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So here begins the episode…

The episode starts with swaragini sleeping peacefully and then suddenly swara opens her eyes (she’s habitual to wake up at 8)

She is still in sleep while she sits on the bed .

She hears ringing sound from somewhere while she’s yawning and then she suddenly understands that the voice is of her phone , she turns towards side table to pick up her phone and suddenly hear a sound.

The sound is : unnnnnnn….nnnnnnnn

She gets a little weired feeling and turns towards ragini and sees her getting disturbed in her sleep , she quickly picks up the call and then again turns towards sleeping ragini ,she smiles as she sees ragini smiling in her sleep , a smile for which swara can pay billions, she smiles and thinks suspiciously and mischiviously : now my rago is lost in her dreamworld haan….

(ok so where should we go in ragini’s dream or in swara’s conversation , i think ragini’s dream , actually it is more romantic than our swara’s conversation)

In ragini’s dream:

A beautiful hall with only spotlights falling on a girl standing in the middle of a stage .

The girls gown is shown(like the picture below)

Then the lights go on her face and it is revealed to be our ragini , looking a fairly in a beautiful gown , she is smiling and it seems as if thousands of LEDs are smiling on her face , she turns towards a boy sitting wearing a beautiful suit sitting on his knees with a rose pointing towards our ragini, (the suit is something like below)

The boys face is revealed to be none other than our sanskar.

Ragini smiles and says : all this for me???

Sanskar smiles and says : no, for the second princess , whom i have to find….

Ragini angrily stares him and says : oh so you don’t like me haan…

Sanskar still smiling says : yaa , i don’t like you….

Ragini turns her face in anger and sanskar turns to her side and says : i love you na.

Ragini smiles and says : so ….

Sanskar(coming close to her ): so….

Ragini (coming close to him): so…

Sanskar(hugging her and in her ears ) : so will you be with me forever????

Ragini smiles and says ….

(Ok so lets move to our swara and get out of ragini’s dreamworld.)

The call is of sharmishta

Sharmishta smiling : shone , how are you beta ???

Swara smiling : as always fine momzee…. ok so where’s dad , i want to talk to him , i have not talked to him from so many days.

Sarmishta tensed : beta he has gone to temple…

Swara cuts in between and angrily says : again mom , what….

Sharmishta cutting in between : beta , she’s his mother , he has full right to celebrate her birthday …

Swara still angry : but why do you stay away from your mother due to dadi…

Sharmishta (determined ): to support my husband…

Swara doesn’t let her complete and cuts the call in anger.

(sharmishta also stays away from her mother (dida from swaragini) because she wants to support shekhar and live like him)

Swara then turns to sleeping ragini still smiling and swara too smiles , her mood changed seeing the sweet smile of her cute ragini.

She then sees time in her watch and says : oh god , its already 8 and we have to reach collage by 9 , sorry ragini i’ll have to do it.

She smiles mischievously thinking this.

(ok so lets shift to ragini’s dreamworld)

Ragini smiles and was about to say when she feels a whole bucket of water from the top and sanskar disappears.

Ragini suddenly wakes up from her dream shocked and eyes swara who is smiling seeing ragini.

Swara smiling mischievously : so whose dreams haan , salman or sans….

Swara stops in between and bites her tongue and says (in a bossy way): get ready haan , we are getting late.

Ragini is still shocked at her dream and takes time to be in conscious , ragini thinks to herself : ragini , no… no you can’t love sanskar , you hate him , yaa he just cares about a persons status nothing else , just be happy with your friends and dadi , you can’t love him , you can’t….

Swara eyes her and says : oh ragini , come out from your dreamworld na yaar , we are getting late…

Ragini gets out from thinking and says looking at swara : so , you are going by wearing this na swara???

Swara sees her clothes and is speechless.

Ragini laughs and says : ok now lets get ready ….

They both go to get ready.

(ok so i know now most of you would be thinking to kill me for now introducing laksh so her i go with his entry , though short , i will try my best to make it remarkable by making him a cupit for our sweet ragsan)

In sanskar’s room :

Sanskar is still sleeping on the chair when he gets a call.

He suddenly wakes up as he was already not sleeping peacefully , he sees the call and keeps ragini’s things on the bed and picks up the call.

When he picks the call , an angry voice suddenly comes from the other side : bhai , whats that , from the time your next year begin you forgot your cute little bother , i hate you… i hate you…

Sanskar who was still sad smiles a little by his brothers sweet childish actions and says smiling: sorry lucky , sorry na but i have a great news.

Laksh jumps from his bed and his face is shown , a dashing boy.

Laksh a little suspicious : what is more great for you than me ????

Sanskar smiles and says : you already know……. rageshwa….

Laksh cuts in between and shouts smiling : rago….

Sanskar smiles and says : she’s alive..

Laksh almost drops the phone and says shocked : what????? Are you sure its not a ghost????

Sanskar again laughs and says : no baba , she’s our rageshwari , paka i also don’t know the whole thing but i’ll know it today for sure….

He pauses for a while and then says : but she hates me….

Laksh is shocked and cuts in between and says : rago … hate youuuuuuuuuu … impossible…

Sanskar seriously says : its possibleand then he tells the whole last night incident to laksh.

Laksh is shocked and says smiling( not to make sanskar feel more worried): bhai , so ill help you to make up with her.

Sanskar smiles and says : and how????

Laksh tells him something and that is muted.

The episode ends on sanskar smiling at laksh’s cute idea and laksh smiling split up into two.

Guys again a big sorry for not updating from so long..

Credit to: Piyali

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