Swaragini- our destiny (Part 6)


Hi guyzs iam back with the next part of my ff and guyzs iam really sorry for late update actually iam in class 11 and you guyzs know its difficult to handle it together hope you guyzs understand so lets continue
The bullet was out but sanky was still
swara- ( to herself) sanky plzz utho na iam feeling scared ,……. Plzz mujhe sab jhod ke chale jaate hai tum mat jao
She started crying miserable And she sleep
t in his embrace
screen shifts to raglak
Ragini- laksh vo log Abhi tak ni aaye kaha jaaye .?..
lucky= dont worry ragu ma they will come
Rag-hum car lekar jungle mein jayenge to vo mil sakte hai
Lucky- no?.. Its kind of risky ragu … You stay here i will go … And search for them
ragu- no veeru plzz jai is already not here i cant let you go plzz be with me

She hugged him and he crassed her hairs
Lucky- ok ragu ma now stop crying if your jai will se you like this he will be upset …
ragu- no.. He will kill you
She startrd to laugh
Lucky=( to himself) chalo hasi to….. Where are you guyzs plzz come fast
Ragu- lucky see sunrise
Lucky- hmmmm
Ragu- its so beautiful
Lucky- (in lowbvoice) like you
Ragu- what?
luck- no… no nothing

Screen shifts to swasan
swara got up
Swara- sanky.,, let me check his heart beat…? His heart is not beating oh god his heartbeat ….
she heard something
voice- swara..swara…. Its paining remove your hand…
swara- sanky…. ( hugged him as if she leave him he will run ) thank god you are alive
Sanky- you should thank yourself…
Swara- but your heart was not beating na
Sanky( hold her hand) – see dil yaha hota hai yaha ni
Swara- ( removing her hand) vo… I was scared
Sanky- its ok… Where is kido and lucky
Swara- dont know
Sanky- why
Swara- why , what why
Sanky= call ni kiya
Swara- hello yevjungle hai yaha network ni hota
Sanky- ye pic ni hai yaha network hai
Swara- no
Sanky-( pointing towards her phonr ) see
Swara- haa network to hai
They both started laughing andswara was laughing her heart out

Credit to: ananya

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  1. Superb dear….missed it a lotzzz…try to update regularly…m a ragini fan bt in todays episode i loved swasan part a lotzz…??keep rockng dear?

  2. Megha123

    Awsm part & plzz try to post nxt part ASAP

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