swaragini a different chapter (Intro and Part 1)


hi everyone my name is elezabeth and i am going to start a new story about swaragini so when i start my story i want to introduce my main characters you can guss that my storys main characters will be swara, ragini, sanskaar, laksh….

so lets start the introduction…….

swara: a 20 year old girl who is studying in collage she is from a small family consisting of her father mother and a brother …. swara is very quite and a book worm she like to be lonely she dont have any friends in collage . her brother is her only frind

ragini: a 23 year old person who is workking as an engineer she is very talkative and loves music she is a good singer her family consist of three members her mother yonger brother rahul and ragini… her father died in an accident when ragini and her brother was very young … her mother looked after both of them now ragini is looking after both of them……..

laksh: a 23year old person working as a it person and a coreographer as a part time enjoyment. best friend of swara now you can guss that laksh is swaras brother …loves his sister very much… wish to make her character into a jolly person……..

sanskaar:a 24 year old person working as an engineer … he has a very big family . his parents have buisness but he is not intrested in buisness he always want to be independant and he loves photography……..

in my story swasan and raglak are the pairs . swara and laksh are malayalies . ragini is a tamilian and sanskaar is from delhi. so my story focus on these four characters meeting, friendship, talent, love, hate, joy, reunion etc…….

guys hope you all like my introduction anyways let me start my story …….

a beautiful house a room is shown . its a baby pink coloured room an lots of photos are hanged in that room a person is sleeping in the room . suddenly the alarm clock cried and the person jumped and sat on the bed it was none other than swara … she welcomed the morning sun just then her mother came their with her bed coffe and gave it to her ” mummy….. you are the sweetest mother in the world” swar hugged her just then her father came their . swaras family is a pakka hindu family and her father believes in all andhavishvasams (it means all believes which is not true ) and he believes that swara is the resone for all his down falls….. swara loves her father a lot…..sawaras father came to her room called her mother and went without even looking at her . swara was in the verge of tears just then some one patted on her shoulders. it was laksh he said to swara”potteda ….. saramilla” (it means dont worry its ok) she hugged him and said”achanu entha…. dose he still believe that i am the resone for all his down fall” she began to cry but laksh consoled her and feed her food and they both went to collage

at collage …

today swaras result will come so laksh is also present their it is her final year result and today they will announce their topper of the batch .. an announcement came “dear people and now we are going to announce the topper of the batch and it is swara viswanadhan ” if we look at swaras face we can see there is no expressions in her face. she just went to the stage and took her reward and came back to laksh . laksh hugged her and said ” eda ninakku itharem mark (swara you have got this much mark) i cant belive it… i am .. iam shocked..” but sorry laksh you are not the one who got shocked the most shocked among them was swaras class mates . swaras class mates . because she was a silant person . she was not intrested in any type of extra caricular activities and everyone thought that swara was not at all a talented person and everyone avoided her .. they where amazed to hear that swara was the topper of their batch……

after the announcement and prize distribution everyone went to their respective home swara sat on lakshs bike just then laksh said ” swara… before going home i want to go to my dance class so …..” swara replied “laksh.. its okey i will go on my own ” swara started to walk on the way to her home some people surrouned swara … swara was scraed seeing them a person said ” macha ivalu sundhariyanalla”(it means that she looks beautiful but it is said like a comantry) there where 4 persons and they circled swara when a person tried to touch swara a hand stopped him …. and then he got a tight slap from that hand . then the persons face is shown …it is ragini….she said” what do you think of your selves you can do any thing on a girl….. do you want a slap again from me” saying this she tooked her chappal but before that they ran away from their.

ragini: are you okey

swara: i am fine.. thanks for helping me

ragini: you are welcome and by the way my name is ragini and your good name please

swara: my name is swara . nice to meet you ragini if you would not have come they will……

ragini: hey dont think bad … nothing will happen (saying this ragini gave swara a small bottle)

swara: entha ithu???

ragini: sorry i cant understand malayalam

swara: sorry i mean what is this????

ragini: this is called pepper spray it is used for self protection you can use this

swara: thanks ragini and by the way where are you from???

ragini: i am from chenni .. i came here for a job interview

swara: oh… i am a botoney student in st theresas collage
saying this she looked at her watch

swara: daivame its allredy late ragini i am going …..bye

ragini: bye……

when swara reached home she heared a huge sound it was her fathers sound he was scolding his wife …..” innu 10 lakshama poyathu ithupole nalloru contract vere kittillayirunnu ellathinum kaaranam ninte mola…. avalu janichillayirunnengil ee prashnangal onnum undavillayirunnu” ( it means today i lost 10 lakh rupees . we will not get a good contract like this all this happened because of your daughter. if she wouldint have born this will not happen) just then swaras mother said “contract nashtapettathu ningal kaaranam ennittu kuttam molude perilum “( it means that the contract lost because of you and you are blaming on our daughter) swara was hearing all this but she acted like she didint hear anything. she went straight to her room closed the door took her pillow pressed to her mouth and started crying ……

to be continued

precap: laksh comes home and tells swaras result… swara tells laksh that she wants to go to delhi for her education …. raginis family is introduced……….

hope you all like it……

you should write my mistakes in the comment box i want to improve..according to your comment i will improve my next episode…….

Credit to: Elezabeth

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