Hey guys , i guess now i am a little regular , hopefully i am ,so here’s an update , i’ll try to make it as lengthy as possible so here it goes…
The episode starts with sanskar getting up from bed while ragini is walking towards door , he holds her hand from back and turns her towards him ,they both collide while ragini tries to free herself.

Sanskar (hurriedly, sweating and tensely): you are lying , it can’t be true , you can’t be rageshwari , you are lying na , tell me , please tell me you are lying na .
Ragini (tears in her eyes and angrily): shut up sanskar , just shut up , i am rageshwari , i am rageshwari , just understand it and don’t ask me again.
She gets free of his hand and jerks him and again moves to go.
Sanskar says slowly and tensely : did aniket bhaiyaa lied to me????
Ragini listens to him and gets shocked, she turns and says : what you said??
Sanskar thinks : means aniket lied , i can’t tell the truth to rageshwari , she’ll break knowing the truth.
He ‘s thinking this when he’s not in his senses and ragini moves him holding his shoulders and says angrily : what you said , tell me??

Sanskar gets into his senses but doesn’t respond .
Ragini understanding the truth and angrily says : i understood , means bhaiyaa did it all , isnt’ it i am correct he did it , i just believe him every time and he betrays me but not this time , I’ll never forgive him this time and you sanskar , you just think about a person’s status not his abilities , that’s you yuvraj sanskar not my childhood friend sanskar , you are just a yuvraj now not a human , i ..i just hate this royal life as it makes people heartless, first chacha –chachi then bhaiyaa and now you…

She was to say more but she eyed sanskar drenched in tears , she couldn’t see him like this , she wanted to console him but couldn’t , she just left rubbing her tears while sanskar stood there still shocked at whatever that happened in these 15 minutes , he was shocked , in just 15 minutes his life got upside down , he got to know about his best friends betrayal , he had so many questions in his mind , where was rageshwari in these 15 years , why did his friend betrayed him , another question that just arised , where were chote raja and choti rani and ragini … why did ragini say that chote raja and choti rani were heartless , he just couldn’t think anything , so many questions and he alone to solve this mystery , he lost rageshwari again today , what will he do now , he was thinking this when he heard a knock at the door….
In the hall of club :

Ragini came there , swara sees her and comes to her , she could easily see that ragini had a pool of tears in her eyes just a few seconds ago .
Swara to ragini tensed : ragini … what happened why are you crying???
Ragini is shocked at the fact that swara recognized her tears.
Swara understands it and says : your eyes are totally red , it seems you were crying for ages , what happened you went to clean your dress and came back crying.
Ragini(stammering and tensed): no swara ,i was not crying , actually something went in my eye so to take it out i used a lot force so my eye got red.
Swara (smiling): oh , so my rago lies also , something went in both eyes???
Ragini first remembers lucky calling her rago in childhood and thinks sadly : oh god , atleast he should not be like these people…
Swara (tensed and bossy): now where are you lost tell me na or i have many other ways to know the truth.

Ragini doesn’t respond and aniket sees her and thinks tensedly : why did sanskar not come till now , if he went to ragini then….
He goes towards swaragini and asks tensely : ragini , you , here , i also came with sanskar , when will you come to home with your stuff.
Ragini sees him and doesn’t respond and turns her face in anger.
Aniket again asks a little louder: ragini , i am asking you something , and did you see sanskar ….
Ragini couldn’t control her anger this time and interrupted angrily and loudly (actually very very loudly): you … you rajkumar aniket is caring for me , he wants me to return to rajmahal , seriously , i should be obliged na , i am thankful to god that you are asking me something.. you are great….
She just couldn’t speak anything while aniket understood that she came to know about his betrayal , he just listened to her quietly while the music in the club was stopped due to ragini’s shouting and everyone else shocked seeing ragini and aniket like this.
In the room :
A waiter comes in the room and says to sanskar: sir , actually this room is booked by someone so if you are done then….

Sanskar just came out of room without listening and went to hall.
In the hall :
Aniket says with tears : ragini , listen to me i lied it many days before on your first day of collage so i just couldn’t tell the truth instantly so i needed a time that’s why….
He was speaking this when ragini joins her hand and says angrily : please bhaiyaa , no more lies , i can’t take more betrayals please i plead you don’t trap me again in your web of lies.
Swara eyes ragini confused while raj is just eyeing the scene , harsh is just shocked at this revealation(he didn’t expected it to be so soon).
Sanskar too comes there and eyes aniket angrily .

Sanskar sees swara’s confusion and says with tears : swara, i’ll tell you …
He then tells everything to swaraj who are shocked .
Ragini drenched in tears goes from there while swara too has her eyes full of tears, she doesn’t know why someone else pains is hurting her this much , its not even a month since she met ragini but she feels that she is equally betrayed as ragini is , she just doesn’t know what to do , she wanted to tell so many things to aniket to make him realize his mistake but words were not coming out from her mouth , only tears could come out easily from her eyes , she just forced herself to speak , atleast aniket will know his mistake- thought swara.
Swara crying to aniket : i… you know i never had a brother in my life , i wanted a big brother who cared for me who loved me but today i can see what a brother is , i am now thankful to god that i don’t have one but at the same time i am angry at god that he did so bad to ragini , ragini got such a brother , i just hate you mister and now i promise you I’ll never let ragini do another mistake of forgiving you this time and that’s swara gadodia’s promise to you.

Aniket was left crying while swara holded raj ‘s hand and started to follow ragini.
Raj was just shocked , he himself had tears seeing his lady love in tears , he didn’t’ t saw his own tears but only saw swara’s tears , he didn’t knew how he felt , two strangers whom he met just 18-20 days ago, he got so attracted to them , ragini became like his sister and swara… he could even give his life for swara and swara she loved ragini so much , she also met ragini only a few days ago how can they both love each other that much , if ragini was east , then swara was west , if ragini was a traditional , discipline and caring girl then swara was a totally modern , chirpy and outspoken girl but they both still are attachted so deeply , till now he just heard that opposite polls attract but now he could see the live example of it , swara’s love for ragini was limitless like as if her heart had a connection with ragini’s heart , what a lovely relationship they shared and now he started loving swara even more than he loved her before , how could he see her crying so he gave his hanky to her.

Raj (with tears ): swara(offering the hankey) take this…
Swara eyed him with tears , she just hugged him and he too hugged her , they both cried hugging each other , swara seeing ragini in pain and raj seeing swara in pain.
Swara felt a strange feeling , maybe love but how could she love raj , she couldn’t , her heart disagreed due to a strange feeling for someone else
Raj wanted this moment to stop but at the same time he wanted it to leave , after all he’s hugging swara but she’s crying he thought .
What has destiny planned for ragsan , for swaraj , what will happen next will ragini forgive sanskar or will harsh’s love overpower sanskar ‘s love , will swaraj live a peaceful life or something else is planned in swara’s destiny?????

Precap : a sad night for ragsan and swara but someone came to sanskar as a ray of light ….
Who is he????

Can you guess…..
Hey guys i know another emotional episode but its needed for the story , sorry if you are not liking it.

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  1. Yes he is lucky i think

    1. yaa hayathi he’s our lucky only , thanks for your constant comments

  2. Hey wats mishkat’s role here

    1. hey jaf , dear mishkat is playing the role of raj as you read in the update you must be knowing who raj is so and dear i mentioned it in starting you can read there if you want:
      thanks for your comment

  3. i think he is laksh..

    1. yaa dear you are right , he’s our one and only laksh

  4. please update soon yaar.I can’t wait I like your ff very much

    1. hey khusubu dear really a big thanks but you know i am trying my best to update fast , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee understand i need a little time to develop an episode

  5. i think lucky bring light in sanskar life

    1. hey dear you are totally correct lucky brings light in sanskar’s life

    1. yaa sara dear you are correct

  6. Very emotional episode..pkzz update soon

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  7. It was interesting episode…. Pia

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    1. yaa you are correct dear

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  8. Am sure it is lucky…
    Its emotional ….

    1. hey dear , yaa you are correct its our one and only laksh and dear jut one more sad episode then our laksh will come to wipe the sadness out

  9. It is really amazing to read ur ff,looking forward to sunlak scenes…..

    1. thanks a lot kulsum , your comments always make my day and you’ll get sanslak scenes soon

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