swaragini different love story episode 6


guys todays episode will be turning point of our story
today there will not be any swara seen

todays episode starts with coming of guests in maheshwari mantion where adarsh, parinita were welcoming to guest and in between ragini and neha also come wherer ragini wore black color anarkali suit with red designs on her ghaghra with small pendant of red diamands with long earings which is looking dam georgious but neha wore blue color on sleeveless top upto knees in which she was looking dam hot and this both girls had made this night special due to their beauty and many guys are staring on them but our both girls were looking for their dream boy sanky but rather than sanky our lucky comes towards ragini who was looking handsome which was easily seen in ragini eyes as she was staring at him , she comes out of reality due to lucky word how i m looking baby than naughty idea came in rags mind than say u are looking………

than she stopes where lucky was listening her praise and staring at her as if small kid is watching cartoon, raises eyebro at her to complete her sentence but she said only good, sudenly lucky facial expression changed from excitement to just like as if some body had slaped him, whisper am i not looking hot by making innocent face in which he was looking cute by which ragini says u are realy looking cute but our lucky gets disappointed as some body slaped me but immediately hold rags hand and take her to his room which was easily noticed by every one but every body knows about their relation

in room
laksh made rags sit on couch and ask her to choose best dress for him and he will change that dress but in our rags mind naughty ideas comes every time so she selects dress which he wears and she nodes in yes or no but rags select some dress in which he lookes jokker and laksh makes faces by looking him but our rags was enjoying every thing and at last after changing 6 suits laksh anger increase and he strictly tells if ur naoughty ideas are over than sencierly choose my dress and i do not want any dramebaji which makes rags sincere than she sincerely gave him very nice combination of court t shirt and jeans in which he was looking dam hot which makes glow on lucky face and says i know rags u are the best thats why i always wear suits selected by you and due to my helplesness of dress selection you take advantage every time u made me joker if ur comedy nights completed than u.. and both burst out laughing and but rags says let us they go to downstair while they were on stair lucky whisper thanx for coming in my life as abest friend due to which rags unknowingly feel good but did not reply and went towards guest but our lucky becomes busy in flirting with girls…..

after some time
young man comes down from stairs who was wearing navy blue sherwani whose eyes were dark black which is making him tooo cute and one blink of his eyes can make a girl to red tomato, and many boys were looking him with jealousy but he ignores tham and come towards ap and dp and take their blessing , dp blesses him NAM ROSHAN KRNA HMARA SANSKAR BETA ya he was our sanskar than he comes towards rags who was lost in his beauty and waves his hand, she come out of sense, replied hi sanky looking hot but he smiles and say thanx than they both starts doing random convo. but this can not be seen by neha which was fuming in anger with jealousy so she interrupts by saying hii sanky but our sanky was angry on her, he did not replied and went toowards guest and meets them where neha left alone standing at same place ,fumes in anger and thinks “i will not live her” and went other side of party as party continued and after 2 hour all guest left mm but only gadodia family were left and all were sitting on couch where neha was sitting near sanky and tries to speake him but he was just ignoring her,

their silence is broke up by dp who asked rags and lucky about college admission but both of them immediately say no in unison and gave reasen that they want to enjoy one year of life and than they will go to college by droping this year and everybody also gave permission to them but our dadi intention were differennt so she speak in louder voice that neha and sanky lookes very beautyfull and looks like perfect couple so i think we should think about them because sanky is 22 now and neha is 20 in age which shock every body but not neha because it was her plan and made her dadi convinced for talking about her and sanky relation but one person from them was heart broken that is our rags and her eyes becomes red because her dreams shattered that was easily seen by lucky because he knows that rags has crush on sanky and also feels bad for rags but all other were in utter shock and our hero sanky was angry on dadi due to this non sense talk about marriage with neha and his anger also increased towards neha because he thinks it will be neha’s plan ……………………


guys this much enough before leap in the story
after 1 year swaraglak takes admission in medical college where swara was in difft. clg from raglak

sanskar also completes mba and expands maheshwari business in london with for two year program
in this year swara will be continuing her tuition where child of parinita and adarsh also comes to her classes and in this time swara changed herself and become strong due to many trjedies up and down in this year
IN THIS two years swara joined karrate class to become self dependent and her life gpoes smoothely with some up and down and she became more courageous,strng
but our sanky becomes famous business man in london as well as india

%%%%%%%%%%%% AFTER TWO YEAR LEAP %%%%%%%%%%%
guys after this two lips that is APROXEMATELY three years had passed in their life, swara comes in third year which was topper of college but she was transfered to other college due to clinical rotaion in which raglak were studying
sanskar came at his hometown by completing 2 years project of london which helps him getting too much reputation in business world and he became the head of maheshwari company and started running company in his home town

our raglak were as usual friend and neha was doing last year of her mbbs in same college where raglak are studying

guys i know u were angry on me as i did not continue last episode remaining part but i promise i will show it in fashback

and u also may be thinking that did neha and sanky engagement is fixed or not
and i know many more doubts will be there but no problem all confusion will be solved in 2-3 episode

guys at last our story will go on track

did u like my episode
please comment if u have any confusion also i will help u and also please coment if u liked my todays chapter or not

Credit to: pathan

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