Hey guys , thanks for the precious comments i have a few poles today :

Guys , i asked this before , which pair should have a cameo appearance for a very short role in my ff???

It should be a young pair.

Twinj have two votes already and arshi have 1 vote , you can either vote for these pairs or any young pair of your choice , the pair will be selected as per the votes…..

And which song should i select for 1st swarlak encounter , i have two options and i am unable to decide so here are the songs:



Pehla nasha

So guys , do vote and tell….

I have replied to all comments , here ‘s the link:


the episode starts with swaragini and raj staring the hostel warden with a cute smile while she’s eyeing them angrily .

warden ( angrily ): what are you three doing , are you all mad (looking towards raj) and how cum you are in girla hostel , i will get you all suspended….

all three are shocked at this while swara comes forward with a dramatic angry face and says : ma’am , you’ll get us suspended , ma’am raj has not entered the hostel see, he’s in the lawn only and ma’am you know my parents … they sent me here in the hostel to improve , they were so tensed for me but i assured them that warden ma’am is very good , she’ll care for me but you and change me but you also scolded me….i guess you also lost hope on me….

she cries saying this while ragini sees her tensed.

Swara senses ragini is also about to cry and turns her face towards ragini and winks, ragini is shocked .

(our innocent ragini with the our drama queen swara , i hope it makes a nice pair)

Raj sees her swara and understands her drama and tries his best to control his laughter .

Swara after looking forward continues : ma’am i am sorry but please don’t suspend me…

She pauses saying this while the warden melts and thinks : such a good girl , she herself accepted that she’s naughty , children should be naughty whats her fault , she accepting also , i should not suspend her (she caresses swara’s hair)(but then suddenly she thinks ) no i should suspend her or else they will not learn..

She thinks this while she looks sternly towards swara and keeps her hand back .

Swara understands and says strongly: ma’am you rusticate me.(completing her sentence)

The warden again looks at her unbelievably and thinks : such a sweet girl , i will forgive them this time…..

The warden says caressing swara’s hair: beta , next time don’t play with hose ok , you will get cold na…..

Ragini and raj at back are trying their best to control their laughter while warden eyes them angrily and they compose themselves and keep their heads down .

The warden angrily : i am leaving you both this time , but not next time.

Ragraj (ragini and raj together) nod their heads while still bending their heads.

The warden leaves while swara turns to them smiling while ragini comes forward and holds her left ear.

Swara(smiling) : ahhh… ragini its paining.

Ragini (childish anger) : i know my cute baby swara….

Swara laughs getting her ear free and says: yaa rago , i am a cute baby girl…

The three of them laugh at this while raj says : swara , you have solution for everything…..

Swara trying to raise up the collar (near the neck) part of her dress and says : yaa …. yaa don’t praise me much….

Ragini(teasing): yaa raj , or else she’ll fly….

Raj (eyeing swara’s eyes with a cute smile ): i’ll hold her….

Ragini smiles and thinks : i guess raj needs to propose to swara now…

She smiles saying this and hits on raj’s hand(swara was trying to pull her collar up so she didn’t see that).

Raj gets out to trance and hits his head slightly.

Swara sees ragini seeing raj and raj hitting his head and says : ragini , we have to get ready or else ma’am will kill us.

Ragini(remembering that ): yaa…

They are about to leave when raj holds swara’s hand and says : swara , you know , i got to know about a singing competition in coolllage , the date are not announced but its a team competition so you and ragini????

Ragini who was going stops in the middle and says to raj (childish anger): raj , i am not at all a good singer….

Swara cuts in between with a shocked look and says : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, if you feel you are not a good singer then i guess raj sings like a donkey….

Ragini laughs while raj eyes her with a shock and says : swara….

Swara laughs while ragini while laughing says : swara… i can’t participate in any competition na….

Swara (being the swara she is): now , you ‘ll take part for sure…..

Ragini (stops laughing and tensed ): no swara…..

Swara glares her with her special angry swara look and ragini looks towards raj , raj smiles and says ; sorry sister , but this time my swara is correct….

Swara stares him and says questionably : my swara???

Raj bites his tongue while ragini to wipe the matter :swara, i’ll take part , ok…

Swara forgetting raj jumps in excitement and says : yee, yipii .

Ragraj smile while ragini thinks : i know swara you are doing this all for me , so thati forget the last night incident but don’t know why that sadness is still overpowering these beautiful moments.

Swara while jumping eyes ragini and thinks ; hopefully your smile is a truth and not fake , don’t know why i feel every emotion that you feel like we are connected somehow????

Raj eyes them both and thinks ; it feels like you both are real sisters… no .. no raj ragini is you sister and if they are sister then swara is your……

He laughs madly thinking this while swaragini leave for getting ready.

In laksh’s house:

Lakssh came for breakfast and sees a few old albums kept on the table.

He sees a album and opens it, he sees a picture of a small 1 years old boy and a smaal 2 years old boy standing at the side of a bed on which two smaal babies almost newborn are lying.

He smiles seeing the pictures and calls sujata and asks : maa, are these me, bhai o and the second princeess.

Sujata smiles and caresses his face and says : yaa , i was just searching for old pictures and i got these.

Laksh smiles and says : maa, second princess is still not found na…

Sujata nods no with a fainted smile while laksh says : what was her name??

Sujata : laksh we didn’t keep her name , she was kidnapped on her naming ceremony only.

Laksh says : but mom, dadisa would have thought a name???

Sujata smiles and says ; yaa , she wanted to keep her name as suwarna, what a nice name na….

Sujata kept saying while laksh’s heart started beating fast listening the name , a strange feeling of happiness surrounded him and he was totally lost in this melodious name….

Sanskar in car driving to the collage :

Sanskar is driving car when he sees ragini selling flowers by keeping a stall on the footpath.

Sanskar thinks : rageshwari here…..

He suddenly stops the car and goes to ragini and says : tum Yahan…(you here)

Ragini says : haan , mujhe to yahin hona chahiye na…(i should be here only na) , will you buy something???

Sanskar smiles and says : if you are giving , i will not leave anything……

Ragini says questionably : but so many flowers….

Sanskar suddenly gets out of his illusion and sees another girl selling the flowers and beats his head and thinks ; oh god !!! what is happening to me????

The girl again asks : do you want to buy anything???

He sees a beautiful heart shaped pillow of red colour(with sorry written on it) in the shop and says ; give me that ….

The girl takes it while he also gets a bouquet packed.

The girl handling over the flowers and pillow : sir , Rs 450…

Sanskar hands her a thousand rupees note and moves to his car.

The girl shouts and says : change….

Sanskar stops and remembers ragini falling over him in the collage corridor and turns and says : the person for whom i have bought this is priceless so 1000 rupees doesn’t matter…

He leaves in his car while the girl holds the note and thinks : i guess he loves her intensely , i hope she forgives him(seeing the heart shape pillow with sorry which he bought)

She smiles and the scene shifts to the collage.

Swaragini come to school dressed up( the green coloured suit which ragini is wearing in the cover photo and swara is wearing a sleeveless black top with a pink coloured long skirt )

Both are as usual looking adorable.

Ragini to swara : ok , so i am going to class are you coming???

Swara smiling : how can you recongnize me so well ???? …. yaa i am in no mood to come to class so you go ….i am enjoying the air in the ground.

Swara smiles while ragini too smiles and goes to class.

Raj too accompanies ragini.

Swara for some time walks in the collage ground and then sits on the bench there.

Sanskar , who came late, enters the collage and sees her sitting in the ground.

Sanskar smiles and thinks : its all my fault , i should apologize to her , she cares for rageshwari so much and i know how much sad she would be feeling seeing her crying.

Sanskar moves towards her and sits next to her on the same bench while swara was seeing boys play basket ball and didn’t notice him.

Sanskar smiles and says : so you like basketball???

Swara turns smiling and says : how do you know???

She is shocked to see sanskar and says angrily ; what are you doing here now???

Sanskar eyes her smiling and says ; swara, i also study in same collage and that do before you….

Swara angrily : fine , so i’ll leave…

She stands up to go while sanskar holds her hand from back and says : i don’t bite swara.

Swara turns and frees her hand and says ; just shut up , ok na.

She leaves while sanskar shouts : i am sorry swara….

Swara stops as his shout was so loud that all people in playground look at him and swara while swara turns , runs back and takes him to near a tree at the side.

Swara slowly yet sternly ; are you mad????

Sanskar smiling ; i just said sorry na…

Swara : i’ll kill you….

Sanskar smiles and says teasingly : ok but first listen to me and then kill me and i would be loving to see you in jail when i would be in heavan.

Swara says ; heavan , you would be surely in hell mister….

Sanskar laughs and says : swara, i am genuinely sorry…

Swara (now a little melted[ after all she’s our swara]) : you know how much sad ragini was last night , first aniket bhaiyaa and then you….

Sanskar eyes her with guilt and says : swara , i am myself not getting anything what happened , is just like a dream come true for me , a beautiful dream with a painful end…

Swara stares at his teary eyes and says caring : sanskar….

The episode ends at this.

Precap : sanskar’s Point of View…

So guys we all saw how sad our swaragini were but sanskar also has heart so next one will be his point of view.

Guys do vote for your favourite song and couple…..

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. Waited so much for it

    1. sorry sindhu dear , for making you wait but what to do exams….

  2. i think manchala should be the song even though i love pehla nasha

    1. hey dear thanks for voting it will be decided according to the votes….

  3. Awesome episode and I like pehla nasha .
    Plz next update soon

    1. hey dear just forgot to tell that your dp is awesome… i also like madirakshi a lot….

      1. Thanks piyali..may i plz ask that u r in which class…if its not persinal

    2. hey shloka , dear thanks and song will be decided according to votes , sorry next episode will be late , exams….

    3. hey dear , sorry for late reply , due to exams i just checked it now , and dear i am in 8th class …..

      1. Same here…btw nowadays i m finding that many amazing writers are from class 8 …leaving me..hey have u read my ff..if not plz read it

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      4. hey shloka , i guess you started it just now , yesterday itself thats why i didn’t read it , i am currently on 20 february’s updates probable on 240th page of fan fiction genre so i have to read them all but i am surely gonna read it after my exams , promise and will also give my feedback there…. all the best for your ff and exams if there are any as this is the month of exams…..

  4. Pehla nasha wud b perfect as it is going to be thier first meet nd attraction…and moreover i lyk ths song a lot…..it kind of hits d right strings of my heart….

    1. i also agree with you and i like both the songs alot so lets see which song wins….

  5. Awesome zain nd aaliya from beintehaa nd manchala song

    1. hey aarti thanks and yaa aliya -zain will also be perfect , i’ll keep it in poll next time and song will be decided according to the votes…

  6. I thinks manchala song is more suitable than pehela nasha.And when you update next part please tell.

    1. khushubu dear thanks for commenting regularly and song will be decided according to the votes and dea where should i tell you , you know any serial page where you are active , actually i am not active in any serial page but if you are then tell me , i’ll inform you there….

  7. Awesome episode ashok ko thappad padte dekh maza aa gaya. Can’t wait for tomorow’s epi. Ishita ka naya avatar dekhne ke baad sabke chere dhekhne layak honge. Hi rithushree! How u have not commented till now?

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    1. hey aparna , i guess you commented on the wrong place but dear i also watched todays episode just to see ishu’s makeover and yaa ashok expression when he was slapped was like ” what happened” lol ……

    1. thanks janu….

  9. Awesome yrr plzzz make Swara and laksh meet

    1. sorry dear , its a little late but thanks for being an ardent reader of my ff….

  10. Awesome yaar update everyday its amazing story nd i really missed it nd i vote fr zain nd aliya of beintehaa nd manchala song

    1. hey aditi , thanks as well as sorry dear , i know but you know i am a school going child so need to concentrate on studies and my final exams are on my head so can’t update regularly but don’t worry i’ll update regularly and interesting updates from 18 march and thas a promise and dear zain-aliya will also be perfect as i told aarti above so i’lll include them in pair next time and about song it will be decided according to the votes…..

  11. Awesome dr

    1. thanks hayathi dear for your constant support….

  12. Pehla nasha

    1. ok esha , it will be decided according to the votes , thanks for commenting….

  13. waitng fr ragsan meeting

    1. hey dear , are you talking about collage meeting , surely in next or next to next episode…..

  14. Its awesome update everyday yaar I really missed u I prefer zain and aaliya from beintehaa and manchala

    1. hey dear , i guess you commented twice so i have replied to you above…..

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    1. thanks cute girl for your constant support….

  16. Machala song will be perfect ..

    1. thanks meghs , it will be decided according to the pairs….

  17. Nice waiting for ragsan scenes

    1. hey vinnie , many scenes of ragsan in future updates and thanks for commenting….

  18. Twinj pls

    1. hey priya dear will decide it according to the votes , thanks for commenting and you’ll be glad to know that twinj are indeed wining…

  19. Hey pia srry fr not commenting earlier cz i too stuck into some problems, so plz dnt mind…
    n abt couple i would like to see twinj n song pehla nasha..
    abt the episode, it was lengthy n obvio superb as always, liked the way u described swara…keep it up n do bst in ur xams

    1. hey dear neha , no problem and hopefully your problem gets cleared soon , thank god you commented i was waiting from you but i know you told me before too that you are having some problem so i didn’t mind at all…..
      thanks for voting and do you watch tashan -e ishq????
      just wanted to know and thanks for your compliment and thanks for your wishes too…..

      1. Hey pia i dnt use to watch it regularly bt i make sure to read al the wrutten updates of tashan-e-ishq as m a CA final student so ….now u can understand mah problems… 😉 and i wil surely read n comment on ur each ff n update dear

      2. hey neha dear , you are much elder than me….. i thought you are a school student…and dear i know……so no problem even if you don’t comment ,its just that i always love to talk to you thats why i wait for your comments …… and thanks for always taking time from your studies and commenting dear , thanks a lot dear ….a big thanks…..and yaa i don’t know much about CA but all the best as i guess its an exam so all the best dear…..

  20. please piyali, don’t create a love triangle b/w swara-sanskar-ragini. i love ur ff even more than the original serial becoz its completely different. everywhere it is swara & sanskar but here it is ragini & sanskar which is quite different and new and even better. so please spoil ur ff by creating hatredness b/w sisters for sanskar. eagerly waiting for the next update and hope to receive it sooooooooon.

    1. hey janvi , dear no love triangle between swara-sanskar and ragini dear , dear
      ‘can’t a boy and a girl be friends?????’
      dear they both will share a great bond in friendship , i can’t just side part the relation between ragini and laksh and sanskar and swara if the pairs are ragsan and swarlak , raglak and swasan would also share a bond na dear and swara and sanskar have only one thing in common that they both love ragini unconditionally so why will swara like him???
      and dear don’t worry my ff is just to show the bonding of swaragini….. sanskar and laksh are extra addition…………………………………………………ok just joking they are also important but my main story is only about swaragini so you will see only their unconditional love for each other and thats my promise……………………… and thanks for voting dear , song will be selected according to the votes ……., sorry update will be on 18 march , exams…..

  21. i think phela nasha will be good for some of their initial scenes but as the time moves on manchala would be perfect accordingly.

  22. […] http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-dil-ki-dor-part-19/hey shloka so as my exams have ended i will surely read your ff (kya hua tera vada) soon and will also tell my feedback hey aarti and aditi , i guess you both are zaya fans and i also know that there are no ffs on them but i read one ff named : beintenhan (true love never dies) you can read it , it is superb , if you want tell me i’ll give you links to it … hey khushuku , sorry i am not infrming you as i don’t know how to do it , please tell then from next time i’ll surely inform you… hey janvi dear , don’t worry i am not creating any love triangle between swara-sanskar and ragini , dear i replied to your comment in detail in the comment on last part , the link is above do read it…. thanks for your support guys even when i am such a late updater…. ok , so coming to the episode: the episode starts with sanskar and swara standing while swara says : sanskar…. she suddenly takes a bottle of water from her hand bag and gives it to him. Sanskar tries to stop his tears and takes the bottle , he starts drinking the water and after that he says : swara………… i am sorry…….. its just that tears flow from my eyes whenever i think of those times……….. […]

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