Hey guys ,i guess that we all forgot that in the starting of the serial there was no sanskar and no laksh , it was swaragini dear and that was the best phase of swaragini , after that it became a saas bahu drama , i am neutral in both pairs swasan-swarlak and raglak-ragsan but my most favourite pair in the serial was only swaragini who complemented each other so please for the time don’t think much about pairs because i would love to show swaragini bonding first and then their love stories . guys we can get the pairs of swasan –raglak or swarlak –ragsan in the serial now also but swaragini they have split up forever so i would first like to show their bonding and then their love stories.

Recap : swaragini intro
The episode begins with the train in Kolkata leaving and sumi-shekhar crying seeing their daughter go. The screen freezes on swara looking out of the gate and swinging on it and waving bye to sumi shekhar. Sumi shekhar get worried and sumi says” swara careful’ raising her hand . The screen freezes on the screen split up into sumi shekhar and swara . suddenly the voice says “ sumi shekhar married against all odds as their families were of different background and so they had to leave their house and they settled away from them but they didn’t have a child for 3 years and one day they got one in swara , she s not their own as i told you yesterday only , she’s a princess but no one knows this , sumi- shekhar were the one who rescued swara from the kidnapper who kidnapped her from rani sulaxna ‘s lap .” the screen starts and slowly sumi –shekhar disappear from swara’s sight .

Swara is still swinging and says happily : my new is starting (and now sadly) but without maa baba .
The scene shifts to Mumbai where ragini goes to her chacha chachi ‘s room and says : chacha ji , can i go to collage now , you know na i topped my school ,please.
She s really afraid while speaking all this and that thing that makes her more afraid is her chachi ji saying loudly: why you don’t need to ..
Her chacha ji stops her chachi and tells ragini to go outside.

Ragini complies . her chachi ji looks angrily at her chacha ji and ragini is worried , then a boy passes by and she says bhaiyaa.
He doesn’t respond and goes inside the room. The screen freezes on ragini worriedly face standing ouside and her chachi staring angrily to her chacha ji. The voice says “ ragini ‘s chacha chachi never loved her after maharaj and maharani died and rajmata was in coma but the little girl never ever thought wrong about them , her chacha ji sent her to school only for a promise he made to his brother years ago as rajvanshi doesn’t break their promises but her chachi she never liked her and made her to do every work of the house even after numerous servents work day and night for the rajmahal .”

The screen starts and her brother aniket comes out and says “ from tomorrow , you can come to collage but don’t even dare to talk to me there.
Ragini complies and gives him a huge smile.

Precap: swaragini meet
(sorry guys they ‘ll surely meet tomorrow)

Credit to: Piyali

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  1. swasan raglak 🙂

  2. Oh god too much attitude aniketh

  3. Swasan and raglak

  4. nice, different story

  5. SwaSan n RagLak pls

  6. Pls make it Swara n sanskaar + laksh n Ragini

  7. thank you but i didn’t understood your comment sana and surbhi as i never mensioned that it is swasan and raglak so please don’t think much about pairs

  8. as I would disclose that soon but not for the time and thanks all of you hayathi, saan ,surbhi, aarti and AD musica and sana
    sorry sana not saan

  9. superb.. i like swaragini bound most…

  10. rags is so innocent…

  11. i agree with you piyali….. the track which is playing in the serial right now is itself not justifying the name of the serial SWARAGINI.

  12. nice
    swasan raglak

  13. I m happy that finally someone wrote a ff on Swaragini bond, from the beginning of the show as I used to be. A crazy fan of swaragini, until hatred came in between the Sisters

  14. thanks megha , ridhi, akku ,sonia,fatarajo(joyee)
    and thanks for understanding my point.

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