Hey guys as i promised , i am writing the story of SWARAGINI(DIL KI DOR) and BFF fans don’t worry i’ll try my best to upload that too

Characters : same from story are sumi , shekhar , swara, ragini, laksh and sanskar .
Rest characters are totally different guys and yaa the characters i have mentioned above their stories are also different from their serial stories , you’ll get to know, and if you like please comment.

The episode starts with a description” rajkimari , a word to listen to which people imagine lavish houses , heavy dresses and every happiness of life but the two princess of RAIGARH have nothing like that , their lives are different from what they should have been , lets see their lives “
A big mansion in Mumbai is shown . A girl is shown wearing a pink anarkali suit picking up a few glass pieces from floor. The screen freezes on her face the voice says ( ragini , hai ek rajkumari par zindagi hai nokro wali (she ‘s a princess , but her life is like servents)) the screen starts , she hurts her finger by one of the glass pieces and passes out a small “ahh” hardly for anyone to listen but one old man does listen , and brings a glass of water and a piece of cloth .

He says: please put your hand in water and clean this blood.
Ragini(smiling): no kaka (uncle) its alright , don’t worry.
The man : bitiya…(daughter)
But ragini holds his hand indicating that someone is coming .
A lady with heavy saree and jewellery who was till now talking on phone comes and angrily says: i am not telling her to do my own work , she broke it so she has to clean it.
Ragini: chachi ji don’t worry , i’ll clean it , kaka please go.
The screne freezes there.
The scene shifts to a busy platform in Kolkata and a girl is shown wearing a long skirt and a sleeveless top carrying a suitcase and trying to put it in one of the trains . the screen freezes on her face and the voice says (swara , humari dusri rajkumari , hain to rajkumari par janti nahi aur traino me safar karti hain( swara, our second princess , she s a princess but doesn’t know it and travels in trains)) the screen starts and swara : maa , please help me .
Sumi( who was standing with shekhar and crying continuously) : who will help you in Mumbai?
Swara manages to keep her stuff in train and gets down and says wiping sumi’s tears : maa , don’t worry .

Shekhar: yaa , and your daughter is also about to cry.
Sumi looks towards swara and says : never cry
Swara gives a smile and says : till you two are with me why i’ll cry .
The episode ends on the voice saying “ swara is going to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams as she got a scholarship to the most prestigious collage there due to her singing but we never know what happens in future so lets just wait and see what happens when ragini’s innocence mingles with swara s intelligence.

Precap : swaragini meet.

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