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Part 45:
She moves towards the gate of the collage taking her bags , as sonnas she crosses the gate , a shadow is seen following her. Ragini feels someone’s presence and turns behind , she doesn’t find anybody and so turns forward.
“ Auto….auto…” She calls for a auto as she finds it going on the road.
The Auto stops , “ Bus stop…” Ragini says as she enters the Auto.
The shadow is seen running inside the collage and then taking a bike and following the Auto.
Ragini reaches the bus stop by approximately 10:00 AM and the bikeman folloing her as well.
The bikeman seemed to keenly observe Ragini’s activities and follow the same. As she took a ticket to Kolkata , he too took one to Kolkata.
Ragini reached in the bus and sat inside , “ If I would have takentrain ticket , Dadisa would have got a message , I need to go by bus no matter how much time it takes..” She murmered to herself as the bus conductor announced that it will leave by 10:15.
The man too came inside the bus and sat on the last row seat (Ragini is sitting somewhere in middle row)
“ Raj I am missing her….” Raj read Swara’s message on his phone as they were sitting in the class.
Raj looked at passed her a “ What” Look and texts back , “ Yaar , tis hardly been an hour since she left….”
“ But still….I am missing her..” He got a message from Swara while she made a cute face.

“ What are you both doing…..you won’t improve na Swara…” The teacher moved towards Swara’s seat grabbing her mobile and checking the messages.
“ Oh , who are you missing sooooo much….???” The teachers asked mking faces at Swara.
“ Ragu…..I mean Ragini sir….” Swara said sadly.
Tthe teacher looked at her confused , then he gave back her phone and looked towards her , “ I wish you would have missed your books also this much when they are away from you…..Now no texting or else out of the class…” He went to his seat.
Ragini looked towards the phone as she bus started moving , “ The lecture would be over at 10:20…..then 10 minutes break , I’ll call Swara then…..”
She called Swara at exactly 10:21 when SwaRaj were coming out from class , “ Yeh Corridor kitne Sune; sune hai na Raj….” Swara said lost in thoughts.

Raj hit her a bit on her head and she looked towards his angrily , suddenly her phone rang and without seeing the Caller ID she picked up the phone , “ Ragu……you are in the bus comfortable na….” She asked bursting out.
“ Yes , Yes Swara I am completely fine.. its been 1 hour and you started missing me….” Ragini said teasing.
Swara was a bit embarrassed , “ So what , I just missed you , you started calking as well….” Now it was Ragini’s turn to be embarrassed.
“ Leave that , attend all lectures nicely or ese I won’t leave you , even I need your notes….” Ragini said changing the topic.
Swara was about to say something when her eyes went on Raj who was trying hard to grab her attention. She raised her eyelashes questionably.
“ Even I wanna talk….” Raj said as he took the phone from her.
“ Hello Ragini , I need complete updates haan…” Raj started.
“ Even I need complete updates of you both…” Ragini said smiling and teasing.
Raj was about to say something when Ragini again spoke up , “ Raj , Now I am also not there , its the best time , I won’t even get to tease you…..” Raj blushed as she said so.
“ I am already thinking that , tabhi to mein Ruka….” Raj replied as Ragini smiled.
Swara grabbed Mobile from Raj , “ Now my turn…” She said like a child.
Suddenly the bell rang indicating the next lecture while Ragini said , “ Ok , Swara , we’ll talk latter….” They both cut the call.
Raj looked towards Swara who was now having a huge smile on her lips.
Ragini looked out of the window as she sat there comfortably , the journey was gonna be a long journey of about 10 hours and so she’ll reach there by night 9:00 P.M. only.
The one following her also sat on his seat comfortably but trying to look at Ragini again and again.
After about 7 hours:
The bus was having a break at a dhabba and almost all people in the bus had gone out to have some snacks , only Ragini , the follower and a few other boys were left in the bus.
Ragini hadn’t gone out as she had had en
ough food in the lunch and didn’ intended to have snacks while the follower seemed to not care about his craving for some snacks ,only seemed to follow her. Suddenly his phone rang and so he went outside to attend it so that not to grab Ragini’s attention
“ Ajj Kal tere Mere Pyaar Ke charche Har Zubaan Par….” Ragini heard a sound from her back as she was sitting looking at Swara’s messages on her phone.
“ Sabko Malloom Hai aur Sabko Khabar hogayi….” She heard another voice continue the song , she felt a bit uncomfortable and so turned her face a bit at her back to look towards the one singing , there were around 3-4 boys of 20-25 years who were looking towards her. She turned in front in a second , tensed.

“ Sun…..Suna……Atti Kya Khandala….” Voices of different songs seemed to continue coming from back. Her heartbeat continued to raise as the voices continued.
She closed her eyes murmering all the prayers that seemed to come in her mind at that very moment , saying them deep from her heart.
Suddenly , she opened her eyes as she felt a hand at her shoulder. She got up in a while screeming, it was a one of the boys behind her .
She looked towards them and then ran towards the front gate of the bus but one of them grabbed her hands as she tried to run.
“ Where are you going??” He smiled lustfully as he said this looking towards her while she looked at him with tears in her eyes and fear on her face.
Another boy went and closed the doors from both sides of the bus, Rragini looked at him in horror as she tried hard to free her hands.

“ See , Let me go…” Ragini gathered enough courage to speak as she tried to free her hand.
“ I won’t , what can you do??”
Ragini pushed him hard angrily with her other hand and he fell on the floor of the bus.
One of them slapped her on her cheeks while other one held her both hands tightly.
The third one looked at her while the fourth one too got up from the floor and looked at her angrily. Ragini tried hard to free her hands and scream but in vain , her week hands weren’t able to even move by the tight grasp they were held in and the 3rd man had kept his hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming , drops of tears felled down her eyelids as she tried harder.
The follower came back after the call while saw the closed door of bus , he was confused , he heard some slow screams from inside , He raised his hoddy as he started banging the door.
Raj looked towards his surroundings , he smiled , “Swara, you’ll get the biggest surprise of your life tomorrow….”

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