swaragini different love story episode 5


so guys one idea striked in my mind about early sanky entry so i will use that
guys i have not cheked my todays friction due to less timing

todays episode start with laksh was about to fall but two hand caught him so who was the person?
ya she was non other than swara

due to fear of falling laksh close his eyes and hold her shoulder, her waist and her hairs were falling on his face due to this he opens his eyes but could

not see her face due to hair but feels very happy that a girl rescued him and after some time he comes out of his thoughts due to swara voice because she was saying

are bhai mere hatho me sone ka irada he kya tumhe dikhta nhi he ki tumhare andr kitna weight he
laksh immediately get up and saw her face when she was removing her hair from her face slowly slowly and started thinknking about her beauty and see her whole face and

see her everypart of face carefully and monologus wow her face is perfect in shape which became more beautiful by her white pink skin and this thoughts were running in

his mind and he was continuosly staring at her (only due to her beauty) and just one word came out of his mouth that is cute…….
where swara was looking him doubtfully and just staring as he came from moon but thinks mad fellow but after some time she chuckeled oh mister ladki pehli bar dekhi he

kya bs kabhi se ghure ja rhe ho
(ya there was one more person who was staring both of them and thinking how cut she is and taking pics by hiding behind pillar of both of them)
laksh comes out of his thought and was about to reply but their conversion interrupted by neha and say chalo lucky shopping krni he or in cheap ldkiyo ke kyo muh lgte

ho becs ragini and neha were watching whole drama
swara fumes in anger and thinks first i helped them but they did not say thank you but saying rubish thing about me and now i will not leave them and says rather than

saying thankyou to me u are telling me cheapester mrs i will not leave you
but laksh comes forwrd and abologise to swara and says thank you for help and due to his word she melts (because swara forgive very easily) and say no need to say

thank you but please do my one work than he ask what work she replied please take this pemplate and if there are small kids at ur house and if they need tuition so

please come to this adress because i m going to start tuition classes for kids but he cut her words and replied what is the need of doing work in this age but she say

finantial problem and nothing else
than 5 to 6 boys also come there which were just flirt type and rich boys
neha – ohhhhhhh lucky and u guys also think why u do not understand her tricks please think urself that who will through banana on the floor that is also in this mall

or why she is standing at a place where banana was lying on floor or if banana was lying on the floor than why she did not through that banana to dustbin because she

was standing before our coming to mall and why did she gave u this type of pemplate where her home adress is written because this are tricks of this cheap girls that

all are planned and she is falling u in her trap and u know what type of work this cheap girl do and that is also standing near the mall and due to her words lucky was

50% traped and did not say anything than she through her pemplate and start draging lucky towards the mall but lucky was continuosly looking at her
these boys also come in neha trap and boy1 says ohhh madam nice trick
boy2- yeh to dikhne me hi lgti h is type ki ldki dekha nhi kitni hot lag rhi h
boy3- ya madam direct hi bol dena chahiye itni ghuma ke kyo bulati ho tumhare ghr pr
due to this tamasha croud of some people come and start watching this and that person also come and feel bad about neha and some boys comment

due to this whole convo. swara was hurt very much because she insulted her character her puer soul which is out of limit for her but what can she do because nobody in

the world who can stand for her but she lefon crying very vigorously and shouts on them hey do not dare say me characterless my soul is better than ur soul and first

see ur clothing and learn some manners than talk and i m not doing any tricks to trap any body i m helplessss i m helplessssss… i have financial problem so i have to

do work but this reach people do not understand other problem because only one thing in their mind is fixed that poor people trap reach people and this is a reason

i hate reach people i hate i hate them from core of my heart because they are heartless and her voice is choked and she bent on the knees and sit on the ground and

cries vigorusly and because of this drama many people gathered around her but they were just staring at her as if they saw an allian
but our swara see them and shouts on every body just go from here because everybody likes drama but nobody have dare to say wrong or write because in every body mind

one thing is fixed if a girl is poor and wants to do some work to earn money than this reach people think only one type of work and how shameless thinking present in

their mind now she could not speake anything due her weakeness tiredness but at last she tried to speake but her tears overpower her voice but she used full force and

she opened her mouth and said in little louder voice to croud where they were comming to console her that PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME I DO NOT NEED ANYBODY SYMPATHY

BECAUSE I HAVE HABIT TO PACIFY MYSELF PLEASE GO FROM HERE I DO NOT WANT ANY DRAMA she said in pleading voice than she bent her face down and cry and from crowd that

person comes forward towards swara and the pemplate which is thrown by swara gave to all people and say help this girl please she need help do not take her in wrong

way and at the mean time ragini gives water to the person and says we should made hi drink water so that person go and give water to swara but she immediately take

water and drink without seeing him and after some time that person comes towards swara and put hand on her shoulder and she do not what happened to her and she hug him

tightly slowly slowly tightens her grip as if she will not live him in any condition and she say in very low voice and still crying that i m not bad girl i do not

trick any body and that person was in shock but after some time he to hug her back and careless her hair slowly which made her calm down and she feels very good but

come in senses and thinks what u have done swara oh my god what happened to me why i attracted to him why i felt good in his embrance oh my god what he will think and

her thoughts interrupted by his voice ARE YOU OK than she open her eyes but embrased because her face was in his naked chest because his upper two buttons were opened

by movementof her face and his chest was naked and she thinks to run from here because she will not able not face him more so she thought to run and she was about to

run her eyes went to his other chest where one tattoo was made which has been feet in swara’s eyes than she come out of his embrance and start runing away from him and

did not see her face and just she told one word thank you to him and she runs away leaving the person behind

when he sees running away and smile and only one word say strange………………………………………….

precap-sanky entry and two leap in story

guys how was todays epi and think about that person

Credit to: pathan

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