swaragini different love story episode 4


guys yesterday i uploaded teaser of my story please read that

so let us start todays epi.
“swara pov continued”
this 3 months have completed of my mother coma and there was not any single day when i did not thought about that incidencethen i went to kitchen to complete my lunch

and thought to bring some vegetables from market but when i saw my purse i found that only 1000 rupee is remaining and i thought swara in 3 months u did not do any

work and just wasteD money i thought to cut my expenses and to DO some work to run my house and from work i remembered that day when there was mothers day

at mothers day my mom was working in the kitchen and i hugged from back and give her a pendant but my mom became very happy but after thinking sometime she asked beta

from where u arranged this much money but i did not answered and starts staring at the floor than my mom understood that i would have done work than she came and hold

my ears and told that what is the need to work and she starts scolding me and said bet promise me that u will no work untill u complete ur mbbs degree till that time u

will not work and i replied innocently pakka mom
but mom i m sorry but i have to do some work to live but mom i gyaranytee that i will prepare for my pmt exam doing drop this 1 year and in the meantime i will do

some work to pay college fees and run house but what work to do i m only 12 passed, who will give work to me but after thinking so much one idea striked my mind to

start tuition classes for kids so i thought to tell to dudh wala uncle that he will say to every one house about tuition class and also one more thing i thought to

give my name templete to people of nearby colony and in my colony and i thought that will also be best option so i hurridly changed my clothes and went to computer

shop their i asked to print templet urjently, they were such goog people they printed templet fast so i took template and went to mall of my colony where i stood to

give template to the people those who were going to mall……………….

gadodia mantion
that boy stand behind ragini and repeatedly saying save me my life jacket (ya rags nick name is life jacket) than rags hold that boy ear and made him stand ya that boy

is revealed that is our cool and handsome hero laksh maheshwari
rags- what did you do today
lucky was about to say but people come and start shouting from the door than shekhar and rags go towards the people and ask the matter
people- this boy was flirting with one girl
rags give death glare to lucky and thinks yeh kabhi nhi sudhrega but our lucky makes pout face to rags as if he did not do anything
rags -(naughty idea came in rags mind) uncle please listen one thing that this boy is little bit mental type patient and his mind is not mature so he did not

understand what is flirt and all and you can take example also that when he was running he directly came behind me and hided like small kid (lookes towards lucky and

winks on him than lucky gives her death glare) so uncle please try to understand
at the mean time lucky could not control his emotion and said very loudly tumhare kehne ka kya matlab h ki me pagal hu oye madam pagal to tum sabhi hoge me koi pagal

vagal nhi hu understood
rags- (smile naughtily) did u see uncle he has given another proof of his mentalness because you know na mental patient thinks that other are mad they are normal
person-(by looking lucky) ohhh sahi kha apne pagal log kabhi apne ap ko pagal nhi kehte so maf krna ji humne is mental bache ko galat samjha
from all this drama lucky anger reached to peak level but he was about to say something but shekhar hold his hand tightly and signals not to say anything
rags- ohhhhh uncle do not say sorry its okk no problem
person- kitne ache bache ko bhgwan ne pagal bna diya and say hey bhgwan is bache ko budhi do
person2 gives mobile number of doctor to rags (who was hardly contolling her laugh) and sayed this is best doctor of mental patient
this all drama was out of control for lucky than he start searching something on ground and got stick and he took stick and start running towards people
by looking this people starts running and say bhot wild type ka pagal he yeh and they all ran out of house than lucky returns to home and saw that rags and all people

were laughing on him by seeing him rags starts running towards her room and lucky also run behind her but before he could reach towards rags she closed the door of

lucky- how dare u to say me mad
rags-(while laughing) but i told that u were mad but u were acting also just like mad so what i can do u have given proofs to the people
lucky- ohhhhhhhhhhhh you have decreased my reputation in front of those people
rags- please correct ur word i have not decreased ur reputation, and what u think by flirting a girl ur reputation will increse after some silence rags continued ya

you are saying correct ur reputation may increase in ur flirting world by doing this type of act
lucky- hey rags i was not flirting that girl first she came to flirt me so i also started to flirt her but what i can do i am a boy so i could not control myself from

flirting her and after wards she starte asking for money and i refused to give so she started hungama and that people came running behind me understood but what u did

today for this i will give u very good punishment
rags- ohhhhhh but i will not open the door
lucky thinks i have to do some thing so he got plan and hided some where and after 15 minutes rags though he had gone so when she apens the door starts going outside

but due to oil in groud she falls down than lucky lughs on her and say now equal equal at the mean time shekhar comes and laugh at rags and say come fast by changing

clothes or lucky come with me in hall
rags did not say anything and comes to hall by changing clothes
neha- lucky will u come with us for shoping but lucky says yes and he went to mm and take his royal enfield then all three went to shoping mall and they reaches the

mall and they all three were walkinng towards mall but neha and rag were behind the laksh and laksh was going very fast so his leg put on banana lying on the floor and

he was about to sleep but two hand caught him…………………..

precap-1 year leap in the story

guys as per the track swasan meeting and sanky entry may be after 4-5 epi but i m thinking to made his entry after 2 episode because u may be feeling boring because till now i could not complete the intro of this story and did not started love story between the pairs
so i will do some modification in my story so that swasan love story will start but do not take tention that content before sanky entry will be taken in parallel to

their love story
so guys what u want early entry or late entry of sanky

thanx for reading my story
gud day

Credit to: pathan

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