Swaragini (destiny make us partner) Episode 2

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Todays episode start with a
big mansion is shown in kolkata as we go in we see a lady doing pooja and a small girl is standing beside her aftet pooja lady give prashad to girl and lady face reveled she is sumi and girl is ragini
sumi gives a kiss on ragini cheeks
ragini: gm ma
sumi: gm my princess
sumi: your sister and dad not come today also in pooja
ragini: mom they both are slepping
sumi calls them
sumi: if you both not come in 5 min i will not talk to u
ragini goes and sit in dining table and smiles
on room a man and a small girl wake up man is shekar and girl is swara they took out cotton from ears and give hi fi to each other
swara: come lets go dad red alert is declared
shekar: yeah
and they both run and go to hall

ragini: gm dad gm di
shekar: gm my princess and kisses on her cheeks
swara goes and hug ragini: gm my cutie
shekar: how is your mom temprature princesd is she angry
sumi hear this : yes what is this shekar is this time to wake up and goes in kithchen
swara: mim today is sunday and we get only sunday to rest right dad
shekar: yes my devil
sumi from kitchen: shekar bcz of you this girl is naughty day by day
swara : dad i have a idea to make mom anger free
and she share the idea to shekar and ragini all smile listing the idea
swara: so ragini we have to shout as much we can ok
ragini smiles : ok di
ragini: but where we get nakali lizard
swara: i have it
swara: why you have bring it di
swara: cutie actually girl is tesing me so next day i put this lizard she roam whole class jumping and that scene was just awesome
shekar: not bad devil come lets have fun
ragini: if mom got angry then
swara: dont take tension cuite we know na how to make her normal
and swara goes and take nakali lizard

swara: dad you know na what you have to do
shekar: offcourse my devil
swara and ragini goes to kithchen and hold sumi hand and turn her
swara: i am soory mom
ragini: yeah mom please forgive di
in the mean time shekar come and put nakli lizard on sumi shoulder and goes from their
sumi: ok beta you both go i will bring break fast of your
swara and ragini goes smiling outside the kithen and trio hi fi each other and sit on dining table sumi come their and serve them break fast and is about to sit in chair
swara: mom what is their in your shoulder
sumi: what
ragini: mom lizard and shout loudly
sumi see it and shout loudly help and start running in the hall while swara and ragini stand on their chair laughing while sumi is running and trying to remove lizard fall on floor and get a sign of relif and see shekar swara and ragini and all servent laughing and then see the lizard and take it in her hand

sumi: yeh to nakli ha
sumi: you both this prank ob me and ragini you also i will not talk to you all
and sit on sofa angrily and swara sign all of them to laughing
swara and ragini goes to sumi and start tickling her
sumi: leave me you both
swara: firsr give us forgiveness
sumi: ok baba
swara and ragini hug sum
sumi: how can i angry on my little princess
shekar: you all patch up now what about me
sumi: we will think about it
shekar: thats not fair and make a pout face
they trio smile looking at her face
sumi: shekar you are looking so cute
shekar: thnks my sweety
swara: mom dad you do your romance in roon but now come lets do breakfast
sumi: swara you
and swara run and goes to dining table
during break fast shekar tell them about dp family and their 3 year project and tell them about party for tonight
swara: party wow
and they do break fast and swaragini go to their room
and here after journy dp and family reach kolkata and come out of airport
suddenly dp phone rings he attend it

dp: namesty shekar ji
shekar: namesty dp ji vo today at our home a party bcz of our contract so please come with your family
dp: ji sure
and cut the call
ap: what happen
dp: shekar ji has invited us in their party today
ap: ok
dp: sanlak today we will go in party
they get excited heaeing party name and gets happy
and their car come and they go their home
dont know how destiny make them meet they will fight or become frnd dont know

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