Hey guys , i had made a schedule for my ff s but your comments made me so much excited that so many ideas pooped in my mind so i thought to give you a short update and so here it is , please do reply how it was as i am not a professional but trying my best.
So the episode begins with everyone reaching rajmata ‘s room and all sit with rajmata on bed.
Ragini(hurridly) :dadisa , now please tell na , what were you talking downstairs.
Rajmata goes to her cupboard and takes out a picture and hands it to ragini.
Ragini sees that it is the picture of two small babies lying on a bed .
Ragini smiling : dadisa , who are these children ?
Harsh takes the photograph from her hand and says excitedly : i also want to see.
Harsh teasing : rageshwari very bad you don’t recognize yourself.
Ragini takes back the photograph from him excitedly and says : show me.
She says : dadisa is it me?
Swara takes the photograph from her hands and says smiling : so cute ragini but who is this second girl .

Rajamata with moist eyes and sad tone :she’s my second granddaughter, i only have a single picture of her.
Aniket : but why dadisa , where is she?
Rajmata : maharani sulaxna was pregnant with two children and whole rajmahal was celebrating , rani sulaxna already had a miscarriage before that so we were very careful and that time maharaja ranjet’s driver, bansi was on a holiday with his wife and 2 years old daughter and there his family met an accident the same day when rani sulaxna had her labour pain, he tried to call us for money many times but we couldn’t help him due to the whole rajparivar taking care of sulaxna and his family died only leaving him ….
She stops and has a pool of tears in her eyes, ragini looks at her teary eyed and swara says removing her tears : then what happened rajmata ?
Rajmata(rubbing her tears) : don’t call me rajmata beta , call me dadisa , i am your dadisa also na .
Swara emotionally as she never got dadi’s love (as shekhar sumi live separately) : dad… dadi … dadisa.
Rajmata : we were sorry for him but what could we do , we were celebrating the princess’s birth and he came there telling us that he doesn’t feel us guilty for it and joined the occasion but at the last moment when his turn came to give gift, he tried to kidnap both of the princess but rageshwari was saved and he ran away taking my princess.
Ragini has tears in her eyes and says : dadisa , he lost his family , i can understand his pain but kidnapping my sister , i … i can not even pray that she was in my place as living in rajmahal also would have been bad only for her….

Rajmata (with tears ) : we caught him but till that time he … he had given our daughter to some couple and that 3 years i tried to extract from him where he kept her but couldn’t and i don’t know about what happened in rest 15 years.
Harsh sadly : dadisa , we are trying every thing but he’s not saying a single word , don’t know what he has done to her , hopefully he’s saying right that he kept her safe.
ragini , aniket and rajmata have tears in there eyes while swara and aniket try to control them .
Ragini rubbing her tears and with a faded smile : let me bring water for dadisa.
Swara: no ragini , i’ll go .
Ragini (with faded smile): swara, you will be lost in this palace and please console dadisa…
Ragini leaves saying this .
In the corridor :
Sanskar’s parents are standing outside the palace talking on phone while sanskaar excitedly runs inside .

He climbs the stairs and is in passage while ragini is coming from the other side , and she suddenly collides with sanskaar and sees his face and shouts : bhooooooooot (ghost).
Sanskaar keeps his hand on her mouth and pins her to wall , they have only a small gap between then just enough for a nail to pass but nothing else.
Sanskaar was about to scold her when she closes her eyes and starts murmuring something, she was actually saying hanuman chalisa
Sanskar is mesmerized and keeps looking at her innocent face forgetting that he actually was going to scold her.
In rajmata ‘s room :
Swara gets a call and she goes on a side to pick it up .its raj.
Swara : hello ! raj , is your work sorted?
Raj (hurridly): swara leave my work check your phone , the message , first year students have to assemble in class within half an hour , just leave with ragini.
Swara (hurridly): oh ! ok , i take ragini and come.
Swara cuts the call and comes to rajmata.
Swara : rajmata … sorry, i mean dadisa , actually i have to leave taking ragini as there’s an urgent meeting for 1 st year student s in collage , so may we leave .
Rajmata : of course , tell ragini not to bother to bring water , i will drink later .
Swara nods in yes and leaves .
In corridor :
Ragini is still closing her eyes continuously murmuring hanuman chalisa while sanskar is looking at her smiling.

Swara suddenly comes there and coughs seeing them in that position.
Sanskaar gets to his senses and leaves ragini.
Ragini ‘s eyes still closed while swara shakes her and she opens her eyes , and finds sanskar.
Ragini : app(you)
Sanskar is embarrassed at what he had done and says defending with childish anger : what were you doing here and do you think me as a ghost .
Swara smiling and teasing: if anyone sees you now he will feel this only , just see your face .
Sanskar remembers the colour and again feels embarrassed .
He then says : what are you doing here?
Swara (childish anger): why, can’t she come to meet her family , you come anywere with this colour and she can’t come anywhere normally also.
Sanskar eyes her angrily while she takes ragini with her while ragini resists.
Sanksar to himself : maybe she came to meet her mother.
The episode ends on ragini eying swara confused as she took her from there.

Precap : sanskar comes to rajmata and takes her blessing and rajmata says : sanskar beta , did you meet rageshwari , your future wife.
Harsh looks on shocked while sanskar looks towards aniket and harsh shocked.

Hope you don’t find it boring.

Credit to: Piyali

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    1. hey swara dear thanks but you know i have thought his introduction which is very late if i introduce him now my story will go upside down thats why but for you guys i”ll try to give a few hints about his character in later epsiodes

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    1. hey deepthi dear you yourself told that you are used to swasan as the serial itself and most ffs here are swasan and raglak only so i thoguht to try something new , hopefully you don’t mind

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    1. hey meghs in rajparivar their used be to customs one of them being fixing childs alliance in an young age so thats why she said future wife as ragini and sanskar alliance was fixed in childhood

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