Swaragini- for you di (OS)

Friends [email protected] is here to disturb you again. Let I start my one shot.

In A small house,
A boy is feeding a girl.
Girl:Aadi, enough. I can’t eat more this rice porridge.
Aadi: di, you have fever. You should eat this. It will make you well.
At that time, a boy comes there and Girl sees it.
Girl:Sanskar, please help me.i can’t take more.
Sanskar:sorry Rago, I can’t come in-between you both. Otherwise, you should make me mad like you did previous.
Sanskar imagined him fully drenched state and porridge covers his face.
Sanskar shakes his mind”no.. no.. I will come after.”
Sanskar runs from there while Aadi and Ragini laughs.
A harsh voice comes there”Di.. where you throw my shoes?”
Ragini comes from her memories and answers him”Aadi.. it’s in shoe stand”
Ragini comes there and gives his shoes. Aadi snatched shoes from her hands.
Aadi: today, I will come late. My friend give party for his birthday.
Ragini(worried tone): call me if you are getting late.
Aadi: I am not a kid and stop acting like you are caring for me.
Ragini stands with moist eyes.
Ragini walks weakly and goes to hall and stares a photo in which her parents smiling.
Ragini: maa… when you left me, he was just 12. From that, I take care of him. but he says that I am acting. Why maa? What happened to him? please return my Aadi back to me. I can’t see his hatred maa.

A hand covers her shoulders and Ragini places her face in his shoulders and cries.
Sanskar: Rago.. don’t cry. He will return to you as our old Aadi.
Ragini composes herself.
Ragini: thanks sanskar. I also hope for it.
Sanskar: you are my friend Rago. So don’t hurt me by saying Thanks. My little heart can’t bear this.
Sanskar acts by holding his left side.
Ragini smiles” I don’t know how Swara and Suji maa bear you in house”
Sanskar(pecks her cheeks):”that’s my Rago. Get ready and today we are going to finalize our deal with LR Industries.
Ragini gives her Laptop.”check the presentation. I will get ready within 15 minutes”
After fifteen minutes,
Ragini comes by wearing cotton saree which gives her a professional look.
Ragini: are you checked the presentation?
Sanskar: haan Rago. I checked it and it’s perfect.
Ragini and Sanskar leaves to office.
In Office,
Sanskar:Rago.. I heard that Mr.LD is very rude and arrogant. We should be very careful.
Sanskar feels little bit nervous.
Ragini just hold his hands.”we will get the deal. That’s all”
Sanskar smiles.

In conference hall,
Sanskar and Ragini waits for Mr.LD.
LD enters the hall with so much of attitude.
Ragini is shocked to see him and whispers:Laksh…
Ragini composed herself.
LakshyaDev: can we start the presentation?
Sanskar nods and signs Ragini to start the presentation.
Ragini starts the presentation and ends it in half an hour.
Laksh just stares Ragini and Ragini didn’t show any expression in her face.
Laksh: I am totally impressed. We can sign the deal after two days.
Sanskar shakes his hands with Laksh and Laksh leaves.
After next minute,
Sanskar hugs Ragini in excitement and broke the hug.
Sanskar panting heavily: I got my first deal, Rago. We got it, di. without you, it’s not possible.
(Sanskar always call ragini as Di if
Ragini: sanskar relax. I didn’t do anything. You got the project because of your hardwork. I just made the presentation.

At that time, A girl enters the room.
Girl: di and sanksu, it’s lunch time.
Ragini smiles to her: we are coming Swara.
Sanskar is going to near Swara and kisses her and hugs her” I got a deal, Swara”
Ragini: Sanky, Shona.. I will take care here. You both go outing and enjoy.
Sanskar: Rago.. without you, how can we celebrate?
Swara: haan di… sanskar is saying right.
Ragini pushes them out the room”if I see you both in office, I will call Suji maa and tell her that you both are teasing me.
Sanskar(gulped): di, Blackmailing is not fair .
Ragini: just go from here.
Sanskar and Swara leaves the office.
Ragini does the remaining work and in evening she goes to park.
Ragini sits in a chair and remembers how she met Sanskar.

Flashback starts
A 15 year girl and 7 year boy were playing in Park and they see a 10 year boy who is looking Sad.
Aadi: di, why he is sad?(points Sanskar)
Ragini: I don’t know Aadi. Come we can ask him.
Ragini and Aadi went to near him.
Aadi: why are you looking sad?
Ragini: what is your name?
Sanskar: my name is Sanskar. I didn’t have any friends. They say that I am looking ugly and they can’t be friend with me.
Ragini and Aadi scans Sanskar .
Ragini: you are not looking ugly. You just look chubby.
Aadi: muchi.
Sanskar: can you both friend with me?
Ragini: I think we are already friends. I am Rago and he is mera chotti [email protected]
Sanskar smiles .
Flashback ends.
Someone sits near Ragini and Ragini opens her eyes and sees the person.
Ragini:Mr.LD aap?
Laksh: Rago.. I am Laksh don’t call me LD. It’s irritating me. why are you behaving like you didn’t know me?

Flashback starts Again.
A boy takes a girl who is blindfolded.
Girl: Laksh… where are you taking me?
Laksh: surprise Ragini…
Laksh opens her blindfold.
Ragini sees the place which is beautifully decorated with red roses.
Laksh kneels down and said”Ragini.. I love you when I saw you in college. I don’t know how to express my feelings. Can you be my better half?”
Ragini blushed and ran from the place.
Ragini enters her street and sees the people are surrounded their house sadly.
Ragini feels something different and enters the house and saw Sanskar and suji maa’s crying face.
Ragini sees her parents covered with white cloth.
Ragini didn’t react.
Suji shakes her”beta.. just cry.. cry from your heart”
Ragini stood as a numb.
Aadi hugs her “ di.. why maa and papa are sleeping in hall. Tell them to wake up di.
Aadi shakes Ragini and Ragini hugs him and bursts out in cry.
Ragini’s parents body are cremated, the relatives left and suji and sanskar stays with Ragini.
Ragini: Sanskar and Aunty, you can leave. I will manage.
Suji:Ragini beta,Sanskar will stay with you.
Suji leaves the house.
Ragini stares Aadi who is sleeping by holding her hands.
Ragini(in mind): I live only for my Aadi. I didn’t let anyone in between us. Sorry laksh. but I can’t marry you.
After three days , in College,
Laksh didn’t know about Ragini’s parents death.
Ragini comes to college.
Laksh:Rago.. I want to know your decision.
Ragini(sees him with expressionless face): sorry Laksh. I can’t love you.
Laksh(with pain): am I not good looking? Am I not earning high?
Ragini: it’s not about money or look. I love sahil, my fiancé. Please don’t disturb me.
Laksh leaves the place with pain in her heart.
Flashback ends

Ragini: it’s needed laksh. it’s the correct one.
Laksh(with pain):still, I am waiting for you, Rago. why did you lied me?
Ragini: sorry Laksh. I can’t marry you. my life is only for my Aadi. Better you marry any other person.
Laksh:(holds her shoulder): I am still waiting for you for 10 years. Why didn’t you think about me, once?
Ragini removes his hands and ran from there.
Laksh punches the tree which is near to him.
At Ragini’s home,
Ragini is waiting for Aadi.
Clock shows 11:00 PM.
Ragini(in mind): why he didn’t attend my calls? Is he safe?
Ragini hears Knock sound.Ragini opens the door and sees Aadi.
Aadi falls on Ragini and Ragini smells Alcohol.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: Aadi, are you drink alcohol?
Aadi: haan.. what is the mistake on you? don’t question me.
Ragini: aadi..
Ragini makes Aadi sleeps in bed.
Aadi’s bag falls down and some papers are fall down.
Ragini reads the paper and shocked.

The next day morning,
Aadi comes out of his room.
Ragini: Aadi, what is this?
Aadi sees the paper.
Aadi: I named father’s property on your name and I am going to US tonight.
Ragini: what’s the need for naming this? And how can you left me?
Aadi(rudely): Stop your acting di. I know that you are showing fake care for the properties. And for god sake, just leave me . you are just a burden to me.
Ragini is fully shattered.”Burden…”
Ragini didn’t utter a word and Aadi leaves the house and go to airport.
Sanskar enters the house and Sees Ragini in floor who is silently cries.
Sanskar: Rago, why are you crying? Where is Aadi?
Ragini: he left me Sanskar. he went to US while left me alone in this house.
Sanskar is shocked and soon composed himself.
Sanskar(in mind): how can he this much selfish?
Sanskar: Rago, come with us.
Ragini: I don’t want to be burden for you, Sanskar.
Sanskar : I didn’t want to hear anything.
Sanskar takes Ragini to his house forcefully and inform suji and swara about her and Aadi.
In Next day,
Ragini is worried for Aadi because he didn’t make any call after journey.
Sanskar enters Ragini room.
Ragini: sanskar if Aadi called you, is he arrived safe?
Sanskar plays call record and Ragini hears Aadi’s voice” Sanskar bhai, I reached US. I call you after some time”
Ragini feels relaxed.
Sanskar:(in mind): ohh!kali maa.. please make everything normal.

At evening,
Sanskar and ragini returns to home from office and surprised to see laksh in Sanskar house.
Sanskar: Mr.LD..
Suji gives coffee to Laksh.
Laksh: just call me Laksh it’s enough
Sanskar(whispers in Ragini’s ears): is I am dreaming? Rago just pinch me.
Ragini gives a stern look to Sanskar.
Soon, Laksh and Sanskar became friends.
Laksh: actually, aunty can I ask you something?
Suji: haan.. beta…
Laksh: I love ragini … can you give your Daughter hands to me?
Everyone is shocked and Sanskar and Swara are happy.
Suji: if Ragini accept, we can proceed beta. But…
Ragini: I am ok maa..but the marriage should be simple.
But Laksh didn’t feel any happiness in Ragini’s voice.
Sanskar , Swara and suji are more happy.
Suji consults with pandit and fixed the date after a week.
Laksh goes to Ragini’s room.
Ragini caresses Aadi’s photo and some tears falls from her eyes.
Laksh feels guilty.
Flashback starts…
Aadi cleans the room . At that time, a dairy falls from shelf.
Aadi: di’s dairy..
Aadi opens the diary and a photo falls from diary.
Aadi takes the photo.it’s Laksh.
Aadi reads the diary.
Aadi(in mind):di, I will return your happiness at any cost.
Aadi searches Laksh for half an year and finally he finds him as a successful business man.
Aadi goes to meet Laksh after so many struggles.

In Laksh’s cabin,
Laksh: why did you want to meet me?
Aadi(gives Ragini’s diary): sir, please read it. it’s about Ragini.
By hearing the word Ragini, Laksh snatches the diary and read it.
Laksh: how can you got her diary?
Aadi: I am her choti, Aditya Bose. Few days before, I know about my di’s love. I want to return her happiness and I got to know still you love her.
Laksh takes a deep breath.
Laksh: yes. I love her. But I have one condition.
Aadi: what?
Laksh: if you want me to return into Ragini’s life, you should leave from her life forever.
Aadi is shocked and stands.
Laksh: what’s your decision?
Aadi: I accept your condition. But promise me, you should keep her always happy.
Flashback ends…
Ragini observes Laksh’s presence and wipes her tears.
Laksh: are you not happy for marriage?
Ragini: I am happy because I don’t be burden for my Aadi.
Laksh gives her a painful look.
Ragini hugs Laksh” Laksh, you didn’t know . when my parents left me, he was just 12. I made my world based on Aadi. Even I didn’t let you. because I am scared laksh. your presence can make me forget about my duties. After 10 years, he is only my life and my world. But he said that I was acting for the properties and I was a burden to him. how can he say like that, Laksh? how can he say?
Ragini cries by hugging Laksh.

On the marriage day,
Swara, Sanskar are in cloud nine because of Ragini’s marriage. Sanskar calls Aadi but Aadi refused to come.
Panditji: who will do the kanyadaan?
A voice comes there” I am her brother. I will do”
Ragini surprised to see Aadi.
Aadi smiles to Ragini and Laksh side hugs her.
Flashback Starts…
Laksh knocks the house where Aadi lives. Aadi didn’t went to US.
Aadi opens the door.
Laksh: can I come inside?
Aadi:haan jeju.. I will make coffee for you.
Laksh sees the photo which Rag,san,aadi smiles and Ragini and Aadi pulls Sanskar hair.
Aadi: jeju coffee…
Laksh: don’t you hate me for separating you from your di?
Aadi: how can I hate you,jeju? You love her, so much and I trust you that you can keep her happy and we are connected by heart. we are not separated.
Aadi smiles to Laksh.
Laksh: I want onething from you.
Aadi(surprised): what jeju?
Laksh: can you stay with us as my brother?
Laksh:I am an orphan. I don’t know about family. When I know that she rejected my love for you, my ego didn’t allow me to think about your bond. Forgive me and please return to our life.
Aadi hugs him” you are not an orphan, jeju. You have me and ragini di. how can you say like that?”
Laksh hugs him more tighter.
Flashback ends…

Ragini sees Aadi with moist eyes.
Aadi(wipes her tears): di, it’s time to smile.
Ragini smiles.
Raglak takes pheras and Laksh fills her maang with Sindoor and puts Mangalsutra in her neck.
Aadi witness it with moist eyes and Sanskar side hugs him.
After marriage,
Raglak and Aadi sits in the room. Other give privacy to them.
Aadi: di, I am sorry..
Aadi holds his ears . Ragini hugs him” I got my old Aadi back. It’s enough to me”
Laksh: Ragini, I want to say .
Aadi(cuts him): it’s not needed jeju.
Laksh: no aadi. Its needed.
Laksh told everything including his condition.
Laksh: Ragini, if you can forgive me, please forgive me. but please don’t leave me alone.
Ragini hugs him” finally I got my Laksh and aadi back, its enough to me.I don’t want to speak about past, Laksh even I also committed mistake.”
Laksh hugs Ragini while Aadi leaves the room with smile.

After one year,
Sanskar merged his company with Laksh. in this company, Sanskar, Laksh and Aadi holds equal shares and laksh stayed with Sanskar family. Suji gives her surname to Laksh .
Aadi and laksh walks in hospital corridor tensedly.
Sanskar also tensed but he hides it.
Sanskar: jeju.. Aadi.. don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
Swara stands with six months old child.
Swara: Aadi sit here.
Aadi refused .
Suji makes him sit and says”Don’t worry Aadi”
Ragini screams in Labour pain inside ward and finally everyone hears baby crying sound.
Nurse comes with a baby.” Sir, you have a boy”
Laksh takes the child in his hand while Aadi goes to see ragini.
Aadi holds Ragini hands” di, you scared us so much”
Ragini weakly smiles” I am alright Aadi”
Laksh enters with Baby and places him near ragini.
Aadi caresses her child and Laksh puts his hand on Aadi’s shoulder.
A single tear escaped from Aadi’s eyes.”di, it’s papa”(points Raglak Baby)
Ragini nodes with a smile .
Screen ends on Aadi hugging the baby while Raglak have a deep eyelock.


If you have a brother, you can’t bother about any problem. He fight with you, guards you, whenever you fell , he will help you to stand. He will always with you whenever you need and makes you always happy. I wrote this for Rakshabandan and it’s my gift for my little bro.

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