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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 4) a


guys so I’m revealing pairs in my next episode… it’s was a bit confusing but I took chits…. hope u may like my pairs….. n thank you for sharing ur opinions…sorry for my spelling mistakes in precious episode..
recap.. arhas engagement fixed… lucky falls.. everyone laughs…
back with my episode 4 part a
in evening Swara serves tea for everyone n come to sans room who is in deep thoughts..
swa- Sanky. what happened. r u ok
San-comes back to his sense…

swa-sanky….(sanky reads her mind)
san- I’m fine Swara.. y u came here
swa- to give tea n where is my senior
san-i won’t drink naa…n helpful is in washroom
swa-accha I was nonot knowing..(San goes out of his room)
Swara locks washroom door….. n came back
rag- here is ur milk sanky
san- how u know that I will drink milk…
rag-actually mom called Swara but she didn’t she gave me to give u
arha- ragu..come with me…i want to go for shopping
Rag- Ya coming..
arha- shona… lucky.. Sanky…. come here
Swara hearing this goes down.. n Sanky follows her..

arha- lucky come down
swa- he won’t come..lets go
Lak- Im back of you.. come let’s go
rag – so nice…u were already her na lucky
Lak- Ya ragu….i was washing car..
Swa in her mind Sanky said he was in washroom n he was here… so now who is in washroom….she runs to sankys room… n opens door…she is shocked
swa- papa…
dp- what beta.. y u did this

swa- I tgt lucky
arha- Swara where r u come
swa- Papa I will talk to u later…
all go for some ABC shopping mall n were busy in selecting clothes…
lak sees some white long frock(same as his dream girl worn in his dreams) in the same way San sees some lehanga(worn by his dg… actually Sanskaar is in deep love with his dream girl… but I didn’t mention in my previous episode)
lak n San goes to their respective dream girl dress…
laksak- can I get this(different sidesides but same convinced)
salesmes – sorry sir this is already purchased
sanlak- can I know who took this

salesman- some girl took..just now she went that way..
SanLak – how was she…. what is she wearing
salesmens – don’t know..sorry
SanLak search for dem in entire shopping mall
arha- SwaRagini help me in selecting jewel
dey both select d same jewel for her n same Saree for her…..even SwaRagini and swalak took some clothes. .
arha- SanLak where r dey…

Swara calls Sanky… n rag calls lucky..
dey both come near billing counter… n leave d mall
all make arrangements for engagement n decorate d house n go to sleep.

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