swaragini a different chapter (Part 2)

hi guys hope you all like my first episode ….. so here is my next episode for all my ff readers

the episode starts with laksh coming to home he was thrilled just then his mother came near him she told him the whole thing that happened in the house laksh was really sad and he told about swaras result hearing the result her mother also got worried and told laksh to go and watch swara. laksh went to swaras room swara was infront of her laptop searching something eagarly…

laksh: swara what are you looking ???

swara: laksh i want to go to delhi

laksh: but why????

swara: laksh i want to study fashion designing

laksh: botoney now fashion designing what is the connection?????

swara: i know there is no connection but i want to go away from here . may be acha will get some relife ….

laksh: but swaraa…..
swara: no laksh i have finalized i will go …. i have already booked my tickets for sunday morning

laksh: are you going by train???

swara: yes

laksh: cancel that i will book flight tickets

swara: its okey laksh

laksh: paranja manasilavilla …. do what i say

swara canceld her tickets and laksh booked her flight ticket . laksh told his parents about swaras desicion and her mother was really unhappy but as swara said her father had some relife in his face……

now another small beautiful house is shown oh its raginis house she went straight to her mother and said ” good evening amma….. rahul enga?? ( where is rahul??)” just then her younger brother came in with a corior ” akka ithu konjam vanthu paarnge ( sister come and have a look at this )

ragini: ithu ennathu?? ( what is this ??)

rahul: theriyathu( dont know)

ragini: oh amma… i got a job interview in delhi… this is the interview card and flight tickets….

amma: good….

ragini: amma the flight is on sunday we have less time for packing

amma: dont worry rahul and i will help you

ragini: sari ma……

on sunday………………….

swara got ready for her trip and when she went to her parents for blessings her mother done her aarthi and gave her blessings but when sawa leand down to touch her fathers feet he removed his legs .. but swara touched his feet and took blessings.. after that laksh and swara went to the airport …. after they went her father said

father: oh samadhanam( it means peace) now this house will have some happiness finally that girl went from our house

mother: how can you tell like that are you a human…. ??

on the other side ragini is paking her bag

ragini: rahul nee engeyirikkaru??… vanthu help pannunggo(rahul where are you ??come and help me)

rahul: coming coming….

ragini and rahul packed her stuffs and put it in the car… just then her mother came

mother: ragu sappittu athukkappuram podi….(ragu come and have food)

ragini: amma there is no time naa kalambure ( i am going ok)

rahul: paathu ponge???( be carefull)

ragini waved bye to her family and went

at airport laksh waved bye to swara and swara settled down in her seat in the plane just then ragini came and sit near her

ragini: hey swara do you remember me ????

swara: how can i forget you ragini you are the one who helped me

ragini: sooo why delhi???

swara : oh actually i am going their to study fashion designing

ragini: ohhh

swara: and you

ragini: oh i got a job interview so….

so swara and ragini are again together do you think that they will become swaragini…. will swara become an active person… how will swaragini meet their true love when will we see swasan and raglak……..not so soon guys………….lets continue reading…………………….

they landen in delhi swara and ragini were so much thrilled. after landing ragini took her phone and called her mother ….and swara called laksh..

swara: ragini where are you staying….

ragini: oh i am going to stay in a hotel

swara: my brothers friend has a holiday home here so he told me to stay their if you dont mind you can stay with me .. atleast i will have a friend..

so ragini and swra went to lakshs friends holiday home .. after their refreshment swara and ragini sat down to have coffee…

ragini: swara tell me about your family …..

swaras face become gloomy but she told ragu her whole story how her father behave to her every thing

swara: hmm… but i dont want to turn back to my past…. and ragini what about you

ragini: swara enakku appa ille amma tha chinna vayasileyirunthu … ( swara i dont have father my mother looked after….) oh sorry regional language entered

swara: paravaille enakku thamiz teriyum … thamiz filim pathu pathu ippo thamiz sonna purium ( its ok i know thamiz … i studied thamiz by watching thamiz movies) you continue..
so ragini told her story about her mom her sweet brother .. after their chit chatting swara and ragini went for shopping …

so guys hope you all liked the episode as i told you please tell me if there is any mistakes it is for improving my writings and dear thamilians who read this ff please forgive me if there is any mistakes in my thamiz language … so sorry for my mistakes …. please comment………………….

dear guys i have not descided the precap so there is no precap

thankyou for reading my story…………………………

Credit to: Elezabeth


  1. aastha

    hi elzabeth…………..I likeed ur intro and part-2 also…………..you are very talented………..so how many lang do you know ???????? malayalam,tamil, then ?????????? ………urs is a fresh plot ……..I dont understand swara’s faher………ho hw can he think his own daughter is a nuisance??? no wonder he loses every contract…………………so in wich class r u studying ????????//

  2. S priya

    Nice malayalees yellam tamil film pathu kathupi gala…I’m tamilian…anal malayam manasilagum….nd ya liked swaragini

    • elezabeth

      minnakka thankyou so much i am so happy that you read my story love you so much and miss you too

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