Hey guys i am seriously very that you all are liking it but please i again request you that you’ll soon come to know about pairs so for the time don’t think much about pairs.

And guys i have thought the the plot till too far but if you want to give me any ideas about plot , you are welcomed as i would love to read them and also try to use them in my story if it suits.
So the episode starts with the voice saying “ swara and ragini have met but don’t know about their truth that they are not swara and ragini but swaragini , so lets see what happens when these two sisters talk with their different approach towards life.”
Swara tries to take ragini from there but suddenly ragini falls .

Swara turns and sees that the heels are still in ragini’s feet and sits on her knees saying: sorry , i didn’t see .
Ragini : no problem .
Then the girl whose heels ragini has worn comes there saying : oh hello , return my sandals and keep yours.
Ragini complies and then swara again holds her arms and takes her towards canteen .
They then go and swara sits at one chair and makes ragini sit in the other . raj is standing.
Swara(angrily): are you mad or what ? cant you even stand up for yourself.
Swara (is speaking continuously and not listening to ragini) : and that sanskar what does he think of himself …
Swara is speaking continuously and ragini looks towards raj as if asking swara ‘s name and raj says: swara.
Swara looks towards raj and says: what ?
Raj says : nothing
Swara: you called me?
Ragini: no swara i asked your name.
Swara : why ?

Ragini(with a smile) : i really felt happy that a stranger cared for me but why should i be angry on that sanskar , he doesn’t matter to me , to be honest i was afraid of him thats why i followed him but if i was not afraid of him then also he’s a stranger , why should i waste my energy fighting him don’t you think this.
Swara(now calmed): wah , i never thought you can even talk and i even know you are correct but how can you silently follow his orders.
Ragini: i told you na i am afraid of him.
Raj says : now please end this sanskar puran and if you both are friends then shake hands .
He makes swaragini shake hands and then swara: well which coarse ?
Ragini: i am in medical first year(hey guys i don’t know much about collage as i am still in school so please i know its something wrong, but please don’t mind.
Swara: hey same class . lets go , raj is also a medical student.
Ragini smiling complies.
They both then leave for class.

On the other hand sanskar is talking to aniket in the ground of the collage .
Sanskar: by the way , do you know that ragini.
Aniket stammers and says : no , how can i know.
Sanskar : don’t lie , i can simply understand that you are lying.
Aniket now composes himself and says hurridly: she’s our house maids daughter .
And without saying a word leaves from the scene.
Hey guys , merry Christmas and soory for a few days i can’t write as tomorrow i am going to my grandmothers house so please just wait for a few more days , i’ll surely compensate for it after returning.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Credit to: Piyali

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    merry Christmas to u also..
    pls can u make it lengthy

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    & one important thing….. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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