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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 8)


Thanks for ur comments guys..
Here I’m with my 8th episode…
Hope u r enjoying my ff… N thanks for ur support

Sanskaar comes inside house. Sumi shows some room and said him to tale rest there. N She leaves saying good night
Sanskaar also greets her n he went inside that room. After sometime he come out..
San: y u came so fast. I thought u won’t come today.(Aayan came inside n was shocked to see Sanky)
Aaya: oh.. I thought everyone will sleep n no one will question me. But u
San: Ya now answer.
Aayan: arha said let’s go so I dropped her n came back….
N how cum u r staying in here.
San: as my tyre got puncthered.
Aayan: o..

San: n Raginis hand got twisted.
(I wil be using Aayan as Yan)
Yan: how is she now.
San: feeling better.

(taking for sometime they got their respective rooms. But Sanky came to Ragini’s room, where she was sleeping peacefully n had a smile on her face)
He was just staring at her..

In Maheswari mansion.

Laksh wil be thinking about Swara.. N she wishes that they guys should be like her papa(dp).

Even shona was thinking about lucky n was surprised about him. G he asked me about my hone wala life partner. I guess something is going on. I should him. N she sleeps on bed so cutely.
Lucky was disturbed by Swara’s face so teleport to Swara’s room. N helpful was dreaming about her..

Ragini got up as she was thirsty. N was literally shocked to see Sanky sitting next to bed n slept there only.

Rag: (tries to wake him up) Sanky. Y r u sleeping here. Get up
Sanky gets up.
San: how r h feeling now.
Rag: better. Wt r u doing here.
San: I came here to look after u
Rag: if anyone see…
San: maa only allowed me to stay here. As my car tyre go puntchered.
Rag: OK fine now go n sleep in ur room

(Sanky gives her water.  N helps her to spray some relief spray)
Ragini was also looking at him n even Sanky was almost forgot about world….

Lucky sees hair coming on her face so takes that away. By then Swara holds his hand n kept with her hand
Lak: OMG, Wt to do now. This jinglibilli kept my hand. I can’t even disturb her sleep as she is very tired.

A idea comes to his mind.
He makes his face front. N Leans towards Swara n kisses on her forehead.
Swara feels that n she tightens her grip.
lucky notices that n he kisses her cheeks.
This time she left his hand. Suddenly lucky ran out from room
Swara get up and checks if anyone r in her room.

Swa: offo no one r here. Then u I felt that that Bandar came here n kissed….swara control urself. U r thinking deeply. He has his dream girl no. Y will he come near u.. Swara don’t think. Now sleep.
She then sleeps..

Morning at rathode mansion

Sumi comes to Ragini’s room n sees Sanskaar sleeping there. She feels happy seeing that n decides to tell that for Shekar.
She leaves from there.
Ragini wakes up n makes Sanskaar also to get up.

Rag: Sanky get up,  plz get up, maa will come
Sanky got up.
San: good morning ragu
Rag: good morning Sanky. now go
San: y
Rag: maa will come so go.

Sanky goes to his room. By then sumishek comes there
Sumishek: good morning beta.
San: good morning aunty uncle.

All family members gets ready early. Aayan leaves for office.
San: OK uncle. I wil go now.
Sumishek: OK beta. Careful.

Ragini comes out. She get tears in her eyes but controls n she comes near sanky

Rag: thank you sanky
San: no sorry no thank-you in friendship right
Rag: ha baba, I forgot
San: well don’t come for office today. Take rest
Rag: I’m coming. I have no pains
San: r u sure.
Rag: ha baba,  I’m sure

Sanky takes blessings of Sumishek n leaves from there.
After sometime Ragini gets ready. And leaves for office. By then sumishek stops her

Sumi: beta u can work in our office only Noo. Or else u can work in dadu’s office right
Ragini face turns sad.
Shek: ha beta, u can work in either of these two office. Y u need to work there.
Rag: papa please. I wil work there only. Plz
Sumishek: u can be office MD. Then y r u working there as a PA
Rag: because I like that place. Soo
Sumishek: nothing more than that right.
Rag: haa Koch jaada bahi hai. May I leave now
Sumishek: fine.go now. N thinks about our words
Rag: OK fine. Byee

She leaves from there.

Maheshwari mansion.
Dp-anju ji.  Where are u going
Anju- to wake up swara
Dp-wait,  how come u wil wake up my angel if I’m here.
Anju- OK fine. Go n wake her up. She should go for college.
(anju gives coffee cup to do n goes) do goes to Swara’s room sleeping like a baby.
Dp- angel get up.. Get naa
Swara get up but his sweet words.
Swa: papa. Good morning
Dp: good morning. Get ready u shld go for Colg.
Swa: ha I forgot.
Do leaves from there. After sometime swara is seeing wearing pink tip with white pant. N she comes down n finished her breakfast. She says Dp that she is going to colg. Swara comes out.
She is surprised to see a racing bike n hat written “to my lovely heart, lovely angel” Swara get tears in her eyes. By then Laksh comes there n was happy to see swara n he was mesmerised by her looks. Dp comes out

Dp: here u go(he gives her bike keys)
Swa: thank you papa. But y is this for me
Dp: I know u like bikes so take this. Think that this is my blessing for u
Swara runs n hugs Dp. Do also hugs her.
Lak: cong Swara.
Swa: thanks.
Lak: I need a ride
Swa: come on. (she gives keys to lucky)
Lak: no no. U ride I wil sit back
Swa: r u sure.
Lak: ha baba. I know u love riding
(swara sits front n Laksh sits back) she was riding at high speed. Lucky was a bit afraid but he believed in swara so his afraid vanished.

Ragini reaches office.
Sanky: hi ragu
Rag: hi sanky
San: y so upset. Wt happened.

Ragini explains everything Wt Sumishek said about her job. Sanky became sad. His face went down

San: so u r resigning this job
Rag: no I wont
He feels a little happy.
San: y
Rag: I like this job. N have no problem here to quit my job so
San: thank God.(in a low voice)
Can I ask u something..

Rag: even if I say no. U wil definitely ask me. So wt u wanna ask
San: let’s play rapid fire. We didn’t play that from many years.
Rag: OK fine start.
San: name
Rag: Ragini. Laado, ragu
San: whom do u like the most
Rag: shona
San: Wt is lucky according to u
Rag: he is nice.. I like him. He takes Care of everyone sometimes get angry very fastly
San: parents
Rag: I live them a lot. There r simply superb.

Rag: love marriage or arrange marriage.
Rag: arrange marriage
San: love
Rag: a guy who loves me a lot.
San:(a bit sad) who is he
Rag: no idea. Should think.,,,,,I guess v should stop here. Have work to do come. Clients will be coming v should prepare presentation.
They both leave to discussion room

Swara n lucky had a great ride.
Swa: how was ride with me
Lak: superb. (sees his watch)
Oh no. I forgot.
Swa: Wt happened. Is everything ok
Lak: no Shona. I have my interview.
Swa: I’m don’t inform be. Come I wil drop u
Lak: sorry, OK fine let’s go. It’s getting late.
Swa: OK.

(Swara sees Laksh tensed n she increases speed. Laksh holds her tightly. Swalak feels for each other. Whiting 10mins they reached that interview place)
Laksh got down n was about to go. Swara hugged lucky form back. Shocking lucky.
Swa: all d best idiot.
Lak: thankbl u jinglibilli. I’m getting late.
Swara compose herself n blushes. She leaves from there. N goes to her colg.
Her friend ships was waiting for her. They both entered class. N the bell rang.

Scene in mm
Anju-dp just. I want to talk to u
Dp-what say
Anju- y can’t we marry. Sanskar to Swara.
Dp-ni not to Sanskaar. But with lucky
Anju-y not Sanskaar.
Dp- as he likes Ragini a lot.
Anju is shocked.
Anju-dont Wt do u mean
Dp- Ya he loves her a lot.  N lucky loves Swara
Anju- how u came to know.

Fb is shown.
Sanskaar come to Dp’s room.
San: papa, I want to talk something.
Dp: bolo
San: Wt wil u do if I love some girl
Dp: oh who is that lucky girl.
San: first answer
Dp: if I like her I wil accept her. Or else no
Sanskaar is damn happy n hugs him tightly.
Do understood the situation.
Dp: whom donuts love swara or ragini
San: ragini..hiw u came to know.
Dp: as I like them both. So u were happy.
San: wil u accept her as ur bahu
Dp: of course.
San: thank you papa..
N helpful leaves form there.

Fb ends
Anju: Wt about laksh
Dp: yesterday night I came to see them Laksh was in her room
Anju: Wt was he doing.
Dp: nothing more. He got stuck there as swara hold his hand. So he gently kissed her.
Anju: Wt…
Dp: but SwaRagini was sleeping. When she was about to get up. She ran towards his room.
Anju: then v can fix their marriages also.
Dp: Noo.. Sanky should convince ragini. Later we shall fix their marriage.
Anju: Wt about swalak
Dp: let my angel finish her studies. I wil only ask her If that idiot won’t express his feeling. N we shall not force Swara know getting married to laksh
Anju: OK just. As u say
She leaves n do thinks about Anju-dont words.

Let’s see Wt is happening next
Sanky to propose Ragini… Laksh interview results… Swara tensed about her exams… Ragini’s decision…

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