Swaragini- our destiny (Part 3)

Hi guys iam back with next part of my ff . Ian really very happy that you all are reading it . Thanks for commenting and please tell me your views too.i will try to make it longer . So let’s continue

@ class room-
Sanky- yaar we need to do this so this chipkali can understand who we are
Lucky- but sanky she is ragu’s friend
Sanky – you are with me or not
Lucky- ummm ye bhi koi punch ne ki baat hai
Sanky- soo… Miss chipkali be ready
Sanky gave hi-fi to lucky
Ragini enters the room
Ragini- jay … Veeru why you both are so happy
Sanky- nothing… Kiddo where is your friend
Ragini- which friend… I have many
Sanky- that….that chipkali
Ragini- she is not chipklai
Sanky- ok where is she..
Ragini- I don’t know …. Bye aim going will meet you @
Party ok
Sanlak- yup……

@ party
Sanlak we’re looking dashing and swaragini were looking like faries
Sanskar- lucky look kiddo
Lucky – yaaaa she is looking so hot
Sanskar- much band kar varna makkhi gush gayeji
Lucky – very funny
Swara entered the party
Lucky – look swara is here
Sanky- swara ni sikaar bol
Swaragini came towards them
Ragini- chalk now be friends
Swara – friends with them
Lucky whipered to sanky
Lucky – mila le haath bad me todna hi to hai
Sanky – friends
Swara- yup…
Lucky- friends
Swara – yup friends i
Ragini- let’s have a drink
They all had drink and someone called swara @ call
Swara- hello
No reply
Swara- hello
She went outside as to talk o
Swara- hello
Someone covered her face and took her with them in a van
After sometime
Ragini to sanlak
Ragu- jai, veeru tum logo ne swara ko dekha kya
Sanlak – no
Ragini was worried as party was over and swara was found nowhere
All left the party on raglaksan were left
Sanskar- kiddo we know where is she
Ragini- what?
Lucky-,yes Ragu we hired goons
Ragini- goons …. For what.
Sanky – to kidnap her …now she is in store room
Ragini ran to store room and sanlak followed her

@ store room
Ragini- swara…. Shona…. Swara… Where are you Shona
Sandal- Shona…
Ragini- she is not here
Swanky- what…
Lucky- this is not possible
Ragini-,come and see…
Sanlak went inside
Lucky- where is she sanky
Sanky- I don’t know
Lucky- but you said that you checked..
Sanky- ya…ya… I saw her coming out
Lucky- shit
Sanky- I think our goons really kidnapped her
Ragini- you……
Thadak she slapped sanky
Laksh was standing numb
Preach- where is swara
Thanks for reading

Credit to: Ananya


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