Swaragini- our destiny (Part 4)


Hi guys thank you for your support and I am glad that you people are reading my boring ff and please continue doing so so here we go
Ragini- you deserve this sanky . Lucky se to mujhe koi hope hi ni hai . He have blind faith on you . But you…….. Chi you guys can stoop so low for your so called respect .
Sanky – sorry kiddo
Lucky was paying no attention to their conversation
Ragini- don’t call me that …. aim not your kiddo niether his ragu ma
Suddenly her attention goes towards lucky
Ragini- ( to lucky) oh look at him he is so innocent na…. Don’t give a dam about what happened
Sanky- lucky
Lucky- ha…. Are aim not interested in this lecture the point is swara is kidnapped …..
Ragini- oh to main pagal hoo Abhi tak kya Bol ri thi
Lucky- I know where the goons have taken her
RagsaN- where
Lucky- there( pointing towards a dense forest)
Raglan – what
Lucky- look jab hiding place samne ho to koi kahi or kyu jayega
Sanky- point
Ragini- so now
Lucky- mission swara bachao
Ragini- yes
Raglak looked at sanky
Sanky- why are you looking at me… Iam not going to enter here mujaheddin andhere se darr lagta hai
Ragini- we know but you have to come with us this is your punishment
Sanky- Uff .. Fine

They began searching swara in the jungle all three went in opp direction
Sanraglak- swara…. Swara…. Swara…..”
After some hour night have grown more darker
Sanky started reciting hanuman chalisa and he saw a hiding place were some goons were standing outside
Sanky – swara yahi hai
But he spoke in an inaudible voice
Sanskar managed to get inside the house and saw swara
Sanskar- swara…. ( no response) swara…… ( same ) Shona…….( again no response) ..chipkali
Swara- sanskar….. Sanskar ( in an in audible voice) where are you
Sanky- here … Here pull me up
Swara pulled sanky and they both fell on ground sanky was above Shona and they had cute eye lock
Swara hugged sanky and started crying
Sanky – chipkali don’t cry aim here na nothing will happen to you ok… Shona now stop crying you are brave ….
Swara noded
Goon- kon hai
Goon found them but they jumped from the window and ran in the jungle goons where behind them
Swara- ( running) sanskar I don’t want to die so soon
Sanskar- shut up and run
Swara- I can’t run any more
Sanskar- I can’t what?
Swara- run… Run… You can’t here or what?
Sanskar- stop behaving like a kid ok come or else I will leave you
Swara- fine you go… Your way I will go my way
Sanskar- good vaise bhi mujhe chipkali ke Sath no jana
Swara- or mujhe bandar ke Sath
They parted their ways
Goons among themselves
Goon – vo chora Bahutu tweezers hai
G2- ok let’s finish him first

After few hours
Swara- mai Abhi bhi jungle mai hon sanskar Sachs mein Chala Gaya where are you sanskar…..
Ragini- where are sanky and swara
Laksh – we met an they will also come don’t worry
Ragini- god please save them
Swara- sanskar …. Sanskar……. Where are you ….
She got hit by a stone and fell
Swara- ahhhhh
Suddenly she saw something which was breath taking for her
Swara- sans…. Sans… Sanskaaaaaaar…
Sanskar was shot by goons at his chest and he was lying there uncounciess
Swara – ( putting his head on her lap) sanskar…. ( trying to wake him by poring water on his face) get up…. Get up
Sanskar was now slightly conscious
Sanskar- swara run… They are now searching for you run..swara run
Swara- shut up… aim not going to
Leave you
Sanky- I am not going to survive swara.. Go
Swara- no…. Chipkali will not leave her bandar …
Sanky- chain se Marne in doogi
Swara- plzz don’t say like that we will go together plzz be strong -( saying this she unknowingly kissed his forehead)
Sanky closed his eyes
Swara- sanky open your eyes… Sanky…

Precap – sanskar’ s condition worsening
Will sanky die? Is this end or a new start

Thanky you guys your sugesstion are most welcome

Credit to: Ananya

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    u can’t kill our sanky ?????
    awsome episode

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