur idea but i just thought to write as i want to show her how special she is to me. Sorry to copy ur idea but if u want u can write it. God i am feeling guilty so plzzzz reply what u feel about it. Plz dont take me wrong. Love u dear 🙂

      2. With ur os she will feel special and happy , and if it is ur true friendship , then her happiness should be ur hsppiness and making her feel happy should be ur responsiblity and who am i to interfare in ur responsiblity …. go fastly and write it i am eagerly waiting for it …. ????

      3. U r veryyy sweet. Love u dear 🙂

  20. Amazing

    1. Thank you ????

  21. First of all…….khaan pakadke sorry……
    U know na…the reason I went out day before yesterday and had lil fever yesterday……..so only and now am hear….

    I am really happy for u my cute little ♥priyu♥…….ya….u have did it……
    Writing is not a piece of cake……..
    And ya…..coming to the story…….
    I had tears in my eyes reading the last part……..
    Whatever u said is indeed true…..
    *Distance doesn’t matter in friendship*
    And friendship never fades by distance…..
    It’s not counted by the miles we are apart…
    It’s counted by the miles we have in our heart……………???
    And we are so near by heart……
    Also remember this:
    Don’t worry for those who don’t worry no no not even care for you……
    We meet many people in our life…..
    All don’t stay with us till the end…..
    But those who want to be with you…..will really find a way to be with you till the end even if the whole world is against them…..
    And I will be such a person….
    U r so special for me ♥priyu♥dear…..
    Dunno how the bond is created in my heart but I will always be like this……
    Love u loads deary ???

    PS.I must say u r the first one to call me so and that’s y it’s lil different for me….as well as special one…..so cute ♥priyu♥just like u?

    1. Sisy … u have gone somewhere now…..
      Am really really sorry alot for making you wait……..come on read this na??
      And ur my cute sisy….u r brave enough but sorry for making u wait *holding ears*….if want say I will do sit ups also….just for u

      1. I am very sanskaari di i dont make my elders to do sit ups for me , still u know i dont want stop talking to u , just i want to chat to u u know ….

    2. Di iam ur cutie na then why sorry , although apology accepted , fever ???? u r okay na ?? Please take care ….

      Whatever u wrote i just red it as poem , but understood the meaning of it r 100% true and right , i dont have words to express my feelings to ur comment ….

      When i was reading last line i thought its about u and ur friend but it turned out to be me , i have many special people including u but i am special for someone i cant believe this , do u have fb di , please dont take me wrong just wanna chat to u ….

      I must be cute but not more cute when compared to u

      1. I am alright now and my fb id is my full name….Kala Dharshini and say me ur id…I will send u a request and I don’t take u wrong…..even I felt like asking u…..so don’t think like I will take u wrong….okay ahh

      2. But i am fearing my mum will allow me or not but i will try to convence her , within next two days , i will say u her decision , about fb and can any one can inform bisha di because only she is left

      3. It’s absolutely okay sisy…..after all its every mother’s job to worry…?
        Ya…it’s okay and will wait for her decision…..will try to convey this to Bisha…don’t worry

      4. Di can i ask from where r u ?? I am from telengana

    3. Dharsha di just listened about 10 cbse results r tommorrow OMG its really looking like i have my results tomorrow , if iam scared for u , i guess how much u are tensed …. i am prayong to god

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