SwaRagini… When Destiny plays its game.. (Two Shots )


Hey guys heer here.
i thought to write two shots story fir Swaragini. I got a random idea and i wrote it in words. Please let me kniw how it is.

I could hear the sirens of ambulance. The hustle and bustle around was clearly audible to me yet I was unconcious. All were in a rush and someone was yelling ‘keep her fast in the ambulance.’

I felt myself lifted on the strecher and then on the ambulance. I was given first aid and then I felt myself slowly moving into the dark hole but that hole was more reliving than the pain I was feeling at that moment. So I allowed my body to relax and closed my eyes fully moving into that darkness and everything got blurred and then vanished. Everything was black after that and I found peace in it.

Something pierced in my arm. I think an injection but i didn’t feel the pain. I think the pain of my injuries are much more than this injection. I tried to open my eyes and succedded partially as my eyes were half open and I coulud see the hospital . I could feel the blood dripping from my body and I was in extreme pain. When things start to blacken out in the ambulance I thought that I am dying but I am alive and I really want to get rid of this pain and this condition where I cannot even move my arm.

‘We cannot admit her. Its a police case ‘ I heard the feminine sound.
I was on the death bed and the doctors here are so heartless. Death is assured for me , I thought and again relaxed my body to move into that darkness.
”Swara” I heard my name called out. But who can know me in this unknown place. May be my death is near so I am over listening.

‘ I will handle this case personally’ someone spoke again. I could hear the blurred sound .

‘ But doctor this is an accide..’ I heard the feminine voice again but It was again cut by the voice that was acting as my saviour.
” In the OT now” he said and I felt myself being carried in the strecher, this time pulled.

I closed my eyes slowly in relief. Now may be I can survive and meet my maa, baaba , Ragini and my all family again. And then again I was lost somewhere in darkness.

Ragini was running behind me to catch me. I was increasing my pace suddenly my foot slipped and I fell into the dark pit. I was going more inside that pit and it was very dangerous. I tried to speak but my mouth got jammed and my eyes could not see anything. I felt myself going in the darkness and I closed my eyes. Then I heard Ragini’s voice. She was asking me to come back. She streched her hand and pulled me. I opened my eyes forcefully and I saw the white roof of the room. The equipments were beeping around me. I tried to sit but I realised I am too weak to do that. I found an oxygen mask over my mouth. I looked for Ragini and it took me a while to realise that it was an horrible nightmare that I have seen but the reality was more horrible. I had suffered a painful accident and my head injury. I tried to move my hand to feel my head but I could only move my fingers.

‘ She has gained conciousness, give her this injection and let me inform the doctor.’ I heard the voice of a lady and in another minute injection was pierced into my skin. I was relieved and tried to recollect the incidents.

I got a new job in Bangalore . It was new for me so ma baba refused me to go. But the offer was very important for me to make my dreams come true of becoming a famous fashion designer. Somehow I managed to escape and I got into this unknown place. I was driving the car and was very close to my destination I found a truck speeding in my direction. I turned my car and then I realised the breaks of my car are not working and my car was speeding towards a dead end. I hopped out from the window and fall at the road side and saw my car crushing badly. Before I could take a sigh of relief I saw a car speeding toward and then it hit me. I passed out due to the unbearable pain but I could sense the happenings around me. Then I was brought to this hospital and that doctor. Suddenly I realised I am saved due to him who acted as my saviour. I wanted to thank him and also I want to know how he knew me. I remember him taking my name .

I heard the door being open. I turned my face to that way and saw doctor coming in. No he cannot be him my mind screamed out loud . I tried to concentrate on his face as he came near and examined me. But how is this possible. I was not supposed to meet him and he is not supposed to save me. He will surely give me a painful death .

‘ Doctor she has gained conciousness after 72 hours and she is out of danger now ‘ a nurse spoke in a soft tone.

‘ Yes she is. Shift her from ICU to the ward. But yes give proper attention to her as i have already said I will deal this case personally ‘ he said flatlty.

I was not able to speak. I could simply see him filling the syringe with some type of medicine. I was trying to figure out whether he is really the person I am thinking of or my mind is playing games with me. He pierced the niddle into my hand and I began to faint. Then I heard the blurred voice ‘ Mr Maheshwari urgent case ‘.
‘ Yes I am coming in a minute.’ I heard him saying over my head. Then giving some instructions to nurse he left from there.

Yes he is Maheshwari. I am confirmed now. He must have poisoned me now. I sighed and let my body faint in the effect of medicine. I bid goodbye to my family in my head.

Hours later I gained conciousness and I was feeling much better now. But then the thought of doctor passed over. Has he saved me to give a merciless death I thought and then I recalled my past.

9 years ago

I was in the school and sitting on the ground. A boy approached me. ‘Hey Swara what are you doing here’ he said.

‘ I am studying lakshya and please let me study , exams are near’ I said to him.

‘ Lets study together. I will come to your home in evening. ‘ he said.

I simply accepted his offer as he was my neighbour. His family was good friends with mine and morever he was brilliant guy and we both could get quite good marks if we study together.

And from that evening he became a daily visitor. We used to study together. And often we have dinner together with our family. Ragini loved to study alone so we never bothered her but she often used to join us in relaxing moments. Time passed on and so does exam. We three stood as a top rank holder in exam. Lakshya was first followed by Ragini and then me.

Vacations started and Ragini went with Dadisa to do-not-know which village. Lakshya and I met continously during these days. Some time I used to stay at his home and sometimes he stayed at mine.

Our mothers used to love both of us equally .’ Mothers’ ..yes i was having two mother..Annpurna maa and Sumi ma and I was having two families too.

Lakshya and I started chatting on phone continuously. Most if the time we spend together and the remaining time we used to spend on phone. A bond was created between us. A very strong bond. An unknown sensation captured me whenever he was around. May be its the effect of teenage harmones.

One day I was sitting in Lakshya’s bed and he was playing videogame. I slapped him on the back and he atonce turned back for revenge. I tried to snatch his game and we became extrme close in thus condition. Our lips were only a inch away. We both were teenagers and it was new to us. The heartneat fastened and we came more close. He placed his lips onto mine and we had our first kiss. Our heart beats were 500 per second. I was so horrified. We were still small and what we have done this. I began to cry . He calmed me down and we decided not to tell anyone about it.

I became restless as I came home and at night I called lakshya from my Mother’s phone. Luckily he picked the phone up. ‘ Lakshya I am very afraid. What we have done’ I said.

He calmed me down and he said’ I Love You Swara ‘. My heart again begun to beat faster . First time in life I have heard these words. I cut the phone.

I loved someone else. That was a mistake between me and lakshya. But my heart beats for someone else , for my childhood crush.

I covered my face with my hands and kept crying for hours. I was feeling guilty for cheating my crush.

Next day lakshya came to my room and he pinned me to the wall and clashed his lips into mine. I tried to push him but in vain. Baba saw us in that position. And our family was separated from Maheshwari’s .

Lakshya tried to contact me many times but I avoided him. First of all I was guilty for cheating on my crush secondly my parents have advised me to do so. Yet he used to pursue me everywhere and then we shifted our place and Ragini and I took admission in different school.

After that incident, I became quite. Parents have forbidden me to share anything with Ragini thinking this might lay a bad impact on her and she may step into wrong path. I was never able to confess my love to my crush.

Days passed on and so does years. We secured good marks and got admission in a reputed college. The bond between Ragini and me was not the same after I told her about the incident between me and lakshya. She has distanced herself from me. May be she thought me to be a bad girl. In college she had a group of friends Kavya and Kavita. They used to bully me. My only saviour was my best friend Uttara.

One day I saw Lakshya behind our hostel. I was so terrified and wanted to discuss Ragini about this but we rarely met. Our rooms were on different wings.

One day Lakshya caught me in the lonely area of the park. He pinned me to the nearby tree and said, ‘ Why you did this to me Swara. I always cared for you. Yes our relationship took a wrong path that day but I never loved you. I was in love with Ragini and you knew it’

‘ What..but i had no idea about it. I never knew lakshya ‘ I chirped quite amused.

‘ Shut up you b*t*h’. He pressed my cheeks causing me to tremble in pain. ‘ You knew everything from before. That is why you used me. Used me first for getting goid marks and once you came to know about my love for Ragini you whore used to seduce me.’

Tears started falling from my eyes causing my vision to blur.

Present Time

I was lost in my past and felt tears falling from my eyes. I wiped them but still those bad words were echoing in my ears. I had tried hard to forget my past but today it came in front of me. I want to get discharged from this hospital as soon as possible. I do not want to face him again and again.

Suddenly I heard the door being open. I looked and found him standing there. He locked the door which was quite weird thing to be done. My heart beat fastened.

He came near me and said , ‘ Swara Garodia now you are fine. Some days rest and you will soon be ready to go home.’

I similed behind the oxygen mask. So he was not mad at me. I wanted to thank him for saving my life. I was not able to speak due to the oxygen mask on my mouth but I showed him gratitude through my eyes.

‘ No need to show gratitude Miss Garodia . It was my duty and morever I cannot let u die Swara’ saying this he removed my oxygen mask.

‘ Thank you’ I said but soon i began to pant for air.

‘ Its good to see you like this . I said you not to say thanks. I will not let you die an easy death. I will torture you till death. You will be fine in some days but I will never let you be fine. I will make your life hell Swara ‘ saying this he clenched his teeth.

My eyes were widened and I was panting badly. He finally put the mask over my mouth and said, ‘ Death will not be easy to you. ‘

‘ I…will…telll…to…everyone…’ I said in a panting and weak voice.

‘ Your luck won’t work here.’ saying this he imjected me and I began to faint in its effect.

He still thinks me the culprit for the lose. But I never did anything. It was Ragini. I wanted to scream. I saw him leaving. I closed my eyes in the effect of medicine . The worst was still to come.

Last part will be updated tomorrow. Do let me know your views in comment.

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