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I would be having a “WHICH CHARACTER OF MY FF DO YOU RESEMBLE WITH..???” quiz in which your answers will tell me as to which character of my ff do you resemble with and for that you all need to pick up any 5 characters from my ff , it means that you need to vote for any 2 characters from my ff whom you think you resemble with , it isn’t important that they need to be our main leads , anyone from smallest characters to the main leads it completely your choice.
On the last day , i would announce the selected characters and then a quiz will take place on the 50th episode, you all just need to answer a few questions according to which i’ll tell you as to which character of my ff do you resemble with , voting for your characters has started and will go till 48th post and only 2 characters you all can vote for and only once.
If anything isn’t clear then do ask.
If you have already voted then please don’t vote again as it will cause confusion.
Results till now:
Ragini: 16
Sanskar- 9
Laksh- 2
Raj -2

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Part 46:

The follower came back after the call while saw the closed door of bus , he was confused , he heard some slow screams from inside , He raised his hoddy as he started banging the door.
Raj looked towards his surroundings , he smiled , “Swara, you’ll get the biggest surprise of your life tomorrow….”
It was the collae terrace decorated with all kinds of balloons and flowers , mostly the one’s Swara loved , “ I love everything that you love Swara…..Even singing….” He said as he moved out of the terrace.
“ What is happening? Why is the door locked?Ragini…. Ragini….” The follower said as his scared yet angry eyes were revealed.
Ragini heard the voices , “ Sanskar…” She thought to herself as her face was covered by the goon.
“ San…..Sans…..” She tried hard to speak getting free from their hold but she wasn’t able to.
She closed her eyes as her tears started to fell down from her eyes , “ Rageshwarii…..You are even stronger than me….” She remembered what Sanskar used to tell her in childhood.
“ What yaar Ragini , You need to fight for yourself , only then others fight for you….” She remembered what Swara used to tell you when she was being mistreated by her Chacha-Chachi.
She opened her eyes not caring about anything and bit the one who held her face on his hand , he screamed while the other goon’s attention were diverted on him and so they left her in that moment of time , Ragini pushed one of them aside while she ran towards the front seats of the bus.
The one who fell down seemed to be down while other three didn’t realize what was happeneing and were looking towards the one who got injured and so she got the time to run.
“ I won’t be able to open the door in this much time…..” She thought to herself and so tried hiding between the seats lowering herself knowing she’ll be caught but still gaining some time.
In a hurry , she tried searching her phone never realizing that she had forgotten it on her seat out of tension , she searched her hand bag which was still by her side and took out her books , files and little necessities she had to search for her phone but she coudln’t find it , atlast she something in her bag and something tickled her.
“Arrey woh Ladki mujhe Dhaka marker bhag gayi…..(That girl has ran away pushing me)” The goon who had fell down said as he got up.
All looked towards him while Ragini hearing them got more tensed, they looked towards the gate , “ Gate is closed , she hasn’t gone out….” One of them said. They nodded and started searching for her here and there in bus.
Soon one of them found her and dragged her out by her arm , “ What you thought? You’ll run away……..” He said while as he dragged her with force , she got up crying.
A piece of sleeves of her suit got tore by his force , she looked at him and then pulled out her other hand which she had hidden behind herself and pushed something in the goon’s arm , “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….” He screamed as she took out the injection she has injected in his arm.
She saw him with anger as she remembered Swara giving her those injections , His vision blurred and he fell down while other three seeing him came running towards her , she showed them the other injections she has prepared , “ These injections are of unconsciousness , you too’ll fell down the same way…” She said angrily poiting the neddle towards them while they all maintained a safe distance from her.
“ Once that happens , you’ll wake up in police station….” She angrily said as they all looked at her in horror.
One of them kept looking at her while trying to com forwards stedily but she slapped him hard on his cheeks before he could touch her , “ I don’t wanna use them because they are specially for surgeries and are really dangerous in normal use , don’t compel me….” She said as she tried hard to hide her fear behind the layers of anger she was showing them.
“ Ragini……..” Sanskar kept shouting while now he had tears in his eyes , “ Someone open the door….” He hit the door trying hard to open it.
Ragini showing them the injection moved out of the seat and to the front row gate and opened it while all kept looking at her as she did that , she soon succedded in opening it and ran out , the tears she had controlled till now came out rolling down her eyes again. She looked at her sides and the view of Dhaba while her eyes fell on Sanskar who was standing on the other gate banging it hard , she cried hard as she ran to him throwing the injections mid way and in a moment hugged him tightly keeping her head on his chest and crying badly. Sanskar was left shocked as he realized what had happened. He held her head and tears rolled down his cheeks as well as she hugged him tighter and tighter with each passing second.
Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na doon
Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe padh na loon
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere saath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
“ Sanskar , Sanskar…” She said still crying badly while Sanskar moved his hand through her head comforting her , she broke the hug and looked into his eyes , then hugged him again more tightly.
Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau savere liye
Sau savere liye
Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye
Sirf mere liye
“ Woh….Woh…….Those people , they are really bad , Sanskar….” She cried while he kept her head on her head and hugged her more tightly.
“ Ragini , , don’t cry…..What happened ? Nothing ,….” Sanskar said as he himself started crying by now.
Jab tak meri ungliyan
Tere baalon se kuch keh na le
Jab tak teri lehar mein
Khwahishein meri beh na le
Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
“ Nothing happened na Sanskar…” Ragini said as she looked at his eyes.
Sanskar caressed her face and tried to smile , nodding in a ‘No’ , Ragini hid her face in his chest still crying while he looked too kept his face on her’s.
“ I love you Sanskar……..I love you……” Ragini said as she and Sanskar were hugging. Sanskar didn’t reply just kept hugging her.

Hello My sweet readers and writers and friends , I just wanted to inform you that I have my exams starting in this month while will go on till the end of March so Ii may not be able to Read your works as well as write my ff’s for a few days , though I’ll try my best to come online to read and write but I may not be able to most of the times , Ii hope you all understand that how important studies are so please forgive me , I promise , whenever I am free I’ll try my best to upload my ff’s but please bear with my delays this time , 9th is really difficult and I really don’t want to be a second comer again like I was before , this time I want to be the first so please pray for me and wait for a while , hope you understand , Love you all……be happy…..

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