Swaragini (destiny make us partner) Episode 1

Thnks foe comments hope you guys like this episode
Episode start with in mumbai a big mansion is shown and a man come in car and come out now his face is shown he is dp he go in and see a lady doing pooja by singing bhajan and smile and goes and stand their folding hand lady complete pooja and turn and smile seeing the man the face of the lady is reveled she is ap she give prshad to him
dp: ap today i am so happy
ap: what happen ji
dp: i have got a project you know where we have to go for project kolkata
ap smile hearing kolkata as her childwood is spend their
ap: really
dp: yes ap
ap: when we have to go
dp: tomarrow

dp: but where are my lovely sons
ap: they are still slepping today is sunday na
and ap call them sanskar lakash come dad is calling you
sanlak: mom coming
and two boys are shown
sanskar : chal lucky ho jae race who ho to dad first
lucky: ok
sanskar: ready steady go
and both run and reach yo dp at same time
sanskar: this time also we reach together
lucky: yeah bahi
dp: i have bring choclates for my sons
they take it
ap:bcz of your love they are becoming naughty day by day
dp: ap this is the age of their masti
dp: beta i have to tell you something we have to go kolya gor three years for my projet
sanskar: really

lucky: but papa what about arr studies
ap: your father has done yoir admmison in kolkata school
they both get happy and go to their room and ap stary their packing and next day they go to airport and sit in flight and sanky and lucky are doning their masti and talking what they do in kolkata and ap and dp are happy for going their home land
both sanlak are anware that destiny is ready to make them meet their patners

precap: swaragini introduction


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