Hey guys i know this one’s late but what to do was busy with school projects and frustrated with so so many projects so didn’t get the time to write all my ffs on same day and got this time too with difficulty , i just love to write , it acts as a stress buster for me .
Ok let me stop telling about myself and start with the episode , i’ll try to make it as lengthier as possible .
The episode starts with swaragini downstairs in the palace .
Ragini says hurridly in one breath : swara , why did you get me here , i have to bring water for dadisa and sanskar , i just remember that he’s dadisa ‘s loved one and thats why came to meet her , why were you getting angry on him.
Swara : rag….. ragini please tell me what should i call you yaar , rageshwari or ragini.
Ragini (childish anger ): swara .. why are you asking me , you know na i am always ragini for you.
Swara smiles and teasingly says : ok rageshwari

Ragini stares her with the same anger and then smiles instantly and swara too smiles.
Ragini smiling : ok … did you get me here for asking this?
She stresses the last word .
Swara rememeber raj’s call and says hurridly :ragini .. raj called … 1st year students have to assemble in collage now in 30 minutes , just come…
She holds ragini ‘s hand and starts moving saying this .
In the way swara collides with sanskars mother and says hurridly : sorry aunty !
She takes ragini out.
Maharani shobha suspicious: who were these girls , it seemed like i know them.
Maharaja prashant in deep thinking : how can you ? we came in this Mumbai palace before also but they were not here and i guess its just your doubt .
Maharani nods still unsure.

in corridor :
sanskar thinks like a scared child: if that ragini thinks me as a ghost then dadisa also nooooooooooooooo, i ‘ll just wash my face.
He cleans his face with his hankey.
In rajmata’s room :
Sankar enters the room smiling and his smile gets big seeing rajmata .
Sanskar runs and takes her blessing and then hugs her.
Then sanskarr too sits near rajmata on the bed along with harsh and aniket .
Rajmata smiling : sanskar , you never came to meet me na.
Sanskar eyes widen and he says with tears in his eyes : how do you know dadisa ?
Rajmata says smiling : why crying ? it is time to rejoice and i am like your grandmother only , i know you better than your parents , you would never like to see me in such a condition.
Sanskaar hugs her again with tears and rajmata says breaking the hug : oh sanskar beta did you meet rageshwari your future wife?
Sanskar is shocked and looks towards ankiet and harsh shocked while aniket eyes him tensed and harsh eyes rajmata shocked.

Harsh in his mind thinks sadly: dadisa still wants this alliance?
Aniket through his eyes convey sanskar to let go the matter for the time and he’ll talk later.
Sanskar nods and says smiling: no dadisa , i came in the rajmahal today only na.
Rajmata smiles and says : i know it is all done by….
She stops in middle and says : nothing you have to meet her soon so that i can know what you both feel about each other , (and now in a teasing tone ) this marriage will happen even if you both hate each other.
Sanskar gives her a fake smile and thinks : dadisa , i can never hate rageshwari ,she was my life and without her i am just living for the sake of living and i’ll not marry anyone else except for her and that can’t happen so i’ll never marry.
While sanskar is thinking this shobha says standing on door smiling: rajmata , why will they both hate each other? They are childhood lovers na.
Shobha in her heart thinks : why is rajmata talking about rageshwari , she’s dead , oh , chote raja and choti rani didn’t told this to her so i also need to be careful.
She enters in while sanskar says : dadisa , i want to talk to aniket , can i ?
Rajmata nods while harsh meets maharani shobha and maharaja prashant , sanskar and aniket leave the room and come to balcony.

In balcony:
Sasnkar (worried and in one breath ) : how can you aniket , you know that how much dadisa loves rageshwari , how can you get a hope in her heart that rageshwari is alive ,she’ll break if she knows the truth.
While sanskar is saying aniket is lost in his thoughts and is thinking : i already lost my parents , now if i tell the truth to sanskar , then he’ll also leave me , i can’t afford to lose another precious person in my life , i will have to continue this lie till i can.
In rajmata ‘s room :
Harsh is sitting when rajmata is talking to sanskar’s parents so rajmata says : harsh , you also join sanskar and aniket , you’ll be bored here .
Harsh smiling : no dadisa , its ok..
He’s saying when shobha interrupts saying in a teasing way : how will he go rajmata , i guess you forgot he and sanskaar are arch enemies.
Harsh smiles and says: nothing like that aunty , ok i’ll go.

After harsh leaves rajmata and maharaja , maharani start discussing about kingdom affairs in which all of a sudden ragini’s topic arise and rajmata tells everything to them.
Maharaja prashant shocked : we came here 3 years ago and from that time we are coming here but we never saw rageshwari?
Rajmata worried : i don’t know anything , they made my daughter such a coward , she is not a girl which i wanted for my thrown , she is really a great girl but is very emotional , i am not really sure if she will be able to handle the thrown.
Shobha hesitantly says : what about second princess..
Mr prashant holds her hand lightly while she ‘s saying to stop her from saying further.
Rajmata says with moist eyes : you are right but that bansi , he’s not speaking a word , don’t know in what condition my daughter will be…
Shobha consoles her and then they continue their talks .

At balcony :
Harsh comes there and listens to their conversation from starting and is shocked.
He hides behind the wall while aniket says : sanskar …. actually , dadisa was in shock so we needed to do this , we brought a girl and told her to act as rageshwari till dadisa gets in a condition that we can tell her the truth.
Sanskaar and harsh are shocked and sankar says with tears : how can you…. how can you aniket give your sister’s place to some other girl .. she was your sister and … and you…… i call it betrayal aniket, her soul will not get peace knowing that you did this to her memories and gave her place to anyone .. somebody you don’t even know.
Aniket is shocked and with tears he says : sanskar , i just can say that i needed to do this for dadisa .
He turns his face towards the railing of the balcony saying this , sanskarr , aniket and harsh have tears in their eyes while aniket is trying to hide his tears, sanskar is crying quitly remembering his days with rageshwari , harsh has tears and thinks : aniket … how can he lie to sanskar … i need to tell the truth to sanskarr.

He rubs his tears and starts to go in when he suddenly remember him holding ragini from falling , her worried face still looking beautiful , her happiness when rajmata spared chote raja,rani , his childhood moments with rageshwari and then rajmata saying about sanskar and her alliance.
Harsh turns back and thinks with tears : i can’t do this … i know this truth will come out someday but till that time i will make rageshwari realize my love… i know it is wrong but i have to do it for my love as not only sanskar but i too have faced that feeling of love , i also love rageshwari and i lived 15 years of my life in her memories but i want to spend my coming life with her … sorry sanskar .. i have to do it… i have to…
He leaves the place with tears .
After some time :
Sanskar who was sitting on the floor with tears in eyes gets up , goes near aniket who was in same position and turns him towards himself and hugs him tightly.
Aniket too hugs him and cries .
Sanskar still hugging him : sorry … sorry yaar , i just didn’t wanted to hear your problem .. really sorry .
Aniket hugs him more tightly and thinks : sorry sanskar .. sorry ragini really sorry.
Aniket rubbing his tears and breaking the hug says with a smile: ok now lets go downstairs , dadisa would be thinking that we are having a picnic upstairs.
Sanskar too smiles and they both go downstairs .

In rajmata ‘s room :
Harsh is already sitting there and lied to rajmata that he got a call in the way so didn’t went up and just came back as they were coming downstairs only.
As sanskaar and aniket enter , harsh sees aniket with sad and angry eyes and passes a smile to sanskarr .
Sanskar comes and sits near him and says smiling : hey ! you didn’t even wished , still sad for loosing date with rageshwari .. (and now sadly ) the last date with her …
Harsh eyes him confused and sanskar makes him turn towards a sword hanging in the room and harsh remembers the incident.
Flashback :
Harsh and sanskar (5-6years of age ) are fighting with toy sword in a ring and rageshwari is sitting there clapping(3 years age ).

Laksh (4 years) old in saying very fast like a commentater holding a roled paper like a mic : and now sanskar bhaiyaa will beat harsh bhaiyaa and he’ll loose and rago will go to sanskar bhaiyaa ‘s house with him for his birthday party…..
Yaa guys it is before the birthday of rageshwari (3rd birthday after which the accident occured ) for decision that where will the party be held as harsh and sanskar were fighting that it would be held in their palace .
And then suddenly sanskar beats harsh and wins while rageshwari claps in excitement .
Flash back ends .

Harsh remembers it and says with childish anger : sanskaar , it was not at all a date
Sanskar laughs while harsh recognizes his fake laughter and says with concern : sanskaar , you are fine na?
Sasnkar looks towards him sadly and says : yaa , how can you think that i am not ?
Harsh smiles and says : i know you from childhood , though we both liked rageshwari equally but i guess we both like each other more than we liked rageshwari.
Sanskar looks at him confused and harsh smiles and says : we know , we both liked rageshwari , we both liked ourselves so we both liked each other also na , actually we spent more time with each other fighting than with rageshwari.
Sanskarr this time laughs whole heatedly and harsh smiles and thinks : sorry sanskar.
Rajmata says smiling: now it seems like you are like before….
She suddenly notices colour at the side of sanskars ears and says shocked : is it holy today sanskar?
Sanskar nods in yes and says shocked : dadisa you didn’t knew .. i thought you knew… but how you came to know now…
Rajmata interrupts in between saying : let me speak ….. sanskar there colour at your ears side.
Sanskar touches it and removes it with hankey.
Rajmata smiling : sanskar , you remember you would always apply colour on rageshwari first and then anyone else…

While she’s saying s sanskar remembers the moment when he applied colour on ragini and a huge smile comes on his face the episode ends on his smiling face.

Precap : in collage
swara says excitedly: lets go to some club.
Raj says : ok !
Ragini says : i am not coming .
Swara smiling: who asked you?
Ragini opens her mouth out of shock while swara turns to raj and giggles.

Hey guys how was the episode could write this much only , i know there’s no swaragini scene but i just needed to highlight sanskaar , aniket and harsh too so this one’s for them but next episode will be full of swaragini scenes.

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