swaragini.. destiny’s wish..ep 2…(revelation of pairs)

Hello frnds ….thanx fr commenting….. I didn’t expected this much comments….iam back with 2nd chapter….maybe u will get a hint about the pars….
Pls keep reading and commenting.. frnds if u fell tired of reading long chappys …..tell me I will make it short…anyways

Here is the story…enjoy

The screen shifts to MM

A girl is seen running up the stairs shouting….. bhaiiiii did u bring my book??

A boy is seen sleeping peacefully. Hearing girl shouting, he wakes up with a jerk and runs to the washroom hurriedly….saying
Boy : aab to tu gaya beta…voh chipkali piya tujhe chode gi nahi…
The girl is piya…

Piya enters the room. She kept her hand on her hip and with cute anger says…
Piya : again u forgot na… I wont leave u today

Sayin this she goes to the washroom door and knocks the door continuously …… bhai come out I wont leave u today
The boy is bitting nails worriedly in the washroom…
Boy: aaj to tu unluck hai lucky…..
Yes yes he is our laksh…aka lucky

Piya thinks something and smirks….
Piya: bhai iam going… I will see u later…

Lucky gives a relief sigh and comes out
Someone taps on his shoulders.. he turns and finds piya glaring at him angrily….
He gulps in fear…
Lucky: pi..pi..piya. voh…mai..mai
Piya: kya mai mai? Bhai u know na iwanted to take that book with me on trip…..
Lucky: I forgot to bye the book ..again..(says in ne breath)
Piya : shot daggers to laksh
Lucky: I am sooooo sorry again … I wll go to buy it immediately after breakfast…
Piya: till when u will return ..iwill leave na…..(angrily)
Jab mai 3 din ke bad aaungi na I wat that book at any cost….(saying this she beats him playfull and leaves )

Lucky nods..
Suddenly he feels weird.. but why..??

The screen shifts to my coffee café (MCC..SWARAS CAFÉ..it is posh and hifi)
She is seen sitting at the counter and checking new cakes recipes…
Her phone rings ….
She picks the call with a smile…and says iam coming…

Laksh is standing in front of the mirror..(wearing blue denims and white shirt) he says to himself kya yaar lucky tu itna sad kyu feel kar raha hai…??he is in deeps thoughts…
A boy comes frm the back…lucky turns and the boy hugs him…and says happ…. But stops realizing what he was going to say….and becomes sad…

Laksh releases the hug…he understood that he was going to say happy…but why..??

Lucky: in a confused yet questionable tone… “aaj ka din mee liye… special tha kya???” bolna sanky…
Yes the boy is sanky…
Sanky: stammers lucky….voh..aaj…..na..
They heard pai calling them for BF
Both at union: han bhabi..comming

Lucky: phir why iam I felling that today WAS the an important day of my life….
Sanky looks at him with teary eyes….
Pari herd them… she comes and holds their ears
Sanlak: aah
Pari says..trying to divert the topic…
Pari: tum dono ko aj BF nahi chahiye?? Since when iam calling u….. and u both are chatting here…(with a fake anger)
Sanlak : sorry bhabi….

Lucky’s phone rings … he tells them that after BF he have to go to the arket to buy piyas book.he leaves..
Sanky : with teary eyes…. Haan lucky aaj special din tha tere liye…..
Pari consoles him…..
Pari: don’t worry sanky sab theek ho jayega …..
To herslf: don’t know I should be sad on what lucky said??or feel happy
To god – oh god pls return him his soulmate and his memory.. whom u have snatched 1yr ago…pls god unite them ……they loved each other somuch…..
To herself: don’t know where is swara and how is she….

Shaan: maa iam feeling bad for swara di and jiju…its their MARRIAGE ANIVERSARY and they are not together just bcuz of that stupid accident and lost their memory….
Sumi looks at him with full anger…..
And says……with anger boiling
Sumi: yes its their marriage anniversary, it’s the day when my daughter went against me and married that laksh….who was not gud for her… they use to fight everytime ..didnt you see…then how could he keep my daughter happy. She married against her familiys wish…she knew na that I hate maheshwaris…… destiny has given me another opportunity to make my daughter’s life happy…..and I wont live this opp..

Shaan : but maa they lov…
Sumi interrupts and says shutup shaan ……never ever bring this topic again…
She leaves…….
Shaan prays to god to unite them

Ragini is sitting in her cabin…. She is thinking about swaras words ..She calls swara….
Ragini: hello swara
Swara: hi ragini
Ragini: ur ok na?? (sad concerned and low tone)
Swara: kya baat kar rahi ho… mujhe kya hua? Tum aisa kyu puchrahi ho..??
Rags: kuchnahi bas aise he…..
Swara: offo ragini….accha the hai… mujhe kahi jaana hai mai tum se baad me baat karungi…
Rags: shona …kaha ja rahi ho?
Swara: to meet some one
Rags: who?
Swara: someone who fills my life with sweetness….anyways bye
Rags is confused…….
she gets someones message and gets happy……the person asks her to meet at xyz park…she leaves…
At park
Ragini is waiting…someone comes and hugs her from behind ….she say finally u came..ithought u forgot…
The boy turns and is revealed to be……………………………… sanky..
Sanky: haha very funny(sarcastically)….u know na ilove u…..
Rags : I love u tooo…lekin( she becomes sad)
The screen shifts to market….
Swara and laksh are both in a same market…
Laksh is messaging someone……with a broad smile
Swara is messaging someone: where are u ???
She sees someone and walks towards the person with a smile……
Laksh and swara are coming to eachother smiling…..

The screen freezes on their smiling face…..

So guys how is the ep…..its a swalak and ragsan ff…..sorry to swasan and raglak fans….guys pls comment and keep supporting…I hope you will not withdraw ur support after knowing the pairs…. Trust me ull enjoy the storyline.… I will be posting a promo toooo …pls do read …bye…pls comment

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  1. There are so many ragsan ff that I am really annoyed now. Sorry but I never read ragsan. Best of luck for your story.

    1. Muskaan278

      its not just ragsan…its swalak too….

      1. Muskaan278

        anyways take care

  2. bye bye

    1. Muskaan278

      ok dear, take care…

  3. Asra

    awesome dear….but plz write in English dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Muskaan278

      sure,asra..thnx for reading

  4. awesome thanks for ragsan

    1. Muskaan278

      thanku j and thnx for commenting..keep reading ..

  5. sorry dear i don’t read ragsan ff . i thought this is RAGLAK and swasan anyways all the best for ur further episodes. bye

    1. Muskaan278

      its ok shanya..nd thnx fr the luck…

  6. ragsan and swalak*

  7. Yupppp now m withdrawing..for me couple comes always first.. if it’s no SWASAN story then sorry. best of luck for ur further episodes… Thnk u:)

    1. Muskaan278

      ican understand kakali……couples are always first…..for me too….thats why iam listening to my heart…bye take care…and thanku somuch for the luck

  8. I’m sorry … I was excited ….but now I can’t take rag……..San…..now a days it’s flooded with them…..I don’t understand they was never an angel for this pair in the show….. And it feels very awakward to read….sorry all the best

  9. Don’t worry I am always there 4 you loved it… I thought it would be sealed only only

    1. Muskaan278

      its ok no probs.. bye

      1. Muskaan278

        thankyou sooomuch sri lata……continue reading……(the upper cmnt was fr swastika)

  10. Akshata

    awesome, update soon

    1. Muskaan278

      thns akshata…… sure i will update soon

  11. I mean swalak only

    1. Muskaan278

      yes shrilata.. its swalak and ragsan…

  12. Awesome dear luv it I’m big fan of swalak
    Update soon dear

    1. Muskaan278

      thankyou nidhi……give me a hifi…iam also a big fan of them

  13. U have hurted me sorry this is the first and last comment and All the best to u and ur ff

    1. Muskaan278

      sorry mm…….bye theway thnx for ur first and last cmnt and for luck..

  14. Tulina

    Sorry but can’t bear ragsan……for me they should have brother and sister or bil and sil relationship………….

    1. Muskaan278

      Its ok tulina

  15. Pari123

    Choti it was really very good please don’t take anyone’s word heartly just ignore it some will love it and some will hate it don’t worry about the coments and don’t think much about negative coments hope you will update soon. And a big wala thanks for swalak and ragsan because I’m biggest fan of them. Continue soon

    1. Mica

      i think it’s not negative comment Pari.. they even follow their hearts too, the wrong was, the author didn’t revealed since the first when they asked about the pairs, it’s such injustice for readers, it such waste of time to read something that out of their expectation…
      for Muskans.. you should answer about the pair from the first, if readers ask you !
      sorry if sound rude but here, in TU, mostly pair always come first, beyond of that some of them can’t bear rag—san as they NEVER become pair…….
      btw, i didn’t read your story, i love to read comments…

      1. Mica…to get your answer /fan girl’s reply scroll down!!

      2. Muskaan278

        sorry..mica…even i am following my heart….waise i think i dint take too much time to reveal pairs….anyways sorry to waste u r time….

        bye and take care dear..

    2. Muskaan278

      thankyou deee…dont wory i wont take it on my heart………i will continue writing for those who liked my ff……no need fr thnx…..i should say u thnax for reading…..

  16. Manasvi

    Hey, muskaan, sorry to say but i never read ragsan and swalak ffs.. If u ever write any swasan ff, then let me know; i’ll surely read it dear…
    btw all the best for ur ff..
    keep smiling 🙂
    will u be my frnd??

    1. Muskaan278

      no probs manasvi…i can understan….surely i will let u know when i write any swasan ff…..
      thanx for the luck….and obvio i will be ur friend yaar…why not??? FRIENDS…:)

  17. Awesome dear luv it yaar ????????????????
    Next update pls
    I luv the pair also specially swalak??????????????
    ND ragsan 2????

    1. Muskaan278

      thanx for the response nidhi…muuah……..iwill update soon….iam glad u liked the pairs..:)

  18. actually I am crazy temish or raglak fan but I don’t like swara for me ragsan and raglak are ok

  19. Akankshanna

    Hey… M not going..actually naaa……m lyk both.. bt love ragsan…..so thanq and now m also read episode 1….??☺☺☺☺☺☺ All d best…keep enjoying nd rocking

    1. Muskaan278

      hey akansha …thnx dear..for reading..and staying with me:)….

  20. From the intro i was thinking that it is a swasan raglak ff.
    But thanks for swalak ragsan.
    I don’t like ragsan but i love swalak very much.

    1. Muskaan278

      iam glad u like them khusubu….tnx sooo much..for reading…..and commenting..:)

  21. A.xx

    amazing and plz don’t let anyone put u down with the pairs,,i’ve read the comments and the way u replied to the hate comments was quite good so keep it up and i love this ff xx

    1. Muskaan278

      hey A.xx … thnx for commenting and reading dear…….thankyou soooo much…..
      i will continue writing….thnx for everything…

  22. Hear other’s but always listen to your heart… Go ahead with your story… Write for those who will read and appreciate… Write for ragsan fans like me?

    1. Muskaan278

      sure dear i will alllways listen to my heart…………i will surely write for thos who liked , like you…muuah..

  23. Good one

    1. Muskaan278

      thaaaaaankyou dear

  24. Inu

    Superb. Thank u for swalak and ragsan. I will surely tead ur evey update and show my support to ur ff.

    1. Muskaan278

      thnx..inu……. my pleasure…..thanksfr ur support…muuah:)

  25. good bye..carry on with ur fav. so called bro-sis couples

    1. Muskaan278


  26. Berdilla

    Hi dear don’t worry we will support always it’s awesome dear friend

    1. Muskaan278

      thnx berdilla for support…my dear friend..:)

  27. Hmm….so many are heart broken now after the revelation of pairs…u are commenting a “Bye” and leaving….if u all had to leave then was the announcement compulsory?
    I read a comment here saying hopes were destroyed…seriously?1 episode got your hopes sooo high?Then I must say that you hope too soon and u if go one like this then u will become hopeless one day…
    Mica if reading some good story is a waste of time then I realm wonder how u utilize your time efficiently..
    Grow up!!! Story matters..not couples…don’t u read books?I’m sure u don’t get swasan as the leads..and who told u about revealing couples at the first episode?Didn’t u see the polls occurring for couple choice?There are many writers who don’t tell their couples….we call those “controversial writers” and u read comments…that’s?? I wonder how u tolerated swalak scenes first???

    And others…leaving??Go ahead…theres no shortage of swalak ragsan lovers…u can understand this by seeing the number of ragsan ffs…swasan are the main couple still ragsan ffs r ruling TU…?? Mica..don’t ever come to this ff..and read those ffs were the tittle clearly says its swasan…

    All the swasan and raglak fans…a kind request to u..plz don’t start reading ffs were u don’t know the couple..u guys just read ffs sayings raglak ki kahani and swasan love and everything…u may not be bashing but u r throwing your byes on the writer in such a way which is hearting!!

    1. I’m not replying to your whole comment .. Just for a sentence ‘SWASAN r main couple and rag San r rulling TU’… In telly if any writer started to write a storybefore revealing pairs most raglak rag San fans have same comment .. There r many swasan ffs only few of their favs, so plzzz for them .in which angle you find rag San r rulling over swasan .swasan fans only write nd read stories based on swasan .. And ragini raglak and rag San fans most write stories on rag San then raglak then ragini with other hero’s .. Nd most ragini fans read stories where ragini main lead nd not bothered abt hero. Nd it becomes positive sign for many writers most for rag san ff writers..we have enough swasan ff to read in telly by many writers more than any other couple have and we r happy with what all we get till now and on process.. And it is btr if u change your sentence to “rag San ffs r rulling over raglak ffs” and that was most suitable…

      And muskan all the best for your ff .. Keep going.. It is difficult for many people to read stories on some couple .. It is natural .. So don’t take it seriously.. Be happy always

      1. Muskaan278

        sure anuannn iwill keep going:)

      2. I don’t have time to teach u anything…so sorry for that? I just said one epi made their hope that strong that they got disappointed?Matured people would simply stop reading and not announce…kakali..announcement will discourage writers and do nothing else…and I think she has this much intelligence that she understands beforehand that people left due to this couple thing…ragini fans like to imagine..fine!! Still no one can deny that ragsan ffs r more..u grow up fighting like a kid for fav couple..?

    2. Muskaan278

      tannnnkyou soooooooo much for ur love and support fan girl……..iam feeling to cry with happinessss……by seeing ur love and support…….keep reading dear….. iam feeling verrrrrrrry blessed by having readers like u………..a bigggggggg wale kiss fom me…. muuuuuuuah

    3. Mica

      Fans Girl…. sorry for late comment…
      we are growing up.. that why we respect our feeling… i don’t really care if other love any pairs, it’s none of my business at all..
      i said that as…….
      1. i just can’t understand why a “bye” comment or “disappointment” comment become A NEGATIVE COMMENT ? DON’T THEY HAVE A RIGHT for convey their disappointment..

      2. On first episode, there was reader who asked about pairs, then she said she will revealed later, why she didn’t forthright to say the the pair is bla bla bla because i love them, i follow my heart..IT WILL BE EASY… THEY WON’T GIVE DISAPPOINTMENT COMMENT.

      3. DON’T TEACH ME ABOUT SPENDING MY TIME, it’s not your cup of tea….

      oh, btw, as i saw muskan is new member here, my word about she better to reveal the pair if any of reader ask her, it only a favor for her, it’s better to avoid any argument,
      i just want explain her what happened here , that for most swaragini fans, pair always come first, and some of them can’t bear Rag—san….JUST IT….
      oh ya.. for you, sometime is better to ask if you don’t understand than give wrong statement

    4. Kakali

      Fan Girl… m not Mica,though m sharing my pov regarding ur comment..
      Soo u said was that”Bye”or announcement was necessary… then let me tell u.. YES.. it was needed.. coz as a writer i know how it feels when we don’t get application acc to our work.. in Mushkan’s 1st episode she got a huge response.. rit? If in the 2nd part she doesn’t get d half of that response she will definitely think “People is not liking,reading or commenting on my story”.. soo she needed to know why some of her previous commenters stopped reading .. coz they took this story by seeing the couples… Soo we people made her know that we r leaving this story through our BYE n in our words”ANNOUNCEMENT”…
      U said we will became hopeless… God DON’T THINK TOO MUCH NEGATIVE DEAR U WILL BECOME HOPELESS…
      Haha let’s not talk about time utilization…we people are reading FFs here is enough to say how much we utilize our time..even u…
      Yupp for u story matters not couple. then can u plz tell me why r u not reading SWASAN ffs..since SWASAN writers have much more better m sure u would like it.. GROW UP Fan girl.. think twice before u say anything…
      One again i would say GROW UP dear,, it’s a fictional world of Swaragini where people read fictional stories based on their fav couple so as u..
      I can’t stop laughing reading ur last few lines regarding RAG——–SAN ffs..hahahha dear u also know why Rag—–san ffs r competitively increasing now a days.. coz u Rag——san fans know SANSKAR is only for SWARA.. u all just imagine them n write ffs.. that’s all..they r imaginary couple … there is no any reality… u know acc to me they r best BRO-SIS(Sorry if i hurt u)..
      DEAR don’t b soo rude.. its just a ff n Mica came here to say something but it doesn’t mean u can talk with her in this way… GROW UP .. ur this kind of behaviour reflecting something…

      Sorry Muskhann if my comment ever hurt u.. but i never meant that..
      Thnk u…

      1. Muskaan278

        its ok kakali an mica…… ican understand u……………but guys pls i dont want u all to fight bcuz of me…….i respect everyones feelings ………….iam sorry if i hurt anyone…………. fan girl was just supporting me…..she told what she feels………..and even uall told what u feel…..its ok dears ididnt mind………. pls dont argue guys …its my humble request……pls… keep smiling 🙂

    5. Mica

      oh yaa.. sorry dear, i accept swalak, raglak, and swasan…. because they were EXIST TO BE A PAIR IN SWARAGINI 😛 😛 but Rag——–san uh noo.. what to say, they NEVER EXIST AS PAIR…
      for your information.. i read Swalak FF,… Pari 123 is one of my fav author of swalak..
      well seem you yelled at me without knowing me… SUCH A PATHETIC…..
      you know what, few days ago, a SWASAN ff written by Stella copied and stolen by someone and named as rag—————–san ff, it got many comments as the story line is soo fabulous, that rag—————-san fans compliment about the story, they don’t even know that it is a copied from SWASAN STORY.. that was a prove THAT FOR MANY READERS, PAIRS ALWAYS COMES FIRST…..

    6. Mica

      and matured people didn’t bark without knowing the fact

    7. Mica


    8. Kakali

      Fan girl.. u don’t have time to teach us.. well SORRY to say … “I will prefer to do night shift as a watch woman rather than learning anything from a MATURE person like u” :D. :p … m really sorry to disappoint u..
      *******Do i ever said RAGINI Fans like to imagine…*******
      omggggh such a new shocking shaking revelation … IS IT REALLY SOO? u people like to do that… I had no idea about it since u accepted by own..
      heeee who want to DENY that Rag——————–san ffs r more… ahhahahah don’t waste time by day dreaming too much dear.. !!
      Rag________san is just a mere imagination…
      honestly speaking i have nothing do with u n whatever pair u love.i respect ur feeling n imaginary c o u p l e. but the thing is u took our POV in a negative way n blabberd too much.. !! MATURE PERSON LIKE U will think 100 times before typing up anything like u typed up above…
      That’s all..

    9. Manasvi

      Heyy one min..
      Why are you saying like this??
      We just said that we will not read this, nothing more than that..
      Why the hell you said that rag…….san ffs are ruling tu..
      There is nothing like this..
      We are loyal fans of our couples..
      Not like you who can read a story of bot rag…san and raglak.

      1. Hmm u desrve watchman ship only and as I said before…I don’t have time to teach an intelligent person like u..

        I dislike couple freaks.I appreciate your loyality,even I read ffs and I see ragini getting importance and in many swara turned out to be a villain,i never bashed them or wrote a bye or a note pf disappointment.
        And yes Muskan,I’m supporting what u feel iis right
        Storyline yeah right,ragini fans don’t even look at swara ffs,i will never deny that but I never saw anyone bashing swalak or swasan if they were the couples so I never spoke up…but I don’t appreciate this as u are unintensionally discouraging someone

    10. Kakali

      Fan girlll !! since u said Rag——-San ffs r ruling TU, i went to almost last 1000 SR TU page…. but now m SOO PROUD to say that i can count on my fingers how many Ffs/ss/ts/os/fs had been written on ur Non existing,imaginary c o u p l e Rag—————san.n talking about ruling TU.. it’s a JOKE OF THE SECOND.. hahaah dear m going ROFL.. !! gosh u blabbered tooo much ….?

      1. Mica

        Swara ‘s fans but can say that rag———————san ff ruling TU ????
        bhahahahaha.. please stop this joke 😀 😀
        and can said that we bashed couple ?????
        is rag——————————san ever be a couple ???????? goooosshhhhh,
        we are only telling the truth. uughh let it be…

      2. Mica

        oh good, even she couldn’t see THE LINK between AUTHOR NOTE AND READERS COMMENT as she only can see Rag———————————–San ff ruling TU,

      3. Anu

        Kk….. fangirl rag…….san ff r rulling over swasan ff? We agree but uh know we it is ruling before rag….san fans r not true nor some of the raglak fan but we r true swasanians… if we r writting swasan ff that means we r only writting swasan or raglak ff! Not that bro sis ff! Alright but ur so called bro sis fans r just…what to say about them….they write that ff because they love teju not rag…..san or raglak truely or they love varun kappor…many raglak fan write bro sis ff…why? Is namish or lucly is not sufficient 4 them that they r coming to our sanskuu/vk!! Sanskuu only look with swara…the perfect pair…..but if we make her stand with rags then they will look twins!

        Nd what uh said fangirl that we r not mature that we r reading story after seeing couple??
        Oh i guess uh r very mature! A huge round of applause from me to uu!

        Congratulation that uh r very mature!

        But if uh r this mch mature than tell me what if any1 will makr brother sister as couple? Will uh love it?

        Soo how can we tolerate a bro sis is been called as couple!

        Rag…….san were never couple in serial instead of that they were bro sis! Rags has herself called sanskar as bhai…

        So if uh r writting ff on bhai behen aka rag…..san then uh should write on uttara sanskar nd laksh also??

        Nd ya rhi baat 4 your so called “bye” comments then listen if writer wants that readers should convey there feeling through comments then is it compulsory that the readers should be feeling awesome nd will only comment as ‘nice’ ‘awesome’ nd etc etc….

        They didnt bash they just cpnvey there feeling but uh start giving us lecture!

        For giving uh answer only i commented

        All the best muskaan 4 ur ff if uh will write swasan ff then surely inform me i will surely read

    11. Kakali

      As i said u would like to do watchwoman duty rather than learning from a mature girl like u.. uff dear,, no need of checking.. but u can do sooo..
      ohhhhhhh u r Swara/SWASAN fan.. ohh. seriously.. God today u really made me speechless.. m feeling great to meet a SWASAN fan like u..
      Now u hate RagLak.. gosh sooo much of shock all together.. hahahha i can’t bear….
      But honestly i have lot’s of things to learn from u .. hmmm like
      -*how to turn from ur words,,
      -*how to make a small thing into a big issue
      -*how to take words in a negative way,,
      -*how to spoil a day..
      -*how to blabber,,
      -*how to eat brain… gosh u r really multitelented..

      Hey u BABE,, DARE NOT TO BARK MUCH,, u didn’t see Swara being blamed or Bashed.. u just see our comments that to bashing Mushkan…. WAKE UP FROM UR SLEEP.. do u have any idea,what u talking about.. dhuiiii,,,

      Don’t say m discouraging anyone… it’s not my cup of cold coffee… BETTER U THINK TWICE BEFORE BARKING ANYTHING…

      1. Anu

        SwaSanians r happy like this only they dont need fans like uh in our fandom ! Uh live with nagini nd ur bhai behen jodi only!

        Uh made a issue of this nd then blaming us!! Kakuuu di??? what type of a creature is she?? Lolzzzz

  28. Jayanti

    hello to all the readers of this ff…first of all i would like to say a special thanks to the writer muskan and tell her that she is writing a fantabulous ff and its story line is awesome and different . a few years ago there was a serial which had a story line of this sort and i really loved it….and am really eager and excited to read it further…..

    and second now to the readers…
    i would like to say that being a writer myself I can understand how much hard work and efforts we put into writing a story thinking about the plots the twists the pairs the setup the central characters evrything….it takes us a good amount of our time into just typing the text and we people just do it so that our readers do not miss anything because we all know that how dissappointing the serial has been. so by writing ffs we just want to share what we had expected from it…and now when the serial is over we all feel that the ending was a bit hurried and there was no proper ending to any of the stories…….when a serial is finished the no. of fanfictions on that page either stop or reduce in number. Still the writers are giving their stories everyday…and this page still is full of ffs , and I hope it really is for forever, so that the readers do not miss their favourite pairs. we should support the writers not discourage them
    and i agree with fangirl totally that we should be interested in the story not the pairs if there is a dual pair then read about the one which is your favourite and if none is your favorite then dont read it but no hate and negative comments please……
    Its the choice of the writer which pair it chooses and we should not tell him to change the pairs because its his story . and there was a comment that ragsan were never a pair so how come there are ff related to that pair…to which i would like to say that when there was the entry of sanskar’s character we all had thought that he would be paired with ragini but it didnt happen we all were dissappointed but we all just loved their chemistry so there were stories related to it…….and to those who said that there are many people writing ragsan ff i want to say that its their own choice and if u dont like it then dont read it . though i love raglak more but i like all the other pairs equally and enjoy reading all the ffs….

    through this I want to sat a big thanks to all the writers on this tu page for the awesome stories they write…keep up the good work….

    and to others if I have been harsh and rude then a big sorry but it was required…..

    1. Muskaan278

      hey jayanti………feeling on cloud nine after reading ur comment……………thanks for such a big support yaar……. i will try my bessssssssssttt to entertain u alll………………. tank u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much………..muuuuuah…….. keep reading and commenting dear. again thankyou soo much…:)

    2. Mica

      So, please stop your lecture about story should come first..bla bla bla….

      1. Muskaan278

        im feeking very bad …bcuz u all are arguing bcuz of me….and iam very sorry…..mica i can understand…..but jayanti was just supporting me and sharing her point of view like u alll……..sorry once again…as i hurted u……….yes i requested u all to read my ff..cuz i was very exited……actuallly… ithught to keep the pairs suspence for more eps…but then i thought… why to waste waste anyones time…..and if it doesnt turnsout to be their expected pair, theywill be dissapointed more…thats why i revealed it as early as i could…..

      2. Mica

        well don’t worry, i only explain to jayanti…

    3. Kakali

      Jayanti i agree with u dear till “we should support the writers n encourage them”..
      but after that what u typed up… i can’t agree..u said we should interested in the story not in Pair… soo tell me how many SWASAN ffs u have ever read? if yes then a humble thnk u….
      if not then WHY? u can follow other’s story which contains SWASAN pair..(i know u r also a SWASAN saaaa writer) rit.. !! ? hahhha PLZZZZ dear PLZZZZZ don’t say all this story comes fast then pair n all n all… !! we never gave a negative comment infect we shared our POV … but FAN GIRL started her PURAN so we r forced to reply back.. n trust me if she more blabbers i will reply her more.. !! She started it not WE…
      DID we ever say to MUSHKAN to Chang the pairs ? DID WE? nooo !! bcz we respect her feelings n her imaginary c o u p l e rag—————san..
      Haaaa NOW even i say Rag———–san were never paired up.. they r Bro-Sis only..(sorry if i hurt u, but reality is bitter)…
      about reading Rag———-san ffs.. no dear we SWASAN fans don’t doo soooo… WE ARE LOYAL SWASAN FANS… ONLY SWASAN FANS.. !!
      Yeah again i agree all the SR page writers are soo awesome.. !! GOD BLESS U N ALL.. !!

      if I have been harsh and rude to u then a big sorry but it was required….. THNK U… 🙂 🙂 😀

      1. Jayanti

        first of all kakali I didnt bash any one of you. like you people even I said what I felt and i also think that it is getting way too out of hand….it is muskan’s first ff and we should all praise her and u know when someone passes comments like these how it feels so I think that we should just drop it and enjoy the next parts of destiny……and it was not a lecture so its a humble request to all of you to stop this fight right away . I like all the pairs and and ragsan were bro and sis agreed but if some writers want to show them as a pair then it is actually really very nice because writing about the pair which was never meant to be is commendable…and no one is questioning anyone’s loyalty to any of the pairs….
        and of course a big sorry if I have been rude but I really think that we should not make bad comments….its just a story so enjoy it and let all of us not create a hue and cry out of it…..
        muskan don’t be sorry…..there was a misunderstanding that’s it…which I think is cleared……a very big sorry but it was really required.

      2. Jayanti

        guys all the ffs are really very nice…..and the pairs are just …..
        raglak are superb
        swasan are mindblowing
        ragsan are awesome
        swalak are amazing…..
        kakali and mica….. I know u people are hurt but let it be….. I apologise….

    4. Mica

      be frank jayanti.. i don’t care about your opinion on whatever pairs.. but accused readers forced author to CHANGE PAIRS was created more drama..
      what is your problem actually ? here the writer even talking about pair, didn’T you notice her last paragraph, she reveal the pair and ASKED READERS TO SUPPORT HER…

      you said about Muskan as new member.. indeed i commented to her to advice her about member habit here…..nothing else..
      Sorry, that we are not A HYPOCRITE FELLOW which praise something we don’t like,….
      to say something, giving lecture about story line should come first before pairs but herself always done the opposite thing…
      I ask you which any comments showing negativity ? almost all of there, the readers saiD SORRY THAT THEY CAN’T CONTINUE TO READ, ALMOST ALL WISH THE BEST…(COMPARING TO AUTHOR NOTE ON LAST PARAGRAPH )

      1. Jayanti

        I am frank mica….and its great if u don’t care. I don’t have any problem and you are right. plus I am not spreading any negativity…..I don’t want it to increase…….so i apologized earlier…….and again I am apologizing . Let’s just forget………

    5. Mica

      waahhhhh.. when readers only answer what author ask for them, you said they gave negative comment, but when you accused them force author to change the pairs, you said you didn’t spread negativity ????? what a joke…
      well, it’s such an irony when you ask an apology but didn’t admit that you were wrong
      what say…….

      1. Kakali

        Hahhaha Micaa !! let it b…. it’s kinda ready to Forget, ready to apologize.. yet not ready to admit the wrong words she typed up above.. !! ? Simple interesting !! :p

  29. Exactly fan girl and jayanti u r right I totally agree with u…always appreciate the content.yaar it is very difficult write something..muskan has done it so appreciate it..and yeah muskan even I know u r story and I think u have taken good choice on couples…I mean swalak are apt for that role..Swara can be bubbly at the same time good information pain same with Laksh so plz go ahead with it..waiting for nxt update.. and swastika seriously didn’t u watch the show earlier everyone thought it will be ragsan when Sam was pretending To be mad..really don’t hurt anyone with u r half knowledge

    1. Muskaan278

      omg….seriously crying with happiness by seeing ur alls support………..seriously i didnt expected this much love…………………..thannnnnnnnnnnnnnku soooooo much yaar……………now iam feeling on hundreth cloud………………thank u soo uch every one….and a big wala thnx for ur support and love………..love u….muuah:)

  30. I am a big fan of tejaswi she was given negative role but still I watched it ..because content meant more to me..plz stop giving negative comments..and there are many swasan ff year so stop bashing other FFS plz…

    1. Mica

      people are not same Shrilatha, we DIDN’T ASK MUSKAN TO STOP WRITING, did we ?
      so stop create new drama

      1. Sorry mica if I had hurt u really sorry

    2. Kakali

      Shri… if sharing our POV is bashing… then i must say “U R SUCH A KIDDO” awwww “GROW UP BABY” then come n comment.. !! uff today’s Kiddos naaa.. !!

      1. Sorry I just said in general but really sorry

    3. Anu

      Dr any swasan fan didnt bash muskaan…they just share there pov that they r true swasanian or raglakian nd will not read it!

      Muskaan we r saying dont think mch nd continue writting as many r still there 4 supporting uh ! If uh want to share ur feeling with any1 anytime then without thinking uh can msg me anytime! Continue ur ff all the best

  31. Mica

    For Muskan.. i NEVER EVER have a problem about your choice, it’s yours
    we NEVER EVER asked you to STOP WRITING, rite ?
    i understand that you follow your heart…. but really if any readers ask you about the pair. better you reveal it, as YOU SHOULD RESPECT OTHER FEELING ALSO..
    wish you understand my point even thought your supporter seem misunderstand about it..

    1. Kakali

      Micaaaaaaaa !! it’s a wrong number i guess !! omgggg take a chill pill dear.. ! U know what they wants n we know what we talking about.. !! some KIDDOS don’t know the diff b/w bashing n sharing our povs.. soo just blabbering.. hahahha.. !! *puah u to ice-water to cool down..
      *jump to Deep pond to cool down myself…

      1. Mica

        haaaaa.. hypocrite also, talking about story line, but she even did the same.. ciihhh

    2. Muskaan278

      i have replied to ur questions in above…in jayantis part..

      1. Mica

        well i know they were supporting you, but by bashing others without even knowing what the truly happened, it kinda pathetic dear,….
        so don’t blame yourself as i didn’t blame you at all, …

        it’s OK to ask others to read your ff, for me it’s good thing to see a writer with such excitement, many writers done that also….. that why we came here to read.

        It’s OK to follow your heart on writing, i love consistent writer…
        so chill about that..

        about reveal the pair, instead as bashing comment, i mean it as an advice for you since i knew you are new here…
        and don’t fell bad as i bashing and rude to your supporter, they started, not me..

      2. Mica

        but don’t make a reason about reveal the pair as reader asked you already on first episode.. about wasting time (your answer on Jayanti) even you thought same as me that hiding the pair will waste time for readers, rite ? so.. for FANS GIRL.. OPEN YOUR EYES,.. IT’S NOT JUST ME TO THINK THAT READ FF but dunno about the pair well waste someone time….

  32. Muskaan278

    guys pls stop making such a big issue………….it feels sooo bad , thinking iam the cause of ur argument…..
    note: the people who wants to read can read its my pleasure….:)
    if any one is not inrested they can g…. i dont have any problems

    iam sooo sorry fangirl and jayanti…cuz of me u got such replys

    and sorry mica and kakali….

  33. Thanks for swalak ff

  34. This comment is only for who said rag…san ffs r ruling in tl more than swasan…well i think they lost their eyes…firstly pls check ur eyes…swasan ffs r so many…we r loyal swasanians?we love both swasan equally..n we know who r writing rag…san ffs definetly they r ragini fans just like that it goes to swa..lak fans…it is ur wish to write for whom u want…but again saying to the writer of ff pls just dont give hope…just admit whom u want as pairs in first day itself..orelse this will only happen…n we swasan fans r so happy with swasan ffs..but sorry to raglak true fans…i know rag…san ffs r more than raglak ffs…it is only story according to u…this page is swaragini page..u have right but write a story who r existed …SWASAN N RAGLAK R COUPLES N SWARAGINI SERIAL IS ABOUT THEM…SWA..LAK R DEVAR-BHABHI N RAG..SAN R BRO-SIS(RAGS CALLED SANKY BRO IN FIRST)anyways…all the best to writer n love my #SwaSan?

  35. Shivi21

    Awesome yrr I love it love swalak and raglak I like ur concept???

  36. MI_MAHI

    Interesting …surely going to read….and about pairs…. I to like both…tc…?

  37. Hemalattha

    Awesome. The pairs nice. Continue dear

  38. Thank you so much dear for swalak. I am a very big fan of swalak.. thank you once again

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