Thanks guys for all your overwhelming comments , lets start with this episode .
The episode starts with swara getting a pair of sandals from shoe rack.
She remembers that while coming to collage , sharmishta gave those heel sandals(not too high but a little heel) to her as a gift with a lot of love but she doesn’t wear heels .
She smiles mischievously and tells ragini to wear them.
Ragini looks towards her and says(worriedly) : yeh(these) sandals, swara listen ,i am already going to wear that western dress and now these sandals.
Swara (making a child face and dramatically): pleaseeee, you know my mom gifted this to me with so much care and i want you to wear it.
Ragini(tensed): but swara it is given to you , your mother will feel good if you wear it(she stress the last three words)
Swara(smiling and still dramatically): so you are also my sister na so my mom is your mom so can’t you wear it , for me pleaseeeeeee.

Ragini looks at the sandals tensed and agrees and swara jumps in excitement.
Swara then sends ragini to get ready and ragini comes after some time wearing a long plain floor length gown of pin colour (it doesn’t have any decorations on it ,simple for collage ) .
Swara looks at her and excitedly says :wah ragini !! you are looking so pretty , now wear your sandals and then i’ll make your hairstyle.
Ragini tensedly complies and wears those sandals . then swara starts to make her hair into a side ponytail .
Ragini(worriedly): no swara , i’ll make my plait myself.
Swara (in a bossy way): no plait –wlait only ponytail
Ragini tries to resist but agrees seeing her so happy.
Ragini: app to tayar huyi hi nahi(you didn’t get ready due to me)
Swara : if ragini has become like swara then swara can also become like ragini na.
Ragini gets confused and swara takes ragini’s suit which she wore last day and says : i’ll wear this today.

Ragini(shocked): yaa, i could have weared this.
Swara(excitedly): no i’ll wear it.
Ragini smiles at her childish looks and says : then i’ll make you ready.
Swara complies and then she comes out wearing ragini’s suit.
Ragini: swara you also look beautiful in traditional attire .
Swara then wears her flats and then ragini does a side plait for swara .
Swara and ragini smile seeing each other in each others dresses and gets happy.
Swara : ragini , i never thought i would ever wear suits in collage.
Ragini smiling : swara but you look awesome in suit, actually the credit goes to hairstylist.
Swara smiles and says : so does you and that credit goes to your stylist. They both hug each other smiling.

The song swaragini plays.
Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishte yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai toh pyaar ki dhun
Ek dhup chanchal hai , ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyaar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini.
They then leave the hostel and comes to collage where raj sees swara in suit and gets mesmerized , she smiles at him but doesn’t get a response as he keeps looking towards her , swaragini come near him and swara waves her hand in front of his eyes and he comes out of his trance and says (stammering): h—i hi s –s—swara .
Swara : kya hua(what happened)
Raj (still stammering ): n—n—n nothing.

Swaragini and raj then head towards their class.
On the other side of corridor:
Aniket and sanskar are walking. Aniket is a worried for ragini as when he got home in the morning he got to know everything(not that chote raja went to ragini) .
Aniket in his mind: where would she be? Hopefully she’s fine , it all happened due to me.
Sanskar notice that he’s not speaking and says putting his face towards aniket and walking backwards: what happened to our prince.
When aniket is going to respond they both doesn’t notice that swaragini and raj are coming from opposite direction talking as swara is telling raj about ragini and everything that happened , ragini was in middle and doesn’t saw sankar and they both hit each other and ragini’s books and sanskar fall down.

Ragini gets down to pick her books as she didn’t saw that sanskar also fell but sanskar thought she’s giving him her hand(without seeing who actually the girl is) and grasped her hand and tried to stand but ragini also fell on him (due to her heels)and sanskar sees her and gets mesmerized . ragini tries to stand and swaraj and aniket who were till now standing still as it took time for them to understand what actually happened helped their respective friends to stand up.
Swara to sanskar : now , you don’t even know how to walk or did you hit her purposely .
Sanskar who was continuously staring ragini till now gets out of his trance hearing swara ‘s angry voice and says angrily : as if you guys were walking nicely .
Swara was about to say but ragini stops her saying : leave swara , why to waste our time fighting with them.

Aniket who now was relieved to see ragini fine says to ragini when they were about to leave : are you fine ragini?
Sanskar is shocked at his gesture(he thought he’s asking as she fell down now) and ragini says trying to be stern : you don’t need to worry for me .
Then swaragini and raj left.
Sanskar was shocked and asked aniket : why did you asked her and not me.
Aniket (now irritated): sanskaar you look totally fine thats why.
The bell rings and aniket left sanskar to attend his class.
Sanskar stands there confused and says to himself: why this ragini reminds me of rageshwari and how can i like her?
Then he also goes from there.

The screen freezes on the empty corridor and the voice says “ days passed , swaragini became best friends , raj started having feelings for swara and behaved caring towards her , sanskar unknown to himself too started falling for ragini’s simplicity and her hearts beauty , aniket started caring for her sister ragini and raja rani didn’t cared about ragini and got a nurse to care about rajmata as before ragini used to take care of her and so 15 days got over but on holi day something happened that shook chote raja’s throne , lets see what happened”
The screen starts with the nurse coming down to chote raja and choti rani happily and tells them that: rajmata ‘s hand made movement , maybe she’s coming out of coma, holi ‘s day is auspicious for rajmata , please call the doctor.

Both chote raja and rani get shocked and sent for doctor. The doctor arrives and checks rajmata and tells them that :she’s out of coma now , its just a miracle that after 15 years she came out of coma , she’s just weak .
The episode ends on aniket listening to them and gets happy and going to inform ragini.

Precap: ragini gets to know that her dadisa is fine and dances in amazement.

Hope you like it!!!

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. Thanks dr for ur update aniket caring towards rags nice…. so ragini ka asli naam ragheshwari

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    i really like your ff. Can you tell me who is raj?

    1. thanks saanvi
      and dear raj is a new entry as laksh’s entry is a little late so he’s swara’s collage friend and you can imagine him to be mishkat verma

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