Hey guys i am back , sorry for delay in this epsidoe as my schools started and i also had an exam , that why , so guys i am getting less comments from before , i guess my story is not so good but i’ll surely continue for those who are reading, so without wasting your time lets start with the episode.
The episode starts with aniket calling sanskar while he’s playing holy with his friends and parents in his palace.
Aniket(excited) : hey , i have a great news!
Sanskar (smiling ): what dude?
Aniket : dadisa got conscious.
Sanskar is shocked and drops the phone, he starts dancing in the garden happily saying : yay , yay, yay …
Jaigarh ‘s raja , his father watches him and comes to him with his wife.
Sanskaar mother , rani shobha : what are you doing sanskar, you dropped your phone and dancing so excitedly.

Sanskar (while dancing happily and he holds rani shobha and makes her rotate ) maa dadisa got conscious , yay.
Maharaj and maharani have a huge smile on their faces and sanskaar says : i want to meet dadisa right now , let me bring car keys.
Sanskaar father , maharaja prashant : beta , first clean your face na (his face is fully smeared with holy colours).
Sanskaar (like a child): no i want to see if she would be able to recognize me.
Shobha (showing fake anger): how will she be , sanskar, its been 15 years and you are so much grown up , she would not be able to recognize you without this make up(colurs) and you are saying that she should recognize you with this.
Sanskar shows childish anger and then says : no no i will go like this only.
They were about to leave when….
Sanskaar : oh , i dropped my phone , aniket must be on-line.
He picks up the phone and sees that it is cutted.
Sanskaar : no problem , i’ll meet him there only.
Rani shobha and maharaj prashant smile and leave with him in car.

In ragini’s palace :
Swaragini helps rajmata to get downstairs and rajmata goes and sits on a royal type of seat there while chotwe raja is standing in front of them , harsh, and swargini are standing behind rajmata and aniket has gone to call sanskar.
Swara was about to sit when ragini stops her.
Swara(confused) : what?
Ragini(worried): no one sits when a decition is being taken except for the ruler.
Swara claps quitly and says excitedly: is your dadisa taking decition.
Ragini(worriedy) : yes now please be quite , i am already worried
Rajmata ( angrily to chote raja ): chote raja , whats a rajvanshi’s duty if another rajvanshi is dead leaving his most precious stone for the other rajvanshi.
Chote raja (tensed and stammering ): he should take care of that stone maa sa….
Rajmata raises her hand as if indicating him to stop and says smiling : no , you don’t have any relation with me as now i am taking decision and you are the guilty.
Chote raja and choti rani are shocked .

Rajmata (angrily ): then rageshwari was the daughter of maharaja and you were his younger brother, what was your duty towards her , to throw her out of this house and treating her as a servent.
Choti rani (fake tears ): i am sorry rajmata , please forgive us.
Rajmata still angry : i want answers to my each and every question.
Chote raja and choti rani nod in yes out of fear.
Rajmata : why did you told the world that rageshwari is dead.
Chote raja(scared) : we did not wanted anyone to think that aniket is not the ruler , we wanted him to be the ruler of raigarh and if anybody knew that rageshwari was alive then they would have made her the yuvrani.
Rajmata stares them angrily and says: thats why you forced my child to change her name from rageshwari to ragini .
Chote raja and choti rani nod in yes.
Ragini is looking on worriedly while swara is shocked as she’s first time seeing something like this as till now she led a simple life and here it is way too complicated.
Rajmata : you both will get the punishment for it , i guess you forgot chote raja that your brother and sister in law were the one who sacrificed their most precious thing for your wife….
Chote rani looks on shocked and confused while chote raja worriedly says : no maa sahib , please you… you can’t tell the truth to anybody , you promised bhai sahib …… please no…
Choti rani , harsh and swaragini looks towards them shocked and then rajmata says sternly : don’t worry i’ll not tell anything to anybody but you will get your punishment , you will be deported to raigarh and their you’ll be kept as a prisoner…
While she’s saying this ragini is shocked and gets in her legs saying with tears in her eyes : no .. no dadisa you can’t do this , i know chacha chachi ji didn’t love me but they .. they raised me and even educated me , i won’t …. i won’t allow you to do this.
Rajmata has tears in her eyes and says holding her from shoulder and making her stand : you are a pure copy of your mother , sensitive just like sulaxna and caring for everyone , ok just for you i’ll not make them prisoners but they will be deported to raigarh , they can do anything they wish to do their.
Ragini with tears smile and says thanks dadisa .

She hugs her and says : you are the best dadisa…
Swara and harsh also join them along with aniket and says : yaa , the best dadisa .
The 4 of them smile while aniket just came and looks with a smile come tears in his eyes .
Rajmata stands and goes to aniket saying : rajvanshis don’t cry ,they have to be strong .
She says this while rubbing his tears.
He smiles and rubs her tears saying : you are correct dadisa.
They then hug , chote raja and choti rani are taken out of the palace.
Rajmata to swara : you are a very brave girl , just like rageshwari’s father , i wish my second granddaughter is also the same….
She stops in between while harsh says : don’t worry dadisa, bansi didn’t reveal yet that where she is but he told that she’s in safe hands , but he even told that he’ll not let us meet the second princess but don’t worry we’ll find her.
Swaragini and aniket eye then confused and ragini says : dadisa , who is this second granddaughter and who is bansi…

Rajmata cuts in between saying : i’ll tell you everything in the bedroom , come.
They all go while swara starts to walk towards the gate , rajmata turns and says : where are you going ?
Swara turns and says smiling : you all are having family talk , so thats why.
Rajmata smiles and says : you are also family , come with us.
Swara : no its ok….
Rajmata cuts in between and says sternly : its an order.
Swaragini smile seeing towards each other and swara smilingly agrees.
The episode ends on swaragini ‘s smiling face.

Precap : ragini is alone in corridor when she collides with someone and turns and says shouting : bhooot….

Hey guys sorry , but ragsan scenes are on the way , but could write this much only today .

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    1. hey ridhi thanks dear

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    1. thanks kaya and i’ll surely continue

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    1. hey hayathi thanks dear and his you’ll get that reaction soon and i also feel that his reaction would be amazing just working on that only and thanks for you inspiring comments from part 1 dear thanks

  4. Superbbb… piyali ur story is really very intresting n very nyc so pls continue to write n don’t bother abt the cmts… thr r many silent readers… waiting egarly for the next part…

    1. thanks taiana and dear i am inspired to write further just because of your appreciating comments so all the credit goes to you guys and i am surely going to continue as you all guys are reading so why will i stop

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    …Ragini u r so cute….sanskar tumne toh meri Ragini ko darra Diya that’s not fare….and thank u so much piyali…for giving us marvellous ff…thank u so much and nex part update Fast…as soon as possible..

    1. thanks manvi , i know he scared our raginj and thats not fare but what to do he did that na
      ok jokes apart
      i”ll try to upload soon

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  14. nice piyali, waiting for the next episode and ragsan scenes

    1. thnaks dear and sorry i prromised you in last episode but what to do i could write this much only but ragsan scenes are on the way s don’t worry

  15. Awesome

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  16. Stry was superb.. I want see sansky wen he know ragini is rageshri

    1. thanks meghs and i also wanted to see that but what to do we can only imagine that

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  21. Hey pia, i read al the parts of this ff and i hav no words to describe how amazing these are…although i dnt use to watch swaragini stil cz its ur ff i read al the parts n iits simply super amazing…
    Now waiting for the next part..lov u pia

    1. thanks neha , you read it though you dont watch the series really thanks dear and will try to upload soon.

  22. your ff is awesome
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    and ragsan isss justtt awesomeee
    love your ff

    1. thanks kavya

  23. hey guys i uploaded the next part from last night but don’t know why it is not coming , hopefully it comes soon

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