Hey guys thanks for understanding me , to be honest i know i am writing short updates but none is minding so thanks for that too , i ‘ll surely try to write a long one.
And thanks for reading my FF.

And i just forgot to tell you that ragini calls herself(hum) and others(app) and swara calls herself(main) and others except for elders (tum) she calls her elders( app).
The episode begins with ragini going to a room . its a grand room but seems like its not renovated since years . its dark inside , ragini goes there and pulls the curtains away and sun rays fall on the huge machines kept there and a lady lying on bed (you can imagine her to be rajmata of Dekha Ek Khwaab)

Ragini says to her(with a smile): dadisa , chacha ji and chachi ji permitted me to go to collage , now i can fulfil maa baujis dream for me to become a doctor (and now sadly), i don’t know what was your dream for me, you know na how much i was afraid of you and then you became like this , please get well soon , promise now i’ll surely talk to you please.

The lady is shown and screen freezes on her face . the voice says” rajmata , she used to be a tiger when she was well but one day she got the news of her son and daughter in law’s death in an accident along with her granddaughter rageshwa… no , no sorry ragini when ragini was 3 years old . you would be thinking that ragini is alive , this was the trick of choti rani (ragini’s chachi) when she got to know that maharaja , maharani died but ragini is alive and so rajmata went into coma, from that time she ‘s in coma and ragini only takes care of her.” The screen starts and ragini says : now , i should prepare for collage . ragini goes .

Swara reaches Mumbai and into the collage hostel area , sumi and shekhar have already taken a room for her in the hostel on the 1 st floor . swara is trying to pull her bag in stairs when a helping hand joins her. She turns , its a boy (you can imagine him to be raj of aur pyaar ho gaya) the screen freezes on his face . the voice says’ raj , i don’t know much about him as he’s not from rajparivar but yes i know that he is a person good at heart and is from a rich family .”
The screen starts and
Swara says: thanks

Raj: no need , i am also going in the hostel only so friends .
He raises his hand to shake hands but doesn’t see when swara’s bag falls down as he left it .
He bites his lips and runs down saying :sorry , sorry , sorry , sorry….
Firstly swara gives him a fake angry look and then smile and shakes hand with him. They talk and tell each other about their life and background.
Next day :

The day starts with the voice saying “ i don’t know what happens when two hearts meet but you’ll surely get to know what happens when two mischivious minds meet.
The scene then shifts to rajmahal and aniket is talking to somebody on phone . the screen freezes on his face and the voice says” aniket , rajkumar aniket , he ‘s not bad at heart but doesn’t like ragini due to the reason that despite of him being the elder son of the family, rajmata in her will has specified that ragini is the yuvrani as she’s the daughter of maharaj and aniket is the son of chote raja ,so lets see what they are planning” (you can imagine him to be ranvijay of veere). He talks on phone : first day of collage new comers and new enjoyement , lets see to what extend our freshers can go.
He gets the reply from other side: we our rajkumar , we will do whatever we want.
Aniket : yeah.
And they both cut the call .
After some time :
Aniket , ragini , swara and raj come out of their respective rooms at same time .
In rajmahal;
Choti rani: ragini , come back from collage on time . you have to do a lot of work .
Ragini complies .
Aniket leaves in his car again warning ragini to stay away from him in collage and ragini leaves in an auto.
Swara and raj go to the corridor together.
After some time :

Aniket reaches the collage first and gives a hi’fi to a boy there and the screen freezes on the boys face and the voice says “ yuvraj sanskar , as we say rich spoilt brat , he is the only son of his parents and lives life to its fullest , he’s good at heart but doesn’t show anybody as he feels that a yuvraj should be strict “ then the screen starts and sanskar says to a boy passing by(angrily) : i am your senior , you will have do whatever i want .
The boy looks like a bhegi bhili (wet cat) in the starting itself and agrees instantly.
Sanskaar : so dance .
And he plays the song ‘dance basanti…”
Till that time many students have accumulated to see the scenario and in between them is a shivering ragini.
The boy dances as he’s really afraid and everyone laugh son him.
Swara and raj are at a distance . they also see it.
Swara (angrily) : how dare him, such heartless people exist now also, see how all are laughing at that boy and he doesn’t care .

She’s about to go to stop it but raj stops her showing fake shivering and saying : please don’t go or they’ll rag you also , see how gunda type they are.
Swara turns to make him understand and in between ragini tries to leave for class as the bell rang while she’s still shivering but unfortunately sanskar sees her . the episode ends on sanskar eying her angrily.

Guys sorry swaragini couldn’t even meet in this episode but surely in next .

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. pls make it ragsan and swalak

    1. thanks snehahari for reading it but pleaseee don’t think much about pairs right now , it will be soon disclosed

  2. it’s a bot confusing whose raj n aniket rahs bro…sanky is aniket frd or what…..bt a new plot eager for it

    1. srry bit n rags

    2. thanks aashi for reading it and
      raj is a new entry in my FF so please don’t think much about him as for the time he’s swara friend swaragini support
      and aniket is ragini ‘s brother her chacha chachi ji son
      and you are correct sanskar and aniket are friends as both are prince
      hope your doubt s are clear but if not please ask dear

  3. keep swasan yaar

    1. thanks pinky reddi and pleaseeee don’t think much about pairs

  4. Hmm ok make them meet…. Bt pls make ragsan ya pls and swalak………

    1. they’ll surely meet tomorrow and pairs will be disclosed soon
      thanks for reading it

  5. swasan pls

    1. thanks akku , you ‘ll get to know pairs soon

  6. plz make swasan as pair they r perfect

    1. thanks for reading roja and you’ll get to know pairs soon

  7. Wow raj…I like him very much…it was really nice epi but where is laksh? ?

    1. hey shabrin thanks for liking it and i also like raj
      and dear i mentioned in my promo that laksh will come soon but he’s not in my FF for the time but don’t worry he’ll come soon and with a bash

  8. Superb but plz swasan

    1. thanks surbhi you’ll get to know the pairs soon but for the time enjoy swaragini bonding

  9. Guys i want ragini happy dr

    1. don’t worry hayathi she’ll soon be very happy

  10. Superb but plzzzzz make it swasan plz plz

    1. thanks dear you’ll get to know the pairs soon till that enjoy swaragini bonding

    1. hey sravya sri , dear thanks for reading my story , and can you please tell me your doubt so that i can clear it.

  11. Plz make it raglak

    1. kiren dear thanks for reading you’ll get to know the pairs soon.

  12. swasan always

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