Hey guys i returned earlier but could not write due to tellyupdates holiday so here s episode .and yaa i’ll try to make it lengthier from now and most of you wanted to know the pairs so i am disclosing them its swarlak and ragsan as i told you earlier also that i am neutral in both pairs but the fact is there are many swasan and raglak ff s and even the serial is swasan and raglak so i made my FF a swarlak – ragsan one , really sorry to all swasan and raglak fans and one more thing their are many more twists and turns so pairs will be very late and laksh entry too so please till that enjoy swaragini bonding.
The episode starts with swara and ragini coming out of the classroom together when sanskar comes there and taunts ragini saying : nowdays maids daughters also study in royal collages.
Ragini eyes him confused but swara says angrily thinking that he is taunting her and ragini together for their poor background (guys i just forgot to tell you that the collage in which swaragini , sanskar and aniket study is the collage where even the rich can’t afford to study and mostly royal children only study and swara ‘s adoptive family is rich but not that much and she feels same for ragini as she doesn’t know her background): yaa , actually everyone has the right to study but not some idiotic, ill – mannered people who are even worst then maid ‘ s children.
Sanskar gets angry at this and goes .
Ragini reaches the rajmahal and enters in , she sees her chachi ji and greets her but she doesn’t greet her back and asks her : make lunch , guests would be arriving .
Ragini smiling : which guests chachi ji ?
Chachi ji (loudly ) : now , will you ask me questions .
Ragini : no chachi ji , i didn’t mean that , sorry , i’ll prepare food.
Ragini then goes to kitchen and starts preparing food . kaka helps her .
In hostel :
Swara and raj are sitting in swara ‘s room and eating chips as raj came to meet her.
Raj : why did you made friendship with ragini , i don’t feel she’s your type.
Swara (smiling ): i know she’s not but i want to make her . she’s such a scared girl always scared of everybody so i want to make her independent.
Raj (fake shocked )n : oh god ! mother Teresa is sitting in front of me.
Swara makes faces and then smiles . she then starts beating him with pillow .
He runs

After some time :
They both get tired of running and sit.
Raj : lets go somewhere.
Swara : when and where ?
Raj : at night , eating some vada pav in Mumbai , mumbai’s speciality .
Swara : right , we will go.
Raj : ok i’ll pick you up at 10 .
Swara : but warden …
Raj(with a mischivious smile) : when will windows be used.
Swara with mischivious smile nods.
In rajmahal :
Ragini prepared food for everybody and her chachi sent her to her room by saying that she doesn’t need to meet the guests . ragini complied.
The guests are sanskar’s family .
Sanskar arrives and eyes aniket suspiciously.
Sankaar slowly to aniket : why did you went without talking completely with me.
Aniket : i…i.. i got a phone call.
Sanskar : i didn’t heard any?
Aniket : it was in pocket and on vibration.
Sanskar nods and further asks : where’s that servent?
Aniket ( looking questionably at him ) : who?
Sanskaar hitting his head lightly : that ragini?
Aniket looks towards him and remembers his lie and says : she’s not servent, but servents daughter , why would she be here?
Sanskaar thinks : oh god , why i am thinking about her and why do i want to meet her , she’s nothing to me , nothing…
Aniket shakes him and says : where are you lost in thoughts ?
Sankaar : nothing.
Aniket : lets have lunch
Chachi : we couldn’t bring anything from foreign as you know the wheather is really bad and planes couldn’t come.
Sanskaar : no problem aunty.
They all sit on dinning table and sanskaar starts to eat and remembers something eating the first bite.
Fb shows : a 3-4 year girl is serving kheer to a 4-5 year boy and saying : have it , i added something special in maa’s kheer.
The boy have’s it and says : kesar (safrinin)
The girl smiles and he says : it looks awesome with kesar.
Sanskaar comes to present and thinks angily : rageshwari is dead sanskaar , dead , stop it.

At night :
Sanskaar and his family left the palace .
Ragini is shown sleeping with her dadisa as she sleeps there only on a mat . its 11 already and swara and raj are shown eating vada pav at a thela .
Ragini suddenly hears a loud noise and runs to see from where it came. She comes across aniket’s room and thinks not to disturb him but theh she hears the noise again from his room only and opens the door scared of his angry reaction but to her surprise finds none in the bed . the screen freezes on her face and the voice says : aniket went to club through window even after chote raja refused and now ragini will hve to pay for following truth as choti rani will support her son .
Ragini rushes to choti rani and chote raja ‘s room to inform them about it.
She opens their room door and awakes her chacha ji .
He awakes and says : what happened ?
Her chachi ji also awakes and says angrily : is it the time to come to somebody’s room like this , you don’t have manners at all , who will say that you are a princess .
Chote raja : there must be a reason for her to come so just let her speak.
Ragini( in tension) : chachi ji, bhaiyaa is not in his room , i heard some sounds , somebody kidnapped him?
Chote raja (with relief ) to chachi ji : and you were scolding her for this , your son went outside to some club and she was tensed for him , you should be thankful to her .
Choti rani (loudly) : and why did you went to his room?
Ragini (still scared ) : chachi ji , i hea….
Choti rani doesn’t let her complete and drags her by arm saying : i can’t keep this spy in my house ,she’s creating rift between my husband and son and calling my son a lier .
Ragini (in pain ) : chachi ji , chachiji please leave me please .
But she doesn’t stop and drags her till door and says : get lost.
She throws ragini outside from gate and ragini looks at her teary eyed .
Choti rani : never come back
Chote raja tries to stop her but she closes the door .
Ragini cries miserably not because she throwed her out but because this was done by her loved ones . she then gets up and starts walking blank and num on the road.
The episode ends on a car coming in her direction.

Precap : swara who was eating gol –gapa after vada-pav saw the car coming in ragini’s direction and shocked as ragini didn’t reacted.

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  1. Wow yaar this is very nie.u know jab tumne yeh ff start kiya tha na tabhi meine soch liya tha they r perfect.pls continue and post next update

    1. thanks manvi , i’ll soon post next update

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  2. nice n pls continue

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  3. Nice..thanks fr pairings ragsan

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  4. Oh that mean sanky was ragini childhood friend

    1. yaa hayathi you are corrrect , i”ll disclose that soon and thanks for reading

  5. Yar actually I am a swasan fan……..But the way u described Ragini I liked it……..only one request make more ragsan scenes………as I am a great fan of varun kapoor (sanskar)

    1. thanks vis for reading it and special thanks as you are a swasan fan but still continued and dear soon there will be more ragsan scenes so don’t worry

  6. is ragini a princess? Bcoz at one place where her chachi says her ‘who will tell that u r a princes’

    1. hey harshita dear , i mentioned it in my previous epsiode you can read them
      and thanks for reading

    1. thanks sindhu

  7. awesome ff thanks fo swalak yaar

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      and sorry dear laksh will enter a little late

    2. Awesome ff thanks for swalak very much they are made for each other this update will be seen in serial

  8. Actually I am a swasan fan. M..but it will be the first ff I am reading as I love your ff…. Soon let sanky know that ragini is rajaeshwari

    1. hey thanks regan and special thanks for reading it though you are a swasan fan and don’t worry he’ll soon know that

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  10. Vinay Karthik

    i m also swasan fan…… bt i like the ragini character which u made…… its really different…… so plz continue…..

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  11. Im a raglak fan but ur ff is really very interesting n different from othets so i decide to continue to read it… Today’s part is awesome… Pls upload the next part zoon…

    1. thanks taiana and special thanks for continue reading even that you are a raglak fan and i’ll try to upadte soon

  12. its good yaar,i liked your plot.

    1. and ragini is rajeshwari…….hmmm right

    2. thanks soniya dear ,
      and yaa you are correct ragini is rajeshwari

  13. what is ff yaar ?????wats going on????can anyone xplain it????

    1. hey dear keethu FF mean fanfiction and it has imaginary story written by fans of popular serial and i am writing an ff named swargini(dil ki dor) , means it has imaginary story related to swragini , if you have any doubt please ask dear

  14. Nice.thnx 4 ragsan

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