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The episode begins with swara saying to raj who was paying for vada pav .
Swara : lets eat gol-gappa’s.
Raj (shocked) : now gol-gappa’s also .
Swara(casually): yaa ,so what.
And she drags him to the gol-gappa thela.
She starts eating gol gappa’s and then she suddenly sees ragini coming on road towards her direction just walking like a dead. She then looks back to see if any vehicle is coming and to her shock a car was coming straight in ragini’s direction.

Swara drops the gol –gappa in her hand and runs to ragini.
Raj (shouting ): what happened swara? (he didn’t notice ragini)
But he doesn’t get any response and then suddenly swara pulls ragini aside when the car was about to go on ragini.
Swara to ragini (shouting angrily): are you mad ?
Till that raj also comes there.
A drop of tear falls from ragini’s eyes but she doesn’t speak a word.
Raj : swara , lets take her to hostel , she looks really tensed.
Swara nods almost in crying state seeing ragini cry.
They all reach hostel and swara requests warden to allow them in and warden agrees seeing ragini’s condition and leaves raj and swara with a warning and tells raj to go in his room and swara to take ragini in hers . raj goes to his room and swaragini to swara’s.
In swara ‘s room:

Swara to ragini (shouting) : yaar , tell me what happened ?
But ragini keeps mum and tears are shedding from her eyes.
Swara (calmly): ok , please give me your parents number.
Ragini(now controlling herself): they are not here.
Swara : then where are they?
Ragini: with god
Swara (tensed): sorry , i didn’t knew but where do you live , give me your relatives number with whom you live or do you live in some orphanage.
Ragini : i live with my chacha , chachi and chachi ji throwed me out of house.
Swara : what ? why?
Ragini explains her everything and swara is shocked.( she only told her chachi ji throwing her out and the reason behind it)(she didn’t told about her royal background)
Swara : how can they do that ? you were not at fault.
Ragini (again in crying state): i don’t know why she did this .
Swara (angrily): but i know. Due to your being so calm , she thought she can do anything and you’ll not resist. After all she’s not your actual mother , why she’ll love you.
Ragini: don’t say like that , she loves me a lot and if someone doesn’t have any blood connection with us that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us.
Swara : no , i only believe in blood relations .
Ragini: that means i am nothing to you.
Swara is shocked and doesn’t reply.

The conversation ends as swara tells ragini that she’s going to bring water for her , after swara comes back-
Ragini : i want to go.
Swara : but where will you go.
Ragini: i don’t know, anywhere.
Swara : stop these funny dialogues and you’ll live with me from today onwards ?
Ragini: but….
Swara doesn’t let her speak.
Swara (sternly): no but-what , you’ll stay with me .
Ragini complies seeing her angry. Swaragini then shares swara ‘s bed but ragini doesn’t sleep and all the night keeps thinking about her life –her dadisa , her chacha chachi , swara and everyone else n her life and understands that if she’s correct she will speak her point from next time and after some time falls asleep.
Next morning :
Swaragini get up by a knock at their door.
Swara opens the door.
Warden is standing outside.
Warden : someone came to meet the girl with you.
Swara : who ma’am?

Warden : i don’t know , come outside fast.
Swara doesn’t tell anything to ragini and tells her she has some important work.
Swara goes outside and its chote raja outside.
Chote raja to swara : i asked a few people on road about ragini and they told me everything that you saved her life and took her with you in taxi , really thanks beta and where’s ragini?
Swara eyes him angrily and says angrily: why do you want to meet her ?
Chote raja : because she’s my daughter…
Swara(still angrily cutting in between ) : you remembered that really soon uncle , when your wife was throwing her out , you didn’t care , i am seriously obliged uncle that you remembered her this morning or i thought you’ll wait for two-three more days till she dies.
Chote raja gets angry and says : how dare you speak to me like that?
swara more angrily: how dare you come here , you didn’t even thought about her whole night and remember her now , great man you are , she’s your brother’s daughter and you didn’t even care about her , you know how much she cried last night , how would you know as you people are heartless.

Chote raja (in anger): i am raja of raigarh and i have full right to take my daughter to my home , you can’t stop me.
Swara is shocked to hear the word raja .
Ragini also listens this and understands that her chacha ji came and runs out .
Swara was about to say something and chote raja was about to slap swara when ragini interrupts by holding his hand saying(with tears and shouting) : stop it chacha ji, stop creating a scene in a hostel , everyone has come out and you are saying i am your daughter , when did you thought me as one , you never thought and yaa i am 18 i have full rights to do what i want and even my parents coudn’t interrupt and you are only my chacha ji who i disown from today , i don’t have any relation with you , swara saved me without any relationship with me and you were about to slap her , sorry chacha ji if i said anything thing wrong but now you are nothing to me so just leave.
Chote raja is shocked at ragini ‘s reaction and goes from there feeling humiliated.
Swara to ragini: are you a princess?

Ragini (smiling) : but they never treated me as one so no i am not one .
Swara smiles seeing her confidence and they both go inside their room and swara gives ragini her dress.
Ragini : but i wear suits.
Swara (holding her shoulder): please , i don’t have any suit , adjust today, we’ll go for shopping soon.
Ragini nods with a smile.

Precap: sanskar mesmerized seeing ragini in a western dress.

Hope you enjoy this one too.

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