swaragini different love story episode 3

guys in last episode i mistakely written ragini as flirting girl but that was neha so the girl in that conversion with boy was neha not ragini please forgive me for

for the fan of tejaswi it will be good news because her char will be very very good, secrificing,modern as well as sanskari and positive

ragini ask to neha what happened she replied nothing yaar tha ek bewkuf than ragini understood that she had break up to her boyfriend and at the mean time
janki (mother of rag) came to rag neha room to wake them up but they already woke up than janki ask how can neha woke up this much early today by hearing this ragini

smiles by seeing neha but neha makes faces and try to say something but ragini interrupts and say nothing ma that today we are going to shoping na thats why she got up

early and u know ma how much she loves shoping
janki-knows that neha only get up early when they go for shopping than she reply ohh i know ok beta come fast for breakfast than she leaves and as soon as he mother

leaves neha close the door and takes relief and say thanks ragini for making nice story if not mother would have bombarded many question than ragini replied no

problem didi and let us go to take breakfast

than they both come to downstair and than ragini ask to her dadi u did not take breakefast
dadi- rag beta u know na i only eat food after listening ur bhajan
ragini- ya dadi i know so let us go to temple than rag sings bhajan and gives arti to every body but dadi blesses her and say my ragu is very sanskari and god please

give her sanskari husband
ragini- oh dadi ap bhi na i only passed 12 now and AFTER COMPETING COLLEGE i will think about that
neha-now let us take breakfast because she know it is their daily drama
dadi- ya let us eat food and neha you are elder than ragini so first we will see good boy for you
janki- ma neha is only 20 and she is doing second year of mbbs and rag is 18 and she has done school in this year only
dadi- no beta we should see good match for neha so that her party and roaming with friends would decrease but we can do her marriage after her college

in the mean time shekhar comes and both daughter run and hug him and shekhar says tomorow we all have to go to dp house because tomorrow is dp and ap wedding

both sisters becomes happy and both ask in unison did sanskar came from london than shekhar says yes

by listening this neha and ragini becomes happy because both sister have secret crush on sanky due to his beauty they both daughter says mom we have to go for shopping
and they enter in the room and than neha ask to ragini which type of dress u will wear tomorrow than ragini replied i think i will buy anarkali suit
neha- ohhhhhhhooooo tomorrow sanky will flat on my raagini darling and she winks at ragini gue to this ragini blushesand by looking her blushing neha feels jealous and

thinks no rags sanky is mine and only mine and smirks and tell in soft voice that let us go rags for shoping but rags replied that we will go with laksh

and at the other side a boy was running on the road and some people are running behind him and shouting maro is ladke ko but that boy was continuosly runs toward

gadodia mantion which is 200 meter distance only and shouts please save me life jacket and as soon he reaches gadodia mansion he hides behind rags……………

precap- entry of laksh and swaraglak meeting

so guys next epi will be uploaded tomorow at 12 noon till that guess who was that boy and i know today epi was short but after ur sugestion only i will be able to

progress my story

guys pairs will be swasan and raglak and i will give equal importance to both the pairs means 50%-50% to swasan and raglak but in epi 6 i will ask about which pair u

want more scene than after that i will go with ur sugestion

and i want two type of sugestion from u one about raglak and another about sanskar char

guys one thing i want to say that laksh and ragini will be besties and they both will stand for each other in any worst situation also and every time ragini will help

him to overcome from his problem and in this story they will be soulmate by heart but they will not think each other as a lover so guys i want one sugestion from u

please please do comment so option are as follows
1) laksh will think that he loves swara because she is beautyful and swara will realise that they both loves each other
2) laksh will think swara as a friend only and slowly slowly as per track raglak will start love
3) ur sugestion which type of story u like
one more time asking about sanky char.
1) hot arrogate businessmen and womaniser and thinks likes girls with small dresses and think everything achieved by moneyand loves family
2) sweatheart and believe in love businessman
3) he should not be business man and suggest char. which u like
4) businessman with no lights in his life

please all silent reader and those who comment my ff please do comment today because without ur comment i will not write next epi and please give sugestion abour

raglak love and sanky char.

guys one thing i want to say about swasan love story is that it is neither a type of love story in which swara work in sanky office and they both fall in loveand nor

it will be that they are studing in same college but their love story will not be revealed now because it will be suspense but u will realy like that love story

ok gud night guys

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  1. I like 4 and third both options are good

    1. 2 for lakshya don’t complicate yaar we have seen all the jealousy and sacrifices in other stories

  2. 2) for your Raglak question
    4) for you sanskaar question
    In many ff he is either arrogant or lovely ket him be somewhere in between and all the best please carry on..If in case i don’t comment on your 6th ep take my answer now as RagLak 🙂

  3. laksh 2option
    saskar 1option

  4. Laksh consider swara as his friend and raglak as pairs…luv them a lotttt??????????

  5. for lakshya its 2nd option and for sanskar its 4th option good

  6. 2 for laksh ,4 for sanskar …..keep rocking…..

  7. thanx guys for the comment and today teaser of this story will be uploaded so please read it

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