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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 5)


Here revealing pairs.. Hope u may like. n thank you for ur lovely comments.. N I’m really sorry, took more time in revealing my pairs.. N ignore my mistakes plz

Continuing my episode 5

everyone search for Swara… n ragsanlak are about to leave by den Swara enters.
Sumishekyan goes n hugs her. swa was shocked n asks Ragini about dat. she explains her everything. Swara feels happy n hugs dem. Rathode family was abt 2 leave
Swara sees Rp. Who was crying.
Swa- no I won’t cum wit u. I wil stay here.
Sumi- no beta, v should go back
Swa- no I want to stay wit my papa.
Everyone r shocked. Dp feels happy.

Rag-swara..den wen will u cum
Swa- ragu. I wil cum after bhais marriage.
Aayan- Swara, OK fine. But plz come today n u return tmro
Swa-no. I wont(Seeing this Dp feels happy. As her loving heart doesn’t want to leave him. But he convinced Swara to go wit dem)
Swa-k.I wil go as my papa said. But u all should come to my colg tmro. There is reunion day.
Everyone- fine we wil
Rathode family leaves form there.

Next day
Swara wakes up early,gets ready n goes to her colg
She is practising dance steps n playing guitar.

Dp- come fast v should go.
Lak- coming dad. Y r u so excited
Dp- o.. Waiting to see my heart
Lak-ha,,forgot ur sons n daughters
Anju- u know na how much he love shona
San-v know..
After having bf everyone leaves

Rag- MA come fast v r getting late.
Aayan- don’t worry laado v wil reach there by time.
Sumi comes. Ragu, come let’s leave. Where is ur baaba
Shek-im here
Even they all leave.

Both families went n sat on chairs. Lucky went to talk with his friends(shona n lucky r from same colg).
While talking he saw some girl wearing white frock n running. He suddenly remembers his dream girl n he teleport to her but in vain she vanished. He searched 4 her but now use.
Swara came near Dp-finally u r here,she hugged him.dp also hugged her back.
Dp-how wil I miss
Swa-haa. I’m coming back with u.wait for me
Dp-ofcourse I will beta

Ragarha- looking awesome my dear. All d best perform well
San-ha shona. Looking damn awesome.
She smirks.
Sumi-shona all d best do well… Sumishek blessed her..
Aayan-all d best da
Swa- thanks you bro.
Some of her friend called her so she left from there.
San-where is this idiot.lak enters.
Lak- kya uva
San-itni der

Lak. I was searching for some one.
San-for whom
Lak-my friend
San- did u meet
Lak- noo

Lak gets a call so he went to attend.
Program starts.. Swa is wearing the same white long frock(dream girls frock) n she performed her dance..lak comes there n is shocked to see his dg. But Swara’s face is covered with some netted cloth. His heart starts beating fastly…he is in his own thoughts..waiting to see her face.. Performance ends.. He runs toward her… But again missed. N joined Sanky.
Swa called rag,ragu need a help
Rag-y wht happened

Swa-my partner didn’t come to so plz come n sing along with me..
swa-ya ragu plz…(swara convinced her.)

Rag went back stage n started to practise song(it is like classical n western mix…just assume)….dey r called 2 perform on stage..
Ragini n shona came on stage…n started to perform(bg was of no light)
San was mesmerized by voice of ragini n guitar tune( he was not knowing who were singing n playing)..he was enjoying.lak was tensed.

(light points towards SwaRagini revealing their faces)
SanLak were entirely shocked to see their dream girls dress worn by SwaRagini..ragini was wearing the same lehanga Kurti which Sanky used to get in his dreams(actually ragini took that n Swara asked her to give that to her partner so SwaRagini bgt that lehanga to colg)..SanLak were very happy seeing their dream girl(dg)s.
San ws were happy dat Ragini is his dream girl.. But lak was a bit afraid when he came to know swara is his dream girl….

Performance got over..everyone clapped for them… SwaRagini came back to their seat..
Sanky tgt that he will say Ragini his feeling… But Laksh was little afraid n upset..

Precap.. Should think

  1. Saeedah

    Why is Laksh afraid?

    1. Sahana_sr_reddu

      U wil come to know in my next episodes.. .thank you for reading..

  2. Inu

    Superb epi. I am glad u paired swalak and ragsan. Thank u so much for that.

    1. Sahana_sr_reddu

      U r welcome.. ..n I like swalak n same pairs got.. Thank you for reading my ff

      1. Inu

        You are welcome and i am also a swalak and ragsan fan. I am writing two ff now in which they are pairs. U may likethat.

  3. Shrilatha

    Thanks a ton for ragsan

  4. Lahari

    Thanks for ragsan

  5. superb dr thanks for ragsan

  6. hey ur ff is nice u can continue dear its my last comment on ur ff as im swasan fan i thought u vl give swasan raglak pairs as i read 4 parts now u revealed that its rag san swa lak so i cant red it but want to tell u one thing if u write ff u alredy think which pairs u want so next time release the pairs soon dont do late all the best ..

    1. Ya anu I agree with u between i am also swasan fan

  7. Soumya85

    Thanks for swalak

  8. Thanks for swalak

  9. Superb dear

  10. AMkideewani

    Mindblowing dear I love it❤❤

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….y laksh got afraid….eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    i didn’t told it’s similar to that ff….i told it’s both r vampire story….tkcr dear….

  12. A.xx

    nice xx

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