swaragini different love story teaser


guys i was thinking to reveal suspense of swasan love story which will be shown after 2-3 episode in my ff

biggest suspense of this story

person- hey girl (girl will be swara but she will say her name as shona to modeling guy) if u want to do modeling than you have to come to tomorrow party by wearing

good dress because there sanskar maheshwari will do screening test

swara- no sir i will not be able to come in party because i afraid of these all parties

person- if u will not come than u should forget about operation and i guarantee their will be no problem in that party and it is just a test and if u will pass than u

will get that much money by which operation can be done very well

but swara unwillingly say yes for the party

in party

all are wearing mask on their face where sanskar will see swara from top to bottom and every cut of her body by his devil eyes and he will ask

that person i this girl is new than he will reply yes sir she is new and i brought her only for u and she i still vergin and by listening this sanky could not control

himself and thinks any how and in any condition i need this girl for today night

and he will take forcefully shona to hotel room
guys please remember swara will not see the face of sanskar and that will help to much in there love story

guys it is just a teaser so guys for knowing full story u have to wait for 2-3 epi

guys just think will sanskar will able to rape swara ?
if he will rape swara than how swara will come out of this shock ?
or she will take revenge to sanskar ?
if he will not able to rape swara than how she take reveng to sanky ?
who will help swara in her revenge or she will forgive ?
how their hatred will change into unconditional love ?
about which operation swara is talking about ?

guys i think u may be thinking to kill me at this time but please do not kill me i will make sanky very good person

guys please do comment if u want to criticise please criticise but please comment or if u like to give some sugestion u can give that will help me to write story

because i want to see how many people are reading my story so for today this teaser is enough

ok by goood day and take care

Credit to: pathan

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  1. sry to say but every writer is shoeing sanskar as devil and who use girl for pleasure and swara is one of girl form thrm but sanskar fell for her and swara will easily forgive him .like seriously
    no girl will go back to that men who had rape her or etc et c no girl ….eill go back to him …
    sry ti be rude but im really fed up if reading all these ff .i appreciate ur idea but in my view nooo girl will go back to the person who had rape her …
    i know this is only intro soo plzz don’t make sanskar rape her i hope ur getting wat i mean to say

  2. Interesting continue watevery u thought to present u present in same way don’t bother for comment pls continue

  3. do not take tention about this and and when i asked about sanky char. maximum told that he should be womaniser and another thing is that it is just a teaser may be which thing is shown may be correct may not be correct or it may be half truth but just read story u will realy enjoy their love story and do not take tention about rape whether it will be or not
    ok aliya ji

  4. thanx anu and divya shankar ji for ur support and aliya ji for sugestion

  5. interesting. plz continue…

  6. awesome yaar

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