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Episode 49:
Swara kept looking at him as tear drops accumulated her eyes…
“ Pehle Kyun Nahi Bole?(Why you didn’t spoke before?)” She asked bending down on her knees next to him holding his hands which were having the Rose and Letter. Raj looked towards her confused, Swara smiled among her tears.
“ It seems like I was waiting since ages for this proposal Raj…” Swara lowered her eyelashes wiping out her tears, a blush from nowhere stained her cheeks turning them into cherry red, she took the rose and letter.

Raj smiled with widened eyes as he understood what she meant, he wasn’t able to understand how to react, he stood up taking her hands making her stand as well and literally jumped up and down realizing she was in love with him , his love was in love with him.
Swara smiled as she remembered her moments with Raj, their first meet when she saw the innocence Raj possessed, Their friendship, their lovely unique banters and making fun of each other, having Vada Pav party together, going to club, sometimes teasing each other with Ragini and Sanskar, sometimes teasing Ragini and Sanskar together, Sometimes those by mistake wali fall and catch scenes and eyelocks and everything they had done together from their first meet, she loved remembering those moments, she might never have confessed it, even to her own self but deep within she knew she was in love with Raj, from much time and today was a cherry on the cake…Raj proposed her , her first Love proposed her…but was he her only Love?

“Swara…if you , if you loved me then why didn’t you propose me?” Raj quetioned Swara looking at her confused bringing her out of her memory lane, he still had that wide smile on his lips as he was dancing or rather moving around some way or the other for sure to ease out his excitement.
“Leave that…How dare you scare me like that Haan…and..and , you sang a song…you literally did…I wonder how much happy Donkey’s must be hearing their voice from a Human…” Swara said getting hold of Raj’s ear while Raj laughed out loud at her words, Swara turned her face into a big ballon ready to burst anytime soon, she kept glaring at him for sometime angrily while Raj realizing her glare stopped laughing.

“ What?” He questioned trying to free his ears now.
“ If you don’t tease me back on my teasing na…Then I don’t Love you…” Swara said angrily moving her face to the other side with a jerk while still holding his ear. Raj laughed again…he wasn’t in a condition to do anything else today.
“ Ok, I am sorry…Now Leave my ear Mother Teresa…” Raj said getting his ear free while Swara turned to him with a smile , “ Thats like my Raj…” Her smile widened while she pulled his cheeks.

“ I love you and this time not friendship wala…” She hugged him tightly while Raj closed his eyes smiling…the moment he had waited for was with him…He couldn’t believe it…He still knew it was true…a dream come true.

“Do Aloo Parathe…” Ragini ordered sitting on a Folding Bed in the Dhaba alone, Her face was turned away from Sanskar who was sitting on another folding bed, Ragini couldn’t see him, she purposedly selected this seat so as to not to see him, Sanskar could only see her back. Ragini was visibly angry.

“What does he think of himself? He’ll keep calling me Grandma and I’ll listen quietly…Huh…I’ll not talk to him this time, only then will he realize what this Grandma can do…” Ragini thought to herself folding her hands at her chest like a small baby.
Sanskar laughed from back enjoying his packet on chips knowing what Ragini must be thinking, “ Ok, so she is angry…I need to do something…” He explained to himself trying to control his laughter, he looked here and there for a trick…Lucky could not always be around.

His eyes suddenly felt on something…he laughed insanely which made people glare at him from all sides , even Ragini turned, passed him a side glare and turned back…Uniterested.
“Ragu Baby…My sweet si Rageshwari…you are gone…” Sanskar continued chuckling to himself , he has lowered his laughter though. He slowly stood up and went to the counter the Dhaba.
“ Bhaiyaa…When will I get my order or do I need to fill my stomach with these chips only?” Sanskar questioned the one at the counter making a puppy face while Ragini who could now see him in front looked towards him with a ‘What kind of man are you?’ Look.

Sanskar didn’t pay heed, “Sahab, you’ll get it fast…just wait for a few minut…” The man at the counter stopped in his words as he saw Sanskar’s hand moving on something, his eyes widened while Sanskar smiled keeping one finger of his other hand on his lips indicating the man at the counter to be quite, the man was confused.
Sanskar moved back turning his hand into a fist and keeping them at behind so that Ragini can’t see him, Ragini is looking towards the counter waiting for her order as she fails to notice Sanskar’s hands which are behind him Sanskar crosses her to go to his seat.

“ I just realized I am in night suit…” Swara said sitting at the table in front of Raj who was staring at her continuously.
“You are beautiful even in night suit…” Raj kept looking at her , his one hand at his chin and other on his lap. Swara almost blushed.
“Shut up…I am going or your sister , That Ragini…she’ll kill me , Swara you didn’t attend the class, How could you and all…” Swara said composing herself and standing up.
“ Oh Yes , Ragini…I need to inform her , you know she was so excited for me proposing you…” Raj stood up speaking.

“She knew it!!” Swara exclaimed…shocked.
“ Off Course..yes, she’s my sister…she’ll know my feelings na…” Raj smiled raising his eyebrows in a mischivious way.
“ Huh…I’ll not leave her…even she didn’t told me…Poor me…noone loves me…” Swara looked at him making a puppy face.
“ Aww…Leave that for now…15 minutes for 1st lecture…” Raj said seeing his watch.
“What??” Swara ran out speaking, “ I need to get ready, pack my books, enter the class and what not…I am going…” Raj laughed behind her as he was still lost in his dreamland…In the land of his Swara.

“ I’ll call Ragini later…even I need to go attend the class…” Raj walked downstairs.
Ragini hand her mouth wide open , surprise was a small word to describe what had happened, Ragini touched her left cheek with her left hand slowly, as she removed it, she found her whole hand Yellow, behind her rang voices of laughter of a single man , she turned standing up from her seat as she saw Sanskar holding his stomach and laughing truly like a Maniac, much more madder than his previous laughter.

Ragini touched her right cheek now glaring angrily at Sanskar, she saw her hand again, it was yellow, Sanskar was still laughing as he pointed his finger at Ragini among his laughter.
“ Ragini, you don’t need to eat anything now, your cheeks ate a lot of turmeric…” Sanskar continued laughing while Ragini kept glaring at him laughing…angrily.
It so happened that as Sanskar went to counter, he took a fistful of Turmeric in his hand and hiding them behind himself went behind Ragini spreading it on her cheeks from behind thus amuzing her and ringing into a complete laughter himself.

“ Sanskar…hum apko chodenge Nahi…(I’ll not leave you..)” Ragini started running behind Sanskar who realizing how angry she was started running away climbing up the empty folding bed, Ragini followed.
“ I’ll not leave you…you…you…you….” Ragini couldn’t speak anything as she made various puppy expressions on her face trying to search for a good word to use for Sanskar…she couldn’t.
“ Ragini…I was just playing Holi…” Sanskar said while running and laughing, this irritated Ragini more as she continued running behind him.

“ I , I hate you…”
“ But I to Love you na…as much as you love me…” Sanskar continued laughing.
As SanGini were running around the seats in the dhaba, Ragini suddenly reached the counter, she wasn’t able to get hold of Sanskar even now…getting irritated , she thought something.
“ Humse Panga liya na Sanskar…Abb Dekhiye (You fought with me na Sanskar…now see)” Ragini thought as she stopped at the counter.

Sanskar stopped a bit farther away from her ready to run anytime she starts running.
“ Bhaiyaa, I want Red grinded Chilli…where is it kept?” Ragini shouted looking towards Sanskar who widened his eyes.

“ Madam Ji…” The man was speaking when Ragini suddenly winked, the man smiled a bit and pointed the location to her, Ragini got hold of a fistful of Red Grinded Chilli.
She looked towards Sanskar with a rather serious look and started walking towards him while he kept glaring at her shocked, as she neared , he started running.

“ Aunty Ji…Help me na…see , he is disturbing a poor girl like me…I don’t even know him…” Ragini said to a lady sitting in the direction where Sanskar was going while he widened his eyes at her words, the lady wasn’t a traveller of that bus so she didn’t knew they were together.
“ Ajj Toh Mujhe Maregi Yeh…(Today she’ll kill me…)” Sanskar thought as he changed his direction, “ Uncle Ji…Dekhiye…(See)” Ragini shouted from back running while Sanskar was going in a man’s direction.
“ Isse toh mein dekhata hun Puttar..(I’ll see him )” The man got up while the lady too started coming towards him.

“ Ek Taraf Kua…Ek Taraf Khai…Ek Taraj Ragini…” Sanskar thought as he looked in the 3 directions he was convered from.
Ragini wanted hard to laugh, she didn’t as she maintained a serious look on her face, she reached Sanskar at the end who looked towards him with a puppy face…Ragini raised her eyebrows quentionably while passing him glares still…she brought her hand in front slowly…Slowly and at the end hit them hard on his….chest, as she did she laughed continuously and so did the other people at the Dhaba.
Ragini held her stomach this time while Sanskar kept looking at her shocked at her actions while she continued laughing.

“You thought I’ll smear it on your face??” Ragini continued laughing, Sanskar continued staring.
“ Holi…” Ragini remarked.
“Mom…” Laksh shouted angrily as he saw the Petrol in his car is over after he has travelled 20 Kilometres.He came out of the car and hit it hard with his foot.
“ Ouch…Mein kyun Hero Banta Hun…(Why I try to act like Hero??)” Laksh thought as he held his foot now.
“ I am sure Mom did it, as soon as she realized I was going, she told driver to take the Petrol out…Why…Why only I have got such a cool Mom…Can’t she be like Mami…Sweet , innocent..Huh..” Laksh said to himself as he was still holding his foot angrily.
“ Now what should I do??” He was confused.

Author’s Note: So how’s the Part guys..a little shock…a little madness..would love to know your response so if you like it then please do consider commenting. Friends today’s question is related to my One Shots…as you all might be knowing that I posted a promo of a SwaSan-RagLakOS: The Time Machine Travel last month , I wanted to inform you all that I haven’t started working on it , My exams turned up between so couldn’t and in all this I got an idea of a RagLak OS for which I am very excited , now I am confused which one to start first, I won’t be posting any promo for RagLak os , I am excited for both but a bit more for RagLak(One of my first works on RagLak alone) but then I posted promo for SwaSan-RagLak first so I am confused that why I thought to take your help through this FF as it has all four of them, I’ll be posting both but I need to know which one should I write first so this is the question for Today

“Which OS should I write and post first:

SwaSan-RagLak OS: The Time Machine Travel
Hold My Hand in the Rain Laksh –A RagLak One Shot”
So it all depends on you now, I hope you liked the part.

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