swaragini……when destiny plays a game (Episode 1)

hi every one im suhana……
This my first ff and that too on swaragini ….as im a big fan of swaragini.
Plz forgive me for my mistake and hope u like it..
U will discover characters gradually…..
Here you go….

In a big mansion
Gadodiya nivas..

A girl is shown doing pooja……….
And suddenly …some one frm back comes and ask her….Ragini jaldi ao beta tum he dadi bula rahi hai…( it was shamishta shekhar gadodia)
Ragini: Ji maa ayi….
She keeps the plate down and join her hands infront of god and says god i just want ur blessing on my family and my lovely sw..
Shomi: Ragini……
Ragini: Ji ayi…
Keep them happy always plz…..

New york…..

2 black Maybach Exelero are rushing at high speed towards a bunglow …..
Soon they entered the gate and moved to two different direction of central fountain an stop in front of the mane enterence of the mansion….facing each other ….
Gadodiaya nivas

In lawn

A man of mid 50 is seating with his parents he is Shekar Gadodiya…..
A successful business man ..
He asked shomi..
Shumi where is ragini.
Ragini:Papa ..im here.
Dadi:Ragini come and sit
Ji dadi

Dadi:Listen ragini …u are already 26 year old its the right time to get married…so..
Ragini:Par dadi ham apni studies…
Chup.. Thari itni himat ki tune hamari baat ko katna chaha….
Dekh chori ya padai vadai me kuch na rakha hai or hamare samaaz me ladkiya agar shadi jaldi na kare toh unpar or unke pariwar par log ungli utha te hu sharmate nahi..samjhi
Kaal ladke wale a rahe hai ..to tayar rehna…..
Ragini:Par..dadi hamare sapne…
She was on verge of crying
Dadi:Listen….don’t try to become like sw….
Dada ji who was quite till now stood up and shouted
Parvati don’t u dare to utter a single word about her i will not at all tolerate it……m I clear??
Saying this he stormed inside
Ragini quickly went inside the room an closed the door and started crying bitterly….
God knows what’s my fate….

New York
Both the cars gate opened and with in fraction of seconds a handsome boy stepped out in white t shirt navy blue blazer and jeans……..he looked dam hot!!!!!


After half an hour
Ragini stood up and opened a drawer and took out a bunch of paper
Those were her design of buildings ….she wanna become a architect, but her dreams are shattered now……
” i wish u were here with me to share this. soon my ambitions of becoming an architect will turn in to ashes….plz come back ….i have this hope that u will come….u cant leave ur Ragini alone….”
Saying this she slept on the floor itself..

New York…
A servant comes running from inside and opens the door of second car………omg!!!!!!
A beautiful angel ..dressed in modern outfit stepped out of the car …….( you can imagine cloths which zoya wears in qubool hai…)
Girl: ( shouted , stretching her both arms ) good morning New York….
Boy : oh, madam andar chale ma must be waiting
Girl :yep
In the hall ,
A man of mid 50 is seated on the heads chair reading news paper ….yes he is RAM PRASAD MAHESHWARI…one of the leading business man of NYC….
Ram:looking at the door ….good morning my prince and princess..
Girl hugged him from back ..

Gm dad..
Boy : good morning dad and bend to touch his feet…
Ram : god bless u SANSKAR
Girl: dad what about me
And made a cute puppy face…
Ram :princess u are already blessed bacha….
Sujata: omg …papa beteya drama ..come sanskar we will have our breakfast …
Ram seems like some one is jealous …..right ANANYA
Ananya : right dad…..
All four laughed ….
Ananya: hey sanskar remember u had to go to a award function ..
Sanskar: yep i remember…

Screen splits on faces of Ragini sanskar and ananya

Precap….lakshya’s entry…..

hey where is swara….and who is this ananya….i know you will have these questions in mind so keep thinking…??
Hope u like it…plz do comment

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  1. Ananya sanskaar’s sis. Plzzzz pair ragsan and swalak

    1. keep reading u will soon come to know?

  2. super yaaar .loved it very much . waiting for swara’s entry

    1. thank you…dear ..
      hope u will support me

  3. Don’t tell Swasan Bro sis hy
    I will litrary kill U
    Don’t U dare 2 write all tht

    1. don’t worry dear ….swasan as bro and sis is even my worst nightmare…..

  4. i will accompany u

  5. nice …dear …

    1. thanks yaar….

  6. i think ananya is non other than swara

    1. keep guessing dear….

  7. Plz make swasan plz nd I think swara has leave the house because dadi is trying to force her decision on her but I k not sure

    1. dear, dadi is not negative she is just strict and u will soon know where swara is ….thanks for reading

  8. may be swasan married

    1. keep reading u will know it soon whether u are correct or incorrect….?

  9. Raglak please

    1. i will try my best……keep reading…thank you

  10. nice.. hope it is swalak and ragsan

  11. yeah plz swalak

    1. i will reveal the pairs soon

  12. swasan and raglak plz

  13. Please swasan and raglak plzzzzzzz dr

  14. hey every one from tomorrow i will post with my other name thats Bhavya..

  15. plz swasan and raglak onlyy

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