SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 3)


thank you guys…for ur lovely response n valuable comments…
recap… Ragini’s interview..bd….laksh dream girl

here I start my episode 3
Ragini returns from temple…praying for her family’s happiness
Lak- bhai Sanky is right I have no feelings..
aadi- I know…see u wil develop feelings
Dp comes to hall n calls everyone there
Dp- important news… Shekhar n Sumi are coming with their son Aayan
Anju- really…so happy to see them
lak- but y r they coming here

Dp- for engagement
San- with whom? ?
anju- with ur sister
Lak- oh… congrats di…marrying so soon…
arha- lucky…dont tease me ok
san- when did they propose for marriage
rp- when v met them in essence therapy
aadi- Pari wil be happy hearing this..
(Pari is aadis wife)

Sumi- so happy to see u
aayan- I was impressed by her character n beauty
Shekhar- I was knowing u wil definitely accept her
Sumi- she is so sweet..kind hearted.. n even their family is nice

san- did u meet him di
arha- ya I met him yesterday
aadi- but when
arha- before Ragini’s bd party
lak- did u like him. how is he.. will he look after u nicely??
arha- how many questions at a time..k leave me alone fully tired… talk to u later..
(Laksh teleport near SwaRagini)

Rag- what happened lucky..y so happy
swa-(come out wearing a night dress) what happened lucky
lak(laughs loudly seeing Swara’s dress)- meri maa see ur dress
shona sees herself n goes inside…came changing her dress…
swa- vo.. forgot to change
Lak- u wil forget everything… listen to me now… arha marriage is fixed with aayan
Rag- oh well… congrats her..
Swa-lucky who is aayan
Lak- he is Sumi aunty n Shekhar uncles son

Swa-oo… but I didn’t see him
Lak- even I don’t see him… by the way tmro is her engagement….plz come n help us noo
Rag- of course we will come… but I should ask permission from my boss.
Lak- don’t worry he will pakka give…. I will talk to him
San- u can’t say like that I’m her boss
Lak- haa tho (realises Wt the person said n turns back)oo bhai.. plz na..
Rag- Sanky plz give me a leave for 2 days
Swa- rag-u he will definitely give… or else I will talk to papa
San- k fine… only for 2 days

swaragsanlak side hug each other as they all were very happy for arha
SwaRagini came to mm. all were very happy seeing them specially Dp n arha
Dp- u came…so happy ( goes near Swara.)
Swa- y won’t I come… how can u think like that
Dp- I know u won’t disappoint me(every one laughs)
arha- thank God u came(to Ragini)
they both take elders blessings
Lak- won’t u take my blessings

Swa- fine..
Rag- k bless us…. what about u Sanky..
San- no need u carrying guys…. .swaragini goes near lucky n bends down…suddenly both of them held his legs n pulled it… so lucky fell down
lak- ouch… Wt u did..i wont leave you.. (tries to stand but again about to fall…by then Swara holds him..)
Lak- y r u helping me again
Rag- so u don’t want any help from her

Lak- no thanks.. leave my hand shona
(she leaves him… again he falls…. seeing this everyone laughs) u jinglibilli… y did u leave
Dp- u said her to leave so she left
again everyone laughs..
anju thinks… if they r here v all will be laughing..
lucky with so much difficulty walks to room …n take his medicines…n become fit again aas he took his rose essence…

arhas n Aayan engagement….reveal of sumi n Shekhar daughters….

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