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The episode starts with swaragini in the collage playground , children are playing holi but swaragini and raj are standing at a side and no one has put colour on them, ragini is wearing the same orange and blue coloured suit in the picture and swara , the same pink dress in picture.
Swara to ragini and raj excitedly : lets go , play holi.
Raj : ok.
They both try to take ragini but she resists saying sadly: i don’t want to play holi , my life got spoiled on this day , my parents died and my dadisa went into coma on today only , don’t know why holi came today.
Swara consoling her : so what , will they be happy from sky to see you sad on such a good day , see you colour less on the day on colours .
Ragini smiles at her and sanskar comes from back and puts colour all around her face .
Ragini turns and sees him and says angrily : why did you do this?
Sanskar smiling: i specially came here for you both besties, to forget all our old fight on this auspicious day and swara let me apply colour to you also.
He moves forward to apply colour on swara but raj stops his hand angrily saying : we don’t want to become your friends , go from here.
Sanskar : hey dude , why getting mad , i just want to become your friend.
Swara angrily : actually , we also don’t want to become your friends , so please leave.
Sanskar goes from there and while going sees towards ragini who stares him angrily and he leaves.
Aniket comes there and tries to talk to ragini.
Aniket happily: ragini…

Ragini turns her face seeing aniket.
Aniket happily : please ragini listen to me na…
But swara interrupts saying sternly: why everyone from royal family want to disturb my ragini , just go from here , first your mother throwed her out of house , then you father came to show his right on ragini , then that sanskar came and spoiled her mood by Appling colour and now you…
Aniket interrupted in between saying : its really important swara , don’t come between brother-sister.
He was about to say when ragini turned to go but aniket shouted : ragini , dadisa has got conscious.
Ragini is shell shocked and remains still as ice for a while and then a smile appears on her face and she turns saying : really!
Aniket nods in yes and she jumps and dances like a mad in excitement but suddenly gets slipped and falls in someone’s arms, she tries to see his face but couldn’t due to sunrays falling on his face.
He lifts her and she composes herself and says to him excitedly : thanks ,(to aniket) bhaiyaa , lets go.
Swara looks at her smiling and says : i’ll also come to see her , ragini was so worried for her.
Raj gets a call and he tells them that he has some important work so he’s leaving and congratulates ragini and he leaves.
The boy who holded ragini stops swaragini and aniket from leaving calling aniket.
The boy : aniket?
Aniket turns hearing his name and says to him : what ?
The boy : you forgot me?
Aniket : did i know you?
The boy : of course. Pretamgarh…
Aniket shocked : harsh?
The boy nods.
Then his face is shown(you can imagine him to be aamir ali)
The screen freezes on his face and the voice says “ harshvardhan , pretamgarh’s rajkumar and future yukraj, a simple calm man , childhood friend of rageshwari uff ragini , sanskar and aniket , used to love rageshwari even after knowing that sanskar and rageshwari’s alliance was done , always fighting with sanskar for ragini, good at heart and ragini considered him her best friend , lets see what twist he brings for swaragini and sanskaraj”
Harsh : you forgot me so soon .
Ragini sees his face and tries to remember something and remembers her childhood days with sanskar and harsh which she forgot due to all those sad memories that chote raja and choti rani have given her.

Ragini happily : harshvardhan?
Swara questionably : ragini, do you know him?
Harsh confused: yaa , who actually you are and how do you know me ragini , right?
Ragini : harsh , you forgot rageshwari?
Harsh : rageshwari ? seriously?
Ragini nods and they both hug .
Harsh : actually i came here listening that rajmata of raigarh got conscious, so to give her these important pages which she gave dad before maharaja and maharani died , on rageshwari’s birthday to keep them safe (the accident took place 2 days after rageshwari’s birthday) and got to know that here royal children studied so thought you would be here only so came to meet you.
Ragini(confused): which documents?
Harsh : these are the will of rajmata stating that ragini has all property of raigarh.
Ragini , swara and aniket are shocked
Aniket : i knew that you are the yuvrani but whole property in your name?
Ragini : i don’t care bhaiyaa , i have to meet rajmata , come harsh , you also come with us.
Harsh : but why are they all calling you ragini and you know i got to know that rageshwari’s dead?
Ragini (desperately ): stop it harsh , i have to meet dadisa , so just come.
They all leave in the royal car.
They all reach rajmahal and ragini runs inside but choti rani who was till now waiting for aniket’s arrival stops her on the gate itself.
Swara also comes and the episode ends on swaragini’s shocked face.

Precap: ragini says to choti rani : i have to meet dadisa , please let me in.
And tries to go inside but choti rani pushes her angrily but swara saves her from falling.
Swaragini look at choti rani angrily.

Hope you like this episode too.

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