Hey guys , i know now most of you want the entry of laksh but really sorry its very late as till that time i thought that it would be some swaraj scenes but the hero is laksh only so please wait for his entry , its a humble request pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
So the episode begins with swaragini looking at choti rani shocked ,
Ragini almost crying says to choti rani : please chachiji , i have to meet dadisa , please let me in.

Harsh and aniket also come there.
Aniket : maa please , let her meet.
Ragini tries to go in but choti rani pushes her out in anger but swara holds her in time.
Ragini then composes herself and swara looks angrily at choti rani .
Swara angrily : you…..
But ragini stops her from saying and joins her hands and sits on her knees saying crying : chachiji if you want to punish me , please do that but don’t punish my dadisa , she’ll be already heartbroken realizing that she lost these 15 years of her life and that maa , bauji are dead , please don’t make her feel that i too am dead , pleaseeeee.
But these doesn’t melt choti rani’s heart and she stands angrily still .
Ragini says crying : pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
But choti rani stands still at the gate.

They all hear a scream from above of rajmata shouting : where’s my rageshwari , where is she?
Swaragini get really worried and swara makes ragini stand and ragini says and crying : its all chachiji , pleaseeeeee let me meet dadisa .
Choti rani : you are dead for this world and will remain dead rageshwari.
Ragini continuously hears rajmata’s screams calling maharaja , maharani and rageshwari.
Ragini angrily with tears : chachiji , why will you not let me enter my own property?
Choti rani is shocked and says : what you said just now , your property?
Swara smiles victoriously : yaa ms rani sahiba , its all ragini’s property naa .
Choti rani : don’t talk in between us girl.
Ragini : then let me talk chachi ji , not this whole rajmahal but our whole property in raigarh is only mine and this… this is not said my me but my dadisa has written it in her will , so now let me in.
She pushes choti rani a little to go inside who in turn slaps her hard on her face.
Swaragini are shocked but ragini still goes up and runs from the stairs to her dadisa’s room .
In the room :

Chote raja is consoling rajmata and telling her that maharaja’s whole family is dead.
Rajmata crying loudly : no my rageshwari can’t die , she’s raigarh future , she can’t die.
But chote raja keeps telling her that maharajs whole family died.
Rajmata : then i’ll search for my second granddaughter , she’ll be yuvrani and what did police tell did that bansi disclose where he kept my second garanddaughter .
Ragini is crying standing at the gate listening from her chacha ji ‘s mouth that she’s dead and then is shocked to listen that their ‘s a second granddaughter but she composes herself and smilingly goes towards rajmata and sits near her.
Ragini staring at chote raja : no dadisa , i am not dead.
Rajmata crying : who are you?
Ragini smiling with tears of happiness : dadisa , i am your ragini.
Rajmata (crying) : i don’t know any ragini , i want my granddaughters.
Ragini trying to control her as she was getting a little violent : dasdisa i am your ragini , your rageshwari.
Rajmata looks towards her happily and says : rageshwari… you are rageshwari.
Ragini nods .

Rajmata : are you my rageshwari you got so big.
Ragini smilingly nods staring at chote raja .
Till that time swara , harsh and aniket had also come their and they all smile seeing the reunion.
After some time :
Rajmata was talking to swaragini , harsh and aniket and in the conversation swara told everything about what happened with ragini to rajmata , rajamata became really mad and told ragini to take her downstairs .
Chote raja had left the scenario till that time.
Ragini : but dadisa , you are week now .
Rajmata : i don’t care , take me down , the thing that didn’t got in their places in these 15 years i’ll make them right.

Ragini is tensed for her chacha chachi and swara is smiling as ragini got her happiness back .
The episode ends on ragini’s worried while swara ‘s smiling face.

Precap: rajmata punishes chote raja and choti rani!

Hey guys my schools are beginning from Monday so will not be able to give regular updates , really sorry for that.

Credit to: Piyali

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