SWARAGINI (DIL KI DOR) (promo cum spoiler) (2)

Hey guys actually i just forgot to mention in the previous episode that laksh and sanskar are cousins and laksh is also a prince and so many of you want laksh’s entry so i am changing my story a little for his entry and about the rageshwari –ragini truth , guys it will be revealed in 2 more episodes so pleaseee wait for 2 more episode , the episode will be after 2 -3 days as i am really very busy so here’s a promo cum spoiler for my ff.
Here it goes.

The screen starts with sanskar-swara-raj- aniket and ragini in a club and sanskar is facing ragini with tears in his eyes and says softly : rageshwari…..
Ragini eyes him angrily and cuts in between saying : stop this non-sense sanskar , you just care about a person’t wealth , not his abilities thats why i just hat…(she was about to say hate you )

She stops in between and turns with tears in her own eyes and leaves .
Swara turns to aniket with tears and says angrily : i …. i wished from childhood that i have a brother but after seeing you i am thankful to god that i don’t have one , and i wish nobody have a brother like you.
She too leaves taking raj after saying this while aniket and sanskar stand facing each other and sasnkar too leaves giving aniekt an angry look.
The screen ends .
The screen shifts to sanskar ‘s room and he is talking on phone with tears in his eyes and from other side a boy says : bhai , why to worry …i’ll help you in convincing rago , now just stop crying and listen…
The plan is muted and the boys face is not shown (just guess who he is )
The screen ends with sanskar smiling .

The scene shifts to morning where ragini is walking in corridor when sanskar comes from back and gifts her a pillow with heart on it.
Ragini eyes him angrily while sanskar smiles mischiviously .
Swaara smiles at ragini and ragini throws the pillow .she turns to go when sanskar starts singing : tukud … tukud …
Ragini turns with angry look while swara and sanskar smile .
The screen ends here .

Spoiler : laksh’s entry and cameo flashback scenes for swarlak fans.

Guys hopefully you liked it , and do comment , if any questions pleaseeeeeeee do tell through comments.
Hey guys this is the link to previous episode , you can read my reply there:

Credit to: Piyali


  1. swathi

    wait i not able to understand??? how cum sanskar know that ragini is rageshwari?? clear my doubt i am totally confused

    • Piya

      hey swathi dear its just a promo , i can’t write everything in it na so just gave a glimpse , you’ll get actual story with the episodes and thanks for reading and commenting

    • Piya

      hey dear , i am really sorry , i know i went without informing , needed to go out of station urgently , thats why but i will never stop writing and thats a promise and dear thanks for commenting and reading

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