Swaragini (DILWALE) – Chapter 1


Hii guys i am “nobody knows me ” and i am going to write this ff
So if you guys have patience then you will find that this ff is on both the couples
The story will start from raglak but the story will take twist and turns and will come to directly to swasan
You would see them in next few chapter
If anydoubt on the story you can tell me in comments

So lets get started
(The wars began )

the picture in hanging on a wall and it has a garland on it . we can see a hand touching it – looks like a man’s hand
The camera rolls and we can see its sanskar
He starts to remeber something and remember that someone shot him and fell
he opens his eyes and start to breath fastly he went to washroom and sees his face
he washes it several times and then comes out
He sees his 2 friends sitting and talking
Shyam and rahul
sanskar comes and sits there
Sanskar looks down while he is drinking the tea
shyam and rahul looks at eachother and then shyam ask
-kya hua sanskar aaj phir wahi hua kya
sanskar nodes in no
sanskar-nahi nahi kucch nahi hua chalo chay piyo
RAHUL-sanskar hamse jhut kyu bol raha hai
sanskar-mei juth nahi bol raha chalo ab pilo
Sudeenly they saw many people shouting on a person they also go and see sanskar comes in between and ask why are you beating
They all reply that he was pick pocketing phones
Man says-mei kya karo mere biwi batche aur mere paas ek kodi bhi nahi hai
sankar-toh kahi jake kaam karo magar chori kyu
men-mughe padna likhna nahi aata
sanskar-tumhara naam kya hai ?
sanskar -thik hai kala yeh pese tum lelo aur phir chori mat karna (he takes out the money from shyam purse )
Kala-thank you thank you ji
ab mei chori nahi karunga haan
sanskar – cahlo ab jao
Kala runs away and crowds goes away

we can see a boy is driving car very fastly and going round and round through somewhere
Then he drives very fastly
That boy friend warns him to slow down or something will happen to the new car
the camera takes up to his head
Laksh-chill yaar yeh bas test drive hai aur dhasu chal rahi hai
Soni-yaae laksh dekh agar kucch bhi hua toh mei jimmedar nahi hoga
Laksh-kisne kaha tu jimmedar hoga ?
jab gadi ko kucch nahi hoga toh tughe kya
Soni-jab hoga naa tab bataio
Laksh countinue to fast the car

PRECAP-laksh mila usse , Kisse khud socho

Credit to: no body knows me

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  1. Tanu

    laksh met ragini plz make it swasan

    1. nobody knows me

      yes of course

  2. Soujanya


    1. nobody knows me

      thanks alot

  3. Plzz ragsan

  4. Nobody knows me

    Thanks guys for the comments these are great full actually I know the couple’s and I knew whole story and don’t need to think and so the couple’s are raglak and swasan ….. Thanks for comments they really mean to me so I am going to countinue

    1. nobody knows me

      thank you

  5. Megha123

    Awsm keep writing

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      thank you alot

  6. nobody knows me

    I am so sorry sanam its raglak and swasan
    But pls read the second part
    I know there are many ragsan fans too
    But am very sorry
    So i am getting working on ragsan ff too
    While i am not posting it today or tomorrow but i am going give it the best taste so it will take time thanks for reading and commenting
    Includinbg everyone who commented

  7. Superb dear

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      thanks ammu for you beatiful comments

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