Swaragini- Destiny has planned it all!(OS)


Hello guyzz!! It is my first attempt for an OS … I tried writing a ff but didnt get a good response so I left it.. I hope you like this one.., plzzz do comment if you like and even if you dont just tell about where did it go wrong… And yess this story is inspired from something I had read a long time ago and is not copied from any of the existing stories intentionally… So lets begin. There is

a beautiful small house and there is too much noise in there.. We see a beautiful and innocent face in deep sleep getting diturbed through these noise. She wakes up and screams what the hell is this happening?? Suddenly she looks at the clock : ohhh godd!! Not again… If get get late on my first day of job I will be screwed!! She shouts out: maaaa where are you? Why didnt you wake me up? Sumi: arre ragini I was busy na… You go get ready fast…… Ragini: okay maa……. She dresses up in a beautiful white palazzo and yellow crop top … She is about to leave when sumi calls her:lado come early today… Mr.gupta’s son is coming to see you in the evening… Ragini: not again mommm… How many times do I need to tell you that i dont want to get married not now atleast… Look at my age…sumi: you can work later even after marriage but if a good proposal crosses our way we must select it… Ragini: fine….. She leaves from there in anger

Ragini is waiting on the road for a taxi to come… She is unable to and so she decides to do it on sharing basis…. She gets in the cab and a very dashing , handsome and smart guy is sitting beside her… She is awestruck…. Then she asks the driver to race quickly as she is in no mood to get scolded by her boss….

She is continuously looking at the guy and has butterflies in her stomach.. Yes it is love at first sight for her….. The guy feels that she may be uncomfortable and shifts away from her while all she wanted was to stay close to him. She started enjoying the not so cool and interesting ride to her office. She didnt want to leave him bit finally she reached her office and had to get down…
While working in the office she was constantly thinking about him and her boss was so irritated that he ordered her to leave and come tomorrow with a fresh mind…

She left and while on her way back to her home she had completely forgot about the guy who was coming to see her. When she reached she heard a spoonful of voices coming from inside. Then suddenly she got back to her senses and reality struck her hard…….

She entered and saw a young and charming guy sitting at the couch perhaps too young for her! She bowed down and touched all elder’s feet. And was introduced to everyone . Sumi: this is DUrgaprasad ji this is his wife annapurna ji and they are sujata ji and ramprasad ji and he is sanskaar. She greets everyone and suddenly leaved from there with tears in her eyes. She closes the door and breaks down while on the other hand sumi apologises and says: she is too shy and tired plzz dont bother. They say its fine……….

After some time… Ladoo open the door i said.. Ragini finally opens the door… Sumi: what is this ragu?? Aise behave karte hai badon ke sath?? Not good … I know you are not ready for marriage but the guy has said yes and your father also is very happy with the alliance.. You trust him right!??

Ragini;: of-course maa… I ll do as he wishes….

Both the families had decided to keep the marriage as a closed occasion with only near ones attending it…

Finally it was wedding day.
Ragini was dressed up in a beautiful peach lehenga…… She was very sad…. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Suddenly sumi came and said: chalo beta raguu baarat aa gayi…she immediately
wipes her tears and goes towards the mandap…. All the rituals take place and they are married now!!!

She reaches to her new home… It is a big mansion and she enters with all the celebrations.

Finally she goes to her new room and is waiting for sanskaar to come …. The groom enters the room and before he could say anything ragini starts mumbling: see I have married you only for my father…. I wasnt even interested in marrying you. I already love someone else and i will never be able to love you. He asks may I know who it is? Ragini: it may sound very filmy but it was love at first sight for me,.. I have seen him only once that too in a cab…. But i was completely spellbound by his charm…. I am sorry I may not be able to forget him ever…

Suddenly she feels someone holding her waist from back tightly…she turns around and is about to slap him when he removes his sehra and she is shocked to see him….. Yes its that guy whom she saw in the cab he is our laksh. Laksh:: wohooo comtrol there jhansi ki rani…I never knew i look so good.btw how was the surprise. Ragini was in utter shock to say anything…. He continues: I am the one who has planned it all!! I had seen your picture the day before we had met and was mesmerized to see you… I had decided at that time only that i would marry youbut after that i came to know that you are not interested in marriage and so i did this all papa ki ichaa melodrama and I didnt even come that day and had sent my younger brother sanskar instead to meet you… It was all planned you see… And now that I know. That you too love me there is no problem i suppose??
Ragini comes back to senses and starts hitting him ;: how dare you..,do you have any idea how scared i was with this idea of spending my life with someone i have never seen before oh god!! And she hugs him tightly .. He too reciprocates and starts kissing her neck…. He removes her jewellery and kisses her in her lips… They consummate there marriage!!!

(Please ignore the spacing between sentences as i am writing it from my cell phone)

Credit to: Ananya

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    It nice but you should not drop the consummation like this! A little be romantic! I know it’s difficult because I’m not able too lol
    But very nice OS hope to see another OS of Raglak soon

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