Guys , thanks for your support now lets begin with the episode .
The episode starts with sanskar eyeing ragini trying to go from the crowd and he says : excuse me.
Ragini doesn’t understand that he’s calling her so doesn’t turn .
Sanskar (loudly): excuse me.

Ragini gets afraid of this and suddenly turns dropping her bag and a few books . she gets down for picking it still afraid while sanskar says: name junior?
Ragini till that picks her stuff and stands and says still afraid: ragini
Sanskar: full name?
Ragini :…….
She’s about to speak but aniket interfares thinking that sanskar will get to know her truth and then aniket in a hurry says : what we have to do with her name , lets just ask her to do what we want.

Sanskar : correct aniket , so miss ragini (and he notices her foot) oh actually i guess girls should get ready on the first day of collage and you have wore flats ?
Ragini afraidly: i can fall down in heels so thats why.
Sanskar smiles mischiviously and sees all the girls standing in the crowd .he points to a girl and asks her to come forward. The girl smiles and comes forward as if she was waiting for this opportunity. Sanskar: (pointing to her very high heels) can you please remove your heels for a while ?
Ragini is shocked and that girl smiling removes her heels and sanskar sees ragini and eyes towards heels to indicate her to wear them.
Ragini (afraidly): i don’t know how to wear those sandals.
Ragini thens eyes towards aniket as if asking for help but he turns his eyes away.
Sanskar ( mischievously smiling): no problem madam , i am here.
He then sits on a knee and asks her for her foot.

Ragini is still afraid of him so she complies.
He then makes her wear the heels and then stands up. She can’t even stand in those heels and he tells her to walk in those heels till a little distance . she sadly complies .
On the other hand swara to raj: i am not afraid of anybody raj see that boy she turns to see the song is also not playing and now the boy is also gone and instead there’s a girl whose back is towards her.
Swara : see now they started with that girl, such ….
Raj(realising something is wrong there) : i guess you are right lets go and see.
And they both go in the crowd.
On the other hand ragini is about to fall but a helping and holds her hand to save her from falling . its swara .
Swara(angrily to ragini) : remove these heels.
Sanskar( angrily to swara): who are you to interfare in our matter wait !wait! you also look like a fresher isn’t it.
Swara (full of anger ) : yaa i am. Its none of your business mr sanskar or whatever you are .
Sanskar angry holds her arm and says : don’t interfare in our matter .
Swara: i am a fresher so bulley me , bulley me then i can say that you have power , ok lets see.
Sanskar holds her closer angrily and then seeing their closeness jerks her away. On right time ragini holds her .

Ragini: app log mere liye kyun lad rahe hain , (to swara )mujhe maaf kardijiye app ko lagi to nahi( why are you fighting because of me , i am sorry hopefully you didn’t get hurt.)
Swara and ragini both feel a connection with each other but ignore it both times they hold each other.
Then suddenly a teacher comes there and all run to class room except for raj, aniket, swaragini and sanskar.
Teacher: whats happening here?
Swara is about to speak but sanskar hold her mouth from back a tells to teacher : nothing ma’am , we were talking to the freshers .
Swara tries to speak but teacher goes.
He leaves her and swara eyes him angrily but he smiles to the reason that she couldn’t do anything.
Swara to sanskar angrily: you….
But sanskar leaves the scene with aniket without hearing her
Swara holds ragini and raj , swara take ragini to canteen.

Precap: swaragini conversation.

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. Nice but pls make it swalak and ragsan

    1. priya thanks for reading and pleaseeee you’ll get to know the pairs soon but for the time enjoy swaragini bonding.

      1. I like Ur ff

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      you’ll get to know the pairs soon till that enjoy swaragini bonding

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  4. Hi piya I’m a silent reader but your ff stole my silence..it’s just amazing and I like swaraginis bonding a lot…you have all the rights to choose the pair u like but pleasee make it swasan they’ll suit in this ff a lot…thanks?

    1. FF fan thanks
      and dear you’ll get to know the pairs soon

  5. Cute dr

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  7. It’s very nyc yaar…

    1. thanks taiana

  8. Swaragini bonding ..very nice. Are they sisters?

    1. shabrin actually i told in my previous epiosde that they are sisters and thanks for reading it

  9. please make it a swasan please please please please

    1. thanks trishika for reading it and you’ll get to know the pairs soon

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    there are lots of swasan ff’s …so make this Swalak nd Ragsan !!

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    swasan pls..pls..

    1. thanks akku for reading it and you’ll get to know the pairs soon
      sorry frm next time i will try to write lengthy

  15. nice…bt pls make it swalak…nd want more swaragini scenes nd der bonding…by d way where is laksh?????? r u planning for a super entry for him…

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