SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 6)


Hi guys
continuing my episode 6
Swanskasr is damn happy n is not able to control that…n helpful hugs lucky who ws sitting next to San..
Lak- bhai Wt happened
San- I’m feeling happy… U know I came to know ehonis my dream girl
Lak- oh.Congratulations. who is my bhabi??
San points towards SwaRagini. Lak is a bit confused
Lak- swara or ragini
San gets a call n goes away..
Lak to himself… Is Swara bhais dream girl or Ragini…oh this idiot didn’t say anything he went away…
@fb 3 years back

Lak passed his first year BE….it was fresher’s dayin his colg.. N helpful was asked to perform. So tgt of dancing. Program starts n a girl in a simple Anarkali enters auditorium n all were mesmerized to see her even Laksh. N her face is revealed she is Shona. All sat on chairs…lucky performed really well n appreciated him. N there were some other performances. Program got over.
@next day
It was a chance for seniors to rag their juniors, all were happy enjoying dat.
Swara mingled with everyone n especially Shilpa. They came inside colg. Ram saw shilpa(his sister) n called her. Even lucky was there with ram. N was happy that Swara was also was coming along with Shilpa.
Shi-hi bro. How r u
Ram- I’m fine. Wt abt u
Shi- I’m good. By the way she is my friend swara shona
Lak liked her named(so calls her by dat name only)
Ram- hi.n he is Laksh lucky.
Swa- hi guys
Lak- oh. So Wt should v call u
Swa- ur wish. I don’t mind
Ram- k v wil call u shona
Swa- fine.
Lak- which course
Swashi- mechatronics

Ram- nice.. N we r computer science.
Shi- I know man… (all mingled with each other n became friends)
Fb ends
Lak- oh Shona. Wt a critical condition.what shld I do.
Just then Ragini comes there n sees lucky tensed
Rag- Wt happened lucky. Y so tensed?
Lak- vo nothing. I was searching for bahi. He didn’t come still
Rag- I will search. Be cool
Ragini went n search for sanky
Rag- Wt Sanky. U are here haa
San-(shocked to see her. And was smiling) I got a call so I came here. Wt happened
Rag- lucky was tensed for u soo
(hearing this he thinks.. Y he said like that.)
San- fine. I wil talk to him.
They both were about to leave. Just them Ragini slipped n was about to fall, by then Sanky holds her. They share an eyelock.

@other side
Swa- papa can we leave now.
Dp- arrey beta wait for sometime
Swa- fine but only for 10 mins. She side hugged him n went near sumishekyan.
Swa- sorry MA baba.plz don’t feel bad
Sumishek- its OK beta. V know how much u love him
Aayan- but after marriage u shld return back I will be waiting for u
Swa- pakka I wil come back. N thnk u fr understanding me. Luv u
She hugged them n left n She saw lucky tensed n goes near him
Swa- Wt happened idiot
Lak- Kuch nahi
Swa- don’t lie.. I know u r tensed. Say me.
Lak-u know I say my dream girl.
Swa- (surprised)Oh. Congrats. Where is she. Won’t u introduce her.
Lak- I just saw her. Buy ubwont talk to her
Swa- y idiot. Go n talk n say ur feelings.
Lak- I’m a afraid. If she rejects me.
Swa- hare baba.. Now one will reject u. U r nice n. Shall I talk to her on behalf of u
Lak- no no.. I wil only talk
Swa. OK. Come introduce her
Lak- she left. Next time pakka.
Swa-no problem.

A boy calls Ragini breaking their eyelock. They compose themselves.
Rag n Sanky to themselves-. Wt happened to me. Y I was lost in his\herEyes
They look at each other. Ragini feels shy n
Leaves form there.
Sanky looks n laughs at her. Ragini joins her family.
Lak- shall I ask u something
Swa- ask
Lak-wt is ur opinion on me.
Swa-y suddenly
Lak-simply. Say no
Swa- u r a good person. My idiot. My senior. My friend. My enemy. U wil take care of everyone. All wil be happy while r around u. U r lazy. U r bukkad. U r kumbkaran.. Etc.. Etc.. But…
Lak- Wt but completely say
Swa- that one.. One that day when i…..k leave that don’t want
Lak- fine. Shall v leave
Dp- beta chalo let’s go.
Swa- coming papa. Wait
Dp-come fast
(both Rathode mahoday family n Maheswari family hugged )….
To be continued…
Thank-you guys for ur love
Sorry for mistakes…in my previous episode..dp cried not Rp.

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