hey guys i am back , most of you wanted the next part and i also coudn’t wait to describe the ragsan moment so i am again breaking my schedule for this ff .
guys i want to say a very big sorry to anyone who is reading my other 2 ffs , if they see this one as i know i am doing very late , actually i have to develop the episodes in my mind for them and it will take a little time so as this is concerned i have already developed it in my mind so i can write it easily , but don’t worry i’ll surely try to post soon.
Ok so here goes episode ….
The episode starts with everyone inside club .
Swara is dancing while ragini , raj and harsh are watching her smiling , ragini , raj looking towards swara and harsh looking towards ragini.
Aniket and harsh are drinking .
They all have not seen each other.
Harsh to ragini smiling : so how were these years , you would have surely enjoyed living without my and sanskar’s fights.
Ragini at listening sanskar’s name remembers :

fb :
in a park :
a few boys of 10 years around are scolding a boy of around 4 years .
sanskar (4 years ) comes there and says angrily : why are you scolding him???
A boy out of them angrily : its none of your business.
He shows sanskar a punch saying this while sanskar says (more angrily ) : you should never do like this to innocents , leave him..
The boy gets angry and says: shut up .
He tries to punch sanskar saying this while rageshwari(3years ) holds his hand saying angrily : if you do anything , i’ll complaint to your parents.
The boy stares her angrily and then goes taking all of the other boys.
Rageshwari to sanskar angrily : why do you get in others matter??
Sanskar smiles and says : because i can’t see anyone sad.
( note :this scene was a childish scene with those childish angry red faces )
Fb ends .

She then remembers sanskar bullying her and the boy.
She eyes harsh sadly and says with a fake smile: yaa , i enjoyed but i would have enjoyed more if you both would have been old sanskar and old harsh now also, you both changed a lot.
Harsh eyes her confused while she thinks : you became so quite harsh and sanskar …. i would have been more happy if i never saw him than seeing a sanskar who forgot what he was…
Her eyes are filled with tears thinking this , she doesn’t know why but she wishes that she gets her old sanskar back .

Harsh lets the matter go as he sees the tears and feels that she remembered the atrocities of her chacha-chachi ji by all these words.
He says smiling : so drink?
Ragini eyes him angrily and says : harsh you drink ???
Harsh smiles and says : oh god ! i mean juice.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Sanskar suddenly sees ragini with harsh and gets shocked.
Sanskar to aniket : see ragini with HARSH..
He stresses the last word.
Aniket eyes her tensed and thinks : now what will i do? I ‘ll again have to lie..
He says still tensed : she’s the girl posing as rageshwari so maybe she got here with harsh to know about rageshwari so that she can portray well.

Sanskar gets angry and says : she wants to take my rageshwari’s place , i’ll show her.
He moves towards ragini saying this while aniket stops him and says : no sanskar , stop it , she is not doing this for herself but for us so you’ll not do anything.
He says the last four words sternly .
Sanskar stops and starts drinking again, this time not in happiness but in anger and thinks : i’ll not leave you ragini , you can’t take rageshwari’s place..
Swara comes out of dancing floor and comes near harsh, ragini and raj .
She says excitedly: ragini , come na lets enjoy…
Ragini holds swara and says angrily : no swara no more dance first drink something , atleast take time to breath then you can go.
Saying this she gives a glass of juice to swara while swara tries to hold it but by mistake drops it on ragini’s suit .
Swara eyes it ,bites her tongue and says sweetly : sorry!!
Ragini who was to get angry melts by her sweet sorry and says smiling : no problem , i’ll just go and clean , ok!!
Swaraj and harsh nod while ragini leaves towards a room which she feels is the washroom.
Sanskar sees her going while aniket doesn’t .
Sanskar pourposly drops the drink on himself and says to aniket : oh ! let me just clean it and come.

Aniket nods.
Ragini opens the rooms door and finds that she came to a room .
She beats her head lightly .
Ragini then sees the attached bathroom and thinks : let me clean here only , don’t know where the washroom would be.
She goes inside.
She was going to enter the washroom when a hand pulls her towards him and her back hits someone’s chest .
She feels a sudden vibration in her whole body with that touch.
She turns her face towards the person slightly and finds sanskar.
She takes deep breath which she was holding till now out of fear.
She tries to free herself while her hand is twisted by sanskar and is in between her back and sanskar’s front.

Ragini shouting and in pain : leave my hand sanskar , what are you doing ?? are you mad ?? you are drunk na .
She holds her nose with her other hand saying this while sanskar turns her face towards him with a sudden rotation and they both are now facing each other, sanskar still holding ragini’s one hand.
Sanskar holds her other hand too while she tries to free it continoulsy .
Ragini : sanskar leave me, i said leave me , what are you doing , leave me.
She is continuously trying to free herself from his grip while he pulls her more close and she’s eyeing him still in pain.

Sanskar (slowly , still sternly ): will you like to marry a devil??
Ragini (angrily as she’s in pain ): what are you saying , leave me , you have got mad , i know its all due to that drink thats why i hate it.
Sanskar pullsher more close, now her nose touching his nose , he leaves her hands and holds her waist , he himself feels a vibration with this but gets courage and says : you want to take my rageshwari’s place na , you … you… a girl who is the daughter of a maid wants to take my rageshwari’s place , you know rageshwari was a princeess and princeses drink , its not a big deal you know but you are not my rageshwari and this proves that you can’t be , you know rageshwari was mine but you … i’ll not even look towards a girl like you and you feel you’ll take her place in my heart, you… a maids daughter.

Ragini had tears in her eyes , it was not due to any physical pain but the pain that she was facing mentally , she thought all her childhood moments with sanskar , his talks that he doesn’t care about wealth but only a human , she was standing physically but broken in pieces from inside , her heart wanted to tell sanskar that she was his rageshwari and hug him , her mind agreed to tell him the truth but not to melt but to become strong and face him .
She pushed sanskar on the bed , her push was so hard that sanskar fell on the bed .
She eyed him with tears , sat on the bed near him , she bend down , her head towching his chest but not on it , she came ner his ear and said : you are correct yuvraj sanskar , rageshwari WAS yours but now she’s not , i yuvrani rageshwari of raigarh promise you that rageshwari will be never yours.

Sanskar was shocked , he was already shocked by her push but now it seemed like the bed under him was not there , he was lying on a piece of hot coal , his senses stopped working , he couldn’t her anything else but only that rageshwari no.. no ragini will be never his , she is his rageshwari but how could she ,did aniket lie , no he can’t .. he can’t do this to him.
Ragini stood up with dried tears in her eyes , she wanted to cry but no why to cry for a man who was till now only before her status , who lied to her that he cared for others , who just loved her name but not her , who couldn’t identify her -she thought .
She started walking towards the door like a robot she wanted to get into senses but couldn’t as , her senses betrayed her she just walked like dead.
The episode ends on ragini and sanskar.

Hey guys this time no precap , its a suspence that what will happen next , guys i know no swara scenes but soon i am going t introduce laksh and as i promised in prom o cum spoiler , their will be a lot of swarlak scenes soon but first enjoy this.

Guys i want to ask you something ,please tell me what do you thinks how will my story go ,or how do you want it to go , also i would love to know of you tell me till now what did you liked the most about my story and hated most about the story (you can write any scene , anything about it but pleaseeeee do comment)

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    1. thanks chandhini , i will surely try to upload soon !!!!

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    1. hey arina , dear i am really sorry if you felt that way but dear i will not create sad episodes , this coming one will be only one , there will be alot of happy and fun scenes after next episode and yaa really sorry but i have thought my storyline so can’t change it , really sorryif you felt bad dear

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    5. Show Ragsan together finding the second princess…….bonding time 😀

    These are all requests. You are free to do whatever you wish to. Though show Sanky good as he is too cute to be shown negative ( jealous perhaps 😉 )

    1. hey dear really thanks , such a big comment let me answer you point by point , here they are:
      1. hey dear you know , our princesses don’t want any throne and about the empire , of course both sisters will rue it together but after some ups and downs in their lives and about ragini’s strength to rajmaata , it will soon happen….
      2. hey dear swara’s truth will come out soon but after some ragsan and swarlak moments and dear you gave me a good idea about royal customs , will try my best to include it in my story…
      3. she’ll know about aniket ‘s betrayal but soory dear harsh truth will take some time and i guess he’s not that bad and yaa ragini- harsh will be for some time but then after all its ragsan, and yaa yyou know sanskar has a solid reason , after all he’s a prince and he loved rageshwari so hemcouldn’t see another girl taking her place and yaa ragini will soon know the fact actually her heart already knows this you know”diil ki dor”.
      4. of course , it will surely be there!!!!
      5. hey dear , do you know how to read minds actully you said what i have already thought so it will surely happen .
      thanks dear for you comment and if any doubt , do comment and i guess sanskar looks good in negative role too(in the starting of swaragini) but yaa he’s good in my ff .

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